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@shelisrael. @HubSpot. @nowsourcing. @t_de_baillon. @ambercadabra. @SandyGuerriere. @rumford. @edo_au. @bostonmarketer. Four reasons why public Facebook status updates won. Gmail lab feature “Multiple Inboxes” allows you to have more than one ‘inbox’ in your default Gmail view.

How to Create the Abundance Mindset. Editor’s note: This is a guest post from Steve of Freedom Education. Give away what you got. It’s not that complicated, really. But let’s think for a minute; what do a great number of people do instead? When someone has a great idea, they hoard that idea. In my opinion, social media monitoring is one of the most important aspects to any Internet marketing initiative today.

Tight integration with offline and online campaigns is a necessity and organizations need to have the right procedures in place to fully take advantage of conversation about themselves and their competitors online. The following is a guide to social media monitoring. Before I get into the nuts and bolts of the article, I want to emphasize that each company needs its own strategic thought and implementation - and that no two companies should have identical forms of monitoring. Build Useful Media. It’s usually through my own personal interests that I stumble into something else that I might want to share with you that could be helpful.

Build Useful Media

This very thought, if you pause and read no further, is useful. Image credit: josephina I encourage clients, associates and even friends to create content-rich sites for whatever they specialize in with the purpose of building an audience and forging relationships.

The type of content aside, the way to create a popular web property is to slowly grow larger over time in an organized, attractive layout with uniquely useful material focused on your niche. Everyone is aware of the benefits of building your brand by using exceptional content to market yourself. Eight Forms of Social Networking Depression: Are You Suffering? Even if you have been staring at your computer screen all day, you've likely figured out it's a scary world out there right now.

Eight Forms of Social Networking Depression: Are You Suffering?

Scads of people are being laid off, in practically every market - including, very likely, people you know, work with, or even you. Companies that you used to rely on as a standard are begging for bailout money, going out of business, or being purchased at prices well below what they would have received six months or six years ago. Savings and investment accounts are being decimated as credit card debt rises and retirement plans are mere fractions of what they used to be. The Age of Responsibility. 77 Insights From More Than A Decade On The Web, Daily. Image credit: russelldavies.

77 Insights From More Than A Decade On The Web, Daily

CK's Blog: BtoB Marketers, The World Is Your Web 2.0 Oyster. I work in both business and consumer environments, or "BtoB" and "BtoC" as the industry lingo goes.

CK's Blog: BtoB Marketers, The World Is Your Web 2.0 Oyster

And in the last few years I've added social media (aka "Web 2.0") to my professional services and personal interests. While I certainly don't view social media as a panacea to all BtoB marketing challenges, I do see exciting opportunities and sound reasoning for leveraging these tools and technologies to improve market share, brand awareness and customer relationships. Yet even though BtoB marketers are beginning to implement some interesting programs, they're still the exception... with the belief that social-media-is-a-consumer-application as the rule. Guest article by Greg Fish (blog: world of weird things) You can’t go on vacation any more without your video camera, especially if you’re going some place spectacular and exciting.

Social Media Marketing Strategies. Marketing successfully on the social web, can be compared to cooking your favorite dish.

Social Media Marketing Strategies

If the ingredients are just not right, or are missing, you are left with a sub-par product. It’s imperative that you get the dish correct. Lack of a little salt and pepper can make or break a dish. Don't Be Afraid To Have Opinions Or Take Sides. What makes blogs special to you? The Goal is the Interaction. Do you want a more successful blog?

The Goal is the Interaction

Advanced Search. Logic Emotion: Professional Prism of Trust. WebWorkerDaily. It’s been far too long since I posted here, and I at least wanted to share an entry I wrote last week at Viget Engage marketing blog: Anyone who has spent time in the brand space will have certainly come across Marty Neumeier’s The Brand Gap – it’s one of the foundational books on how to cultivate a brand, and is a must-read for any brand manager. The central premise of the book is that a brand is not simply a logo, identity or even product. If Twitter is good for one thing, it is support from the community. Our fine city of Louisville has been in a state of emergency and the total number of people without power in Kentucky has skyrocketed to over 1 million.

And of course spammers picked this fine time to make a copycat account. Underscore spammers have been hitting several top Twitter users, and its getting ridiculous. Hmm, this guy looks familiar, but… An Alternative to RTs on Twitter. Sniff, I remember feeling so emotional to meet such amazing StumbleUpon friends. Now I haven’t been there for pleasure, networking or day-to-day communication in months. My friends all seem to hang out on Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter now. Did eBay, proud owner of SU, bet 75 million on a dying shark with their May 2007 purchase? Sure-our office maintains StumbleUpon profiles which can send prodigal amounts of semi-empty traffic characterized by suspicious bounce rates.

SU’s still terrific for finding content by socially advised search for Buzz Pocket Mining. Still as the world explodes into mainstream social media participation, StumbleUpon’s performance, regardless of advertised membership count (6,938,202), appears to be flat or reduced by publicly available estimates of traffic & engagement. Left Behind In The Revolution? 20 Great Twitter Tools for Firefox. People love Twitter, and they love Firefox, so it only seems natural that there would be quite a few tools to merge these two items. Whether you want to have a full Twitter client inside of your browser, or just the ability to share parts of a site, a whole Web page or just the URL of the site you are reading, there is a tool for you.