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Keys for a Happy Marriage. As you've probably heard, nearly half of all marriages now end in divorce, leaving bitter spouses and confused children in their wake.

Keys for a Happy Marriage

Don't let this happen to you! Whether your marriage is going through tough times or is experiencing marital bliss, or even if you're not yet married but considering it, here's some free but proven advice to help your marriage last. It's straight from God, the one who created and ordained marriage! If you've tried everything else, why not give God a chance? Follow the keys in this guide, and you can secure your home. Seventeen Rules for a Happy Marriage From God's Great Book Establish your own home, even if it must be a one-room apartment. 1. "Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh.

" Answer: God's rule is specific. Never forget that God Himself joined you in marriage. America's Idols Presents: Sexual Sin - Pastor Dwayne Lemon. 1 of 5 - Sacrament Of Marriage. 2 of 5 Subordinate but Equal. 3 of 5 - Husbands Love your Wives. 4 of 5 - The Five Pitfalls of Marriage. 5 of 5 The Marriage Supper of the Lamb. Amazing Health. Amazing Health - 8 Laws of Health. Health Articles. Articles By Subject.

Health Deceptions.

Amazing Discoveries Health Seminar - Life At Its Best - Walter J

Dr.Walter Veith Q&A Dietary Medley. Mind, Character, and Personality Volume 1 (1977) Version 113 - en_1MCP.pdf. Mind, Character, and Personality Volume 2 (1977) Version 113 - en_2MCP.pdf. Mind, Character, and Personality - mcp.pdf. NEWSTART@Home. NEWSTART Now. NEWSTART® Lifestyle Club. What is NEWSTART? Weimar Health Institute Presentations. Addictions, Depression, Diseases, Diagnosis, Recovery. Media, Music & More. Bible Prophecy and the Standard American Diet. 909 - Cancer. 909 - Diabetes. The Truth Behind Martial Arts. Exposing The Dangers Behind Martial Arts and Yoga Book Promo. The Dragon Revealed ! - Disc 1 from darkness to Light SD.

Sports & the Christian REVISITED. From whence come wars and fightings among you? Sports and the Christian. Competitive Christianity. The Dragon Revealed Trailer. The Dragon Revealed Trailer 2. Restoring Health Naturally. Life and Health. Index. Pthministries. Home. Holistic Health Care Programs. Eden Valley Institute of Wellness - Home.

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Ellen G. White ® Estate: The Official Ellen White ® Web site. Ellen G. White Writings. Ministry of Healing - MinistryofHealing.pdf. MH_q.pdf (application/pdf Object) Country Living - Country_Living.pdf. "My Medical Missionary Kit" by Beniam Astatkie. "Natural Remedies" by Beniam Astatkie. "Creation & Health" message by Beniam Astatkie. Weimar Farms: Weimar Farms. Back To Eden OFFICIAL FILM. Back to Eden Garden - Complete Tour - L2Survive with Thatnub.

Tree Planting. Mountain Media Ministries - Planting by the Blueprint. Farming Your Food. Learn How to Grow Healing Food. Sun Country Gardens, Amazing Facts > Media Library. English Testimonies of Changed Lives Watch these inspirational stories that will encourage your faith in the Lord. Listen to others like you who found prayer for healing brokenness. These heart-touching testimonies will strengthen you and help you draw closer to God. Amazing Facts Presents Our flagship 30-minute program features the very best of Pastor Doug Batchelor and Amazing Facts programs. Central Study Hour From Sacramento Central Church, you’ll get fresh and in-depth biblical insight from our popular Bible school program in time for your weekly quarterly lessons! Christ and His Law - (2nd Quarter 2014) Discipleship - (1st Quarter 2014) The Sanctuary - (4th Quarter 2013) Revival and Reformation - (3rd Quarter 2013) Major Lessons from Minor Prophets - (2nd Quarter 2013) Origins - (1st Quarter 2013) Growing In Christ - (4th Quarter 2012) 1 and 2 Thessalonians - (3rd Quarter 2012)

You Wouldn't Do This? Ten Times Wiser. Ten Times Wiser. Hen King Nebuchadnezzar besieged the city of Jerusalem, thousands of Jews were taken away captive to Babylon.

Ten Times Wiser

The king instructed his servant, Ashpenaz, to select gifted young men from among the Jewish captives who would come to the palace for three years to learn the language and wisdom of Babylon so they could serve the king. Daniel, Hananiah, Mishael, and Azariah caught the attention of Ashpenaz and were taken to the king's palace. But there was a problem. The menu of rich meat and wine appointed for the young men contained many items forbidden by God's Word. Without wanting to appear ungrateful, Daniel asked if he and his three friends could be given a vegetarian diet to eat and water to drink. God's Health Plan. God's Free Health Plan. Great medical care is priceless - but wouldn't it be great if we didn't need doctors anymore?

God's Free Health Plan

Did you know there is a proven way to put a lot of doctors out of work? Take care of your body! Scientists have sounded the ominus warnings about cholesterol, tobacco, stress, obesity, and alcohol, so why press your luck? The Tree of Life. Miraculous Medicine. God's Super Food. Cleansing the Temples. What About My Body? You Wouldn't Do This? Amazing Health Secrets:8 Bible Principles For A Longer Stronger Life,Pt.1. Amazing Health Secrets:8 Bible Principles For A Longer Stronger Life,Pt.2. When You Fast. Miraculous Medicine. The Power of a Positive NO. Introduction As most Bible students understand, Peter and Paul did not always agree with each other over methods of communicating the gospel.

The Power of a Positive NO

At one point they had a public disagreement in which one verbally chastised the other for being hypocritical. Nevertheless, in terms of believing and living the message of their beloved Master, they were in perfect agreement. After describing the fiery destruction of earthly things at the end of human history Peter posed this rhetorical question : "What manner of persons ought ye to be in all holy conversation and godliness? " 2 Peter 3:11. When Paul wrote on the same subject elsewhere in the Bible, he used language very similar in tone but longer in context. Death in the Kitchen. Health – A Prime Interest Some years ago a survey was taken in a certain American city, and every inhabitant responded to 156 questions included in the survey.

Death in the Kitchen

It was discovered that the prime interest of adults was that of health—not politics, history, or even the weather—but health, their health and the health of their families. Hogs And Other Hazards. Introduction During my 46 years of ministry, largely in public evangelism, I have observed some interesting methods of Bible study.

Hogs And Other Hazards

For example, many people diligently search the Scriptures, not to find truth, but simply to gather support for their preconceived religious ideas. Their minds are not open to be taught by God's Holy Spirit, and therefore they can manipulate the sacred texts to mean exactly what they want to believe. One of the great, basic principles of Bible study is to search out the truth on any given subject from all the texts in the Bible.

It is literally true that you can prove almost anything you want to prove by using a single, isolated text of Scripture. The Christian and Alcohol. An Amazing Fact Tests show that after drinking three bottles of beer, there is an average of 13 percent net memory loss.

The Christian and Alcohol

After taking only small quantities of alcohol, trained typists were tested and their errors increased 40 percent. Only one ounce of alcohol increases the time required to make a decision by nearly 10 percent; hinders muscular reaction by 17 percent; increases errors due to lack of attention by 35 percent. Tips For Resisting Temptation. An Amazing Fact A teenager in Virginia was shocked to find a two-headed turtle behind her home.

Tips For Resisting Temptation

She caught the poor creature and watched as the two freakish heads did a tug-of-war over a piece of food she gave them—or it! According to scientists, two-headedness can occur in all animals, but the lifespan is typically short. The reason is that each head tends to work independently of the other, controlling its own side of the body, and therefore creating disunity, confusion, and frustration.

From Stress to Joy. How would you like a vacation on a palm-fringed tropical island right now?

From Stress to Joy

Would it remove your stress? Temporarily, no doubt, but the stress would be back. More practical for most of us would be an evening spent in a relaxed setting, doing something we enjoy. But for how long would that relieve our stress? When it comes to lasting stress management, we definitely need something beyond quick fixes. A wealth of websites, articles, and books already exist to help us conquer stress. Teach Us to Pray. An Amazing Fact During the Battle of Valley Forge, revolutionary troops were entrenched on the battlefield, freezing and starving.

Teach Us to Pray

One day, a farmer who lived nearby brought much-needed provisions to the troops, and on his way back through the woods, he heard someone speaking. He tracked the voice until he came to a clearing, where he saw a man on his knees, praying in the snow. The farmer rushed home and excitedly told his wife, “The Americans will secure their independence!”

His wife asked, “What makes you say that?” Teach Us To Pray. Praise God From Whom All Blessings Flow! The Power of Choice. Celebrating Spiritual and Physical Fitness. The Water of Life. The Environment. Faith and Healing. Rest and Restoration. The Atmosphere of Praise. Temperance. Integrity: Wholeness and Holiness. Optimism: Happiness and Healing. Nutrition in the Bible. Social Support: The Tie That Binds. Most Important Questions > MIQ Archives > Archive Viewer. Amazing Kids > Program Info > Broadcast Times > Amazing Adventure Live Video Stream. Amazing Facts Streaming TV Station > Home.