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Translation Management Software. How to be a Google Power User. The Periodic Table of Trados Shortcuts - Trados Studios 2011/2014. We all know the Periodic Table of Elements.

The Periodic Table of Trados Shortcuts - Trados Studios 2011/2014

That table we learned about in secondary school: an overview of gases, metals and other stuff – as far as I remember. I am not a beta so all I know is that it exists. As a freelance translator I do not have to know that table although I think it’s good to know about it. To do my job properly I need to know what CAT tools are, what I am talking about in terms of subjects and terminology and how I can work efficient and profitable. That’s where Trados comes in.Although I own over 7 free and paid CAT tools, I use Trados most. Trados Shortcuts To improve your workflow and speed up your translation process, Trados Studio has many build-in shortcuts.

Download the Periodic Table of Trados Shortcuts So time to download the Periodic Table of Trados Shortcuts. To download the report, use one of the buttons below to unlock the content (or click the x in the upper right corner). Index of /Documentation. How To: Best Mac Tips And Tricks. iMacs and MacBooks aren't just good-looking pieces of tech, they're also incredibly powerful able to render 4K video, play the latest video games and drastically increase your social standing in any number of trendy coffee shops.

How To: Best Mac Tips And Tricks

That's not all they can do though as there's a whole host of hidden tips and tricks that you might not know about... The MacBook and the iMac are Apple's core products. They started with computers and it's still the product they constantly refine and improve with the new MacBook Pro Retina now sporting a ludicrously high-res display. READ MORE: How To: Protect Your Mac From Viruses. Upgrading, Importing and Exporting Translation Memories in Trados Studio 2009. Another issue that seems to create some confusion among Studio users are the various ways that other file formats can be used to create TM content in Studio.

Upgrading, Importing and Exporting Translation Memories in Trados Studio 2009

I had prepared an additional handout on this for last Sunday’s workshops in Boulder, so I thought to share it here as well. By the way, just to brag a little, both workshops were sold out and the participants seemed to be very happy with Studio. I have also noticed a clear increase in training requests by individual translators and translation companies. So it looks like the migration is picking up some speed… Anyhow, here’s the info about upgrading TMs and importing files to existing TMs. Upgrading, Importing and Exporting Translation Memories in Trados Studio 2009 In addition to the normal interactive translation, Trados Studio memory content can be created from existing translation memories and from certain bilingual files. 1. 2. 3. Studio memories can be exported only as TMX files (TM view: File > Export). 4.

Export: TMX. Supprimer définitivement un élément de Time Machine pour gagner de la place. Trados 2007 TranslatorsWorkbench_fr_tcm22-769.pdf. Converting Wordfast memory to Trados (Wordfast support) Trados TXT export TM file - Wordfast Wiki. Language Technologies Knowledgebase. Working with Packages. A “Package”, sometimes referred to as a “Kit”, is the name given to a file produced by some Translation Tools that comprises of some or all of the following: Bilingual files for translation (SDLXLIFF, XLIFF, ITD, TTX for example)Any files as reference material (source files as PDF documents, image files, native versions of the source files, reference material etc.)Translation Memories (SDLTM, TMX for example)Termbases (SDLTB, TBX for example)AutoSuggest DictionariesAnalysis information and wordcountsProject metadata (due date, QA settings, filetype settings, custom quick inserts, etc.)

Working with Packages

SDL Trados Studio 2011 can work with packages from many sources, but irrespective of where they come from the process for working with packages is the same. So this article is going to deal with a simple workflow to explain how best to handle a package in Studio. Top 10 Clever Google Search Tricks. Traducteurs, agences et outils de TAO. La profession de traducteur a connu un bouleversement avec le développement de l'ordinateur et l’arrivée d’Internet ; elle aborde une nouvelle révolution avec les outils de traduction assistée par ordinateur (TAO) et en particulier les mémoires de traduction.

Traducteurs, agences et outils de TAO

Très peu développés il y a une dizaine d’années à peine, ces outils ont connu une expansion fulgurante, surtout dans les agences de traduction. Les agences constituent, notamment pour les traducteurs débutants, la source de travail la plus facile à capter. Il peut être difficile de s’offrir le luxe de refuser une commande parce que l’on ne veut pas utiliser un outil. Il est néanmoins essentiel de connaître les enjeux et de prendre le temps d’y réfléchir pour, le moment venu, avoir des arguments de négociation.

En effet, de plus en plus d’agences imposent au traducteur l’outil qu’elles ont choisi et rejette d’office ceux qui ne se plient pas à ce choix. Main Page - FOSS4Trans.