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Secret Quilt Binding Tricks Every Quilter Needs! 3 Great Videos - Page 2 of 4 - Keeping u n Stitches Quilting. HomeTutorials Secret Quilt Binding Tricks Every Quilter Needs!

Secret Quilt Binding Tricks Every Quilter Needs! 3 Great Videos - Page 2 of 4 - Keeping u n Stitches Quilting

3 Great Videos 2.48k Shares Binding strips are cut 2 1/4″ wide. This might seem to be rather exacting but this allows the binding to be folded over the edge and cover the initial stitching with about the same width of binding on the front and back of your quilt. Tip Jar: Single-wide… « modafabrics. There are some things that you need to actually see in person to figure out – or have someone explain how it’s done.

Tip Jar: Single-wide… « modafabrics

Wide bindings – 1/2″ or more that lay very flat. While I’ve seen many photographs of antique quilts with wide bindings, I’d only ever seen one in person, an Amish quilt from the Esprit collection in San Francisco. It was before I started making quilts and attaching bindings so unfortunately, I didn’t pay it much attention. Books didn’t help as it wasn’t a popular technique and my experiments in trying to duplicate the look didn’t turn out well. (Think the wide, poufy, faux-satin binding on not-so-old blankets.)

Gwen Marston. BERNINA USA’s blog, WeAllSew, offers fun project ideas, patterns, video tutorials and sewing tips for sewers and crafters of all ages and skill levels. The fused binding is a fast and easy way to bind your next wall quilt.

BERNINA USA’s blog, WeAllSew, offers fun project ideas, patterns, video tutorials and sewing tips for sewers and crafters of all ages and skill levels.

But do you know how to dress it up even more? My favorite decorative stitch on my BERNINA 750 QE is the lucky number 1330. This blanket stitch finishes the fused binding perfectly. And with the right thread color, adds another decorative element to your quilt design. Blog tour! Skip the Borders – quilt binding ideas. Today it’s a delight to welcome back Julie Herman of Jaybird Quilts, a designer who’s taken the modern quilting world by storm. She and her new book are touring the blogging universe, and we’re thrilled to be a host on that tour!

We first spotlighted Julie in an August blog post about her book, Skip the Borders, when we focused on the question, “Of all the rules and regs of quiltmaking to be broken, why borders?” Now, as part of her blog tour for the book, we have a new question for Julie: “Why a whole chapter on bindings?” If you’re like me, you put the same kind of binding on all of your quilts. Every time. In her book, Julie breaks down different kinds of bindings and offers her opinions about each. How to join binding ends: no-tuck technique (tutorial) Still tucking your binding tails, one into the other?

How to join binding ends: no-tuck technique (tutorial)

It’s a quick way to finish your binding, but the result can look a bit bulky. There’s a better way to give your binding a smooth finish—and it’s just as easy as the tuck technique. Popular author Donna Lynn Thomas has spent 30+ years weeding out fussy finishing methods in favor of efficiency. Her quilting philosophy? Perfectly Easy Binding! Ends Attached So Simply You'll Never Forget How to Do It. - Page 2 of 3 - Keeping u n Stitches Quilting. HomeTutorials Perfectly Easy Binding!

Perfectly Easy Binding! Ends Attached So Simply You'll Never Forget How to Do It. - Page 2 of 3 - Keeping u n Stitches Quilting

Ends Attached So Simply You’ll Never Forget How to Do It. SCROLL DOWN TO WATCH THE VIDEO Quilt Binding Connecting Ends This method works for large and small quilt projects. This simple Hack of placing a Pin as measure point is just plain Genius! Great Suggestion on Where to Connect Your Binding Ends! Pay VERY CLOSE Attention to how you place the Right Sides together & the Stitch Starting Point & Direction from Corner to Corner. Quilting Daily - Quilt Binding Basics with Patrick Lose. Having Trouble Binding Your Quilt? We've Got A Trick So It'll Be Perfect Every Time! Quilting UnPlugged: Tips and Tricks for Mini Quilt Binding. As I mentioned before, on larger quilts I usually hand sew my binding to the back of the quilt so no stitching shows.

Quilting UnPlugged: Tips and Tricks for Mini Quilt Binding

But mini quilts are more fun and casual, so I don't think it's necessary unless you really want to. Another option is to stitch in the ditch from the right side of the mini quilt, catching the binding on the back. In order for this to work, the binding must be wrapped tightly around and secured to the back. You may use pins, but my last binding trick uses glue. Yup, the Super Stik (another white glue stick might work too). In a Bind? Try This Simple Way to Join Quilt Binding. It seems that there are almost as many binding techniques as there are quilting patterns available.

In a Bind? Try This Simple Way to Join Quilt Binding

No matter which method for binding you choose, the same questions always seem to come up. Today, we will discuss attaching the beginning and the ending of the binding together and offer a technique for joining quilting binding that will be helpful to new and experienced quilters alike. Cbt-webpage.pdf. How to Create Scrap Binding. When I have extra fabric pieces that are not quite large enough for a full project, I toss them into the scrap basket for another day.

How to Create Scrap Binding

Well, today is that day! I’m going to turn most of them into scrap binding. This binding can be used for many things from a quilt, mug rug to piping. For me, I love the way the different patterns come together and play off each other. This project is for all levels. Skill Level- 1 Button Supplies: fabric scraps Tools: quilters rulerrotary cutter/self-healing matsewing machineiron Basic Instructions: Tuesday Tutorials: Flanged Quilt Binding by Machine. What if I told you there’s a way to add extra detail to a quilt binding PLUS complete it much faster than with the traditional technique?

Tuesday Tutorials: Flanged Quilt Binding by Machine

That there would be zero hand sewing, and the quilt binding would look beautiful from both the front and the back of the quilt? Machine Quilt Binding with Jenny Kae Parks. Trends and Traditions. Happy New Year!

Trends and Traditions

I hope you all had a safe and fun time over the last few days. We had a pretty low-key holiday, starting with a birthday party for a niece on New Year’s Eve. We stayed up to watch the ball drop, but I have to admit that was East-Coast time (and we live in the central time zone). We spent New Year’s Day as we always do, eating New Year’s pancakes. I have no idea now many families have this tradition, but both my family and Joel’s both celebrate with lots of pancakes. With the dawning of a new year, a lot of bloggers are reflecting on the past year. I get lots of e-mails and questions about how to bind corners. Here’s the pattern front, which gives you a better idea of the shape of quilt we will be binding (see the lower right corner). As you can see, there are a total of eight 135-degree corners on this topper/tree skirt. Here’s a close up of one of those corners. Step 1. Step 2. Quilt Binding Basics. Tip Tuesday – 7 Quilt Binding Tips. A lot of times, quilters have a strictly love or hate relationship with binding a quilt.

For the large majority, it’s the latter. Unless your natural gift is folding small bits of fabric in half and managing large quilt sandwiches, you might not enjoy that last step of quilt finishing. Quilting Tutorial: Worry-Free Bias Binding. How to Bind your quilt. Quilt-Binding Tutorial & Autumn 2013 Issue Preview of Quilter's World. Binding a Mini Quilt. Do you love mini quilts, but aren’t sure how to bind them? Depending on the size of the mini, you can sew a regular quilt binding or you can follow my tutorial below to create a single fold 1/8″-wide binding. This is the binding I used to finish my Mini Churn Dash quilt, below: Mini Churn Dash Pattern Available by Craftsy Member Christa Quilts Step 1.

Quilt Tablerunner Class Project. Old Red Barn Co.: Quilt Along Week 7 How to Bind a Quilt. Dude. I must apologize in advance. You are about to encounter an obnoxious number of photos. Bear with me as I'm about to cover trimming and squaring up your quilt, making the binding, sewing the binding on the front of your quilt, and hand sewing it onto the back. Whew. Can you handle all that? Machine Binding Tutorial. There are lots and lots of binding tutorials. Lots. So I’m going to skim over binding basics fairly quickly in order to share with you how I machine bind my quilts to look almost hand sewn. I do all my quilts this way, so by now I’ve become fairly quick at it. I still love a hand-stitched binding, but I’m more confident that my machine bound quilts can withstand lots of washings and use from my family. I always machine bind baby quilts…because we all know that baby quilts get washed all.the.time.

Give Your Quilt That Special Edge With Prairie Point Binding. Binding Hints! How to Bind a Quilt in 6 Easy Steps. Binding - Sew Easy Tip. How to Make Double-Fold Binding by Edyta Sitar. YouTube. How To Sew An Easy Strip Quilt. The Final Step: Binding Cuts  The Final Step: Binding Decisions  Binding. It’s the last step when quiltmaking.

Tutorial for Scalloped Bindings and Comments on Piecing Batting. Hand Work StationYes! Marissa's Moment of Caprice is finally at this station. Quilt-Binding Tutorial & Autumn 2013 Issue Preview of Quilter's World. How to Finish and Bind a Quilt. For our final installment of the Virtual Quilting Bee, let's talk about finishing - or binding - a quilt. This is adding that final edge to cover the raw edges of the fabric after the quilt has been quilted. One option is to roll over the back fabric edges and sew them to the front to finish that edge. 52 Quilts in 52 Weeks: Tuesday Tutorial: Susie's Magic Binding. There is now a video of this technique. Go to this post to watch the video. I met Susie at Quilting in the Pines last weekend. Calculations & Formulas for Quilt Bindings, Backings and Borders. Being able to calculate yardages for quilting borders, backs and bindings allows you to more effectively use the fabrics you have on hand for your projects as well as let you decide on amounts to purchase when you find those fabrics you absolutely love.

Sharon Schamber Network - Binding the Angel. How to Bind 120° Angles Tutorial. Binding Curves Tutorial.