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LinkClick. Picnic Pals Minis pdf copyright Penguin and Fish. Embroidery tips. Basic embroidery tools and materials Embroidery Needle: A hand sewing needle with a sharp point and a long eye to fit strands of embroidery floss or yarn.

Embroidery tips

Embroidery Hoop: A wood or plastic hoop used to hold fabric taught while embroidering. Each hoop is sized by the hoop diameter (i.e. 8’’ or 10’’) and has an inner ring, outer ring, and a closure to secure the hoops and fabric in place. Embroidery – The Splendid Sampler. How To Do The Chain Stitch. Wild Strawberries (revised 9 16 15) Be Still My Beating Patchwork Heart. Sew Sweet Roses. The Lord Is Our Shield. STITCH a backstitch tutorial design. The Sparrow Elefantz. Thy Word is a Lamp stitchery. Knots To Know. Free Cross-Stitch Templates - Printable Cross Stitch Patterns. Cabin Pattern Download the free cross-stitch cabin pattern from Country Living's October 2015 issue.

Free Cross-Stitch Templates - Printable Cross Stitch Patterns

09_September_Apple. Badass Cross Stitch — How To Transfer Embroidery Patterns To Your Fabric. Hot damn it took me long enough to getting this out there.

Badass Cross Stitch — How To Transfer Embroidery Patterns To Your Fabric

I’ll make it highly comprehensive to make up for my tardiness! Now that you all are killing it with the #YearOfStitch some of you who are new to embroidery are wondering how the heck to use these new stitches. Most folks start by stitching cross stitch patterns because they are easy breezy to play with because you just count and stitch. Everything exists in squares and grids and as long as you find the center and count properly then your final piece will look just like the pattern.

Embroidery tips. Embroidery stitches. Woodland_Creatures_Coffee_Cozy_Template_copyright_penguinandfish.pdf. Errata. Embroidery tips. Bird Brain Designs - embroidery, redwork designs, redwork patterns, wool, penny rug, kits, patterns, needlework supplies. A Quick-To-Stitch FREE Tea Towel Design for Summer. How to Make a French Knot. The Art of Home, Spring 2015, Free Emagazine is here! - Jacquelynne Steves.

It’s April 1, but no April Fool’s here!!

The Art of Home, Spring 2015, Free Emagazine is here! - Jacquelynne Steves

The latest issue of The Art of Home has arrived! This was a fun issue to work on, because Spring is my favorite season. And the colors and photos in this are so cheerful, it was nice to “play with” during those very cold winter days we had this year. Stitch Supply Co. - Blog. Q is for Quilter » Blog Archive » Vintage Embroidery Transfers — Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Over the weekend I dove into the giant box of cut and loose transfers.

Q is for Quilter » Blog Archive » Vintage Embroidery Transfers — Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

I suspect these were published by McCall’s, because they are the Disney version. Click images to enlarge. UPDATE: I added a new Dopey image below with a few changes to the original that I think make him look a little happier and less deranged. Here’s the Dopey design with changes. HandEmbroidery_BlogBundleV3.pdf. What to Do When Your Hand-Sewing Thread Knots Up. Sooner or later, every hand-sewist ends up getting an unexpected knot in their thread.

What to Do When Your Hand-Sewing Thread Knots Up

This doesn't mean you're any kind of a bad sewist! It's just simple physics at work. Luckily, though, there are some ways you can do magical counter-physics and either prevent or solve those knots. And that's what this post is all about. It's all in the twist… The number one reason your thread ends up in knots is that you're twisting it. Most of us, in those moments, turn the needle just a little. 16 Free Embroidery Projects. Winter evenings by the fire are just right for settling in with a new embroidery project.

16 Free Embroidery Projects

Quilting Daily. Home - Crabapple Hill Studio. Buttermilk Basin Design Studio. The Real Artisans Behind Paris' Haute Couture. Artfully Embroidered:Motifs and Patterns for Bags and More;Shimoda.


AQS-pattern-197.pdf. AQS-pattern-197. Huge Fabric US Map Hoop Art. Do you ever see something at the thrift store, and your heart just about stops?

Huge Fabric US Map Hoop Art

You don’t want to draw attention to it, on the scary chance that someone else will spot it and make off with it before you get your hands on it. So you do a subtle power walk over to your item, and snatch it up. Then you feel all smug, because YOU found the awesome “thing” before anyone else did. That may have been what happened when I found this ginormous quilting hoop at Goodwill a few months ago. Seriously, I might have squealed. Restrained Elegance in White - 24 Blocks. Restrained Elegance in White Appliqued, embroidered and embellished quilts using a solid white background have long been prized for their elegance.

Restrained Elegance in White - 24 Blocks

They give the quilting artist a chance to show elaborate quilting that is as much a feature of the work as the added design. This afternoon we're highlighting three that have been shared by our readers. Embroidery patterns for book lovers par littledorritandco. Cazadora de inspiración: Embroidered star. Hello!

Cazadora de inspiración: Embroidered star.

Today I would like to show a star full of flowers. Last year I decorated a Pol´s brand new shirt with a star, you can see it here. This time I wanted to do something for me. Hola! Hoy me gustaría enseñaros una estrella llena de flores. El año pasado decoré una camiseta de Pol con una estrellita, la podéis ver aquí. Привет! Сегодня я хочу показать вам цветочную звездочку. And here's my star embroidered with flowers of vivid colors, I think i look forward to spring ;) Y aquí está mi estrella bordada de flores con unos colores vivos, me parece que ya tengo ganas de primavera ;) И вот моя звездочка с яркими цветочками уже готова,и мне кажется что я начинаю мечтать о приходе весны ;) Pat-sloan-lucky-charm-pattern. Make a Vintage Valentine with Hand Sewing Techniques - Quilting Daily - Blogs. Hand-sewing techniques and embroidery are so much easier if you use the right tools.

Sharp needles, tiny scissors, and exquisite threads are in every sewing kit, but the humble thimble is often overlooked. American Quilter's Society - American Quilter Magazine: Patterns - AQS Quilt Shows and Contests, Quilting Memberships. IHaveAlwaysLovedYou_Pattern. Free Christmas Tree Doodle. The FIRST CHRISTMAS SAMPLER. - Red Brolly. HERE IT IS! The first of three free Christmas samplers just in time for you to stitch for Christmas. Use them framed or put them in a quilt of your own design- whatever. There will be two more to come in the lead up to Christmas. Give Thanks and a Free Pattern for You!