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Problem solving

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Rich learning activities. Rich Math Tasks. Rich math tasks are great tools to engage students in the CCSS Standards of Mathematical Practice while building content knowledge.

Rich Math Tasks

They're also a wonderful formative assessment tool. What do we mean by rich mathematics tasks? You'll find many definitions with varying characteristics. Here are some: Accessible to all learners ("low floor, high ceiling")Real life task or applicationMultiple approaches and representationsCollaboration and discussionEngagement, curiosity, and creativityMaking connections within and/or across topics and domains [Boaler, "Mathematical Mindsets"]Opportunities for extension. Wild Maths - explore, imagine, experiment, create! 3-Acts Math Tasks Inspired by Dan Meyer. Home Page.

Teachers Primary Pupils.

Home Page

One Step at a Time. Within this lesson, two problems are used to exemplify Polya's four-step problem-solving heuristic.

One Step at a Time

Review both of these problems prior to attempting this lesson with your students. Both problems appear in the Polya Problem Solving PowerPoint presentation. If you wish to use this file for your lesson, review it before showing it to your students. Notice that there are two distinct problems illustrated within the presentation, and both problems are accessible by menus. You can use one or both of these with your students. Low Floor High Ceiling Archives - Youcubed at Stanford University. Problem-Based Learning. When most educators think of Problem-Based Learning, they are talking about an instructional method that has historically been used at the graduate and professional schooling level (mostly in Medical Schools).

Problem-Based Learning

PBL is an “instructional (and curricular) learner-centered approach that empowers learners to conduct research, integrate theory and practice, and apply knowledge and skills to develop a viable solution to a defined problem. Critical to the success of the approach is the selection of ill-structured problems (often interdisciplinary) and a tutor who guides the learning process and conducts a thorough debriefing at the conclusion of the learning experience.

Goals of PBL include to work cooperatively, to demonstrate effective communication skills, and to use content knowledge and intellectual skills to become continual learners” (Savery, 2006, p.16). This general definition of PBL has been used in many instances and at many levels. File Cabinet - Act 1. Before giving students the actual dimensions, have them make estimates.

File Cabinet - Act 1

Use Mr. Stadel's height as a comparison. Use the link to to find out Mr. Stadel's height. I've included enough pictures to unveil the dimensions separately or all at the same time (the "depth" pic has all three). Students might ask if Mr. When students are solving, encourage multiple representations in Act 2. How Much Does A 100x100 In-N-Out Cheeseburger Cost? This awesomely gross lesson provides students with a real world context for building linear functions.

How Much Does A 100x100 In-N-Out Cheeseburger Cost?

I recommend beginning with exploring cost before calories because I have included a receipt that shows the actual price of a 100×100 burger. You may choose to begin by asking students about the cost of a 100×100 or start with something smaller like a 3×3. I have found that students with emerging skill sets need to begin with a 3×3 to establish that it is not the same thing as ordering 3 cheeseburgers or a Double-Double and a cheeseburger.

Eventually you want them to be able to generalize the cost of a NxN burger. As much as possible, you want students to do all of the discovery. Students Use Graphic Organizers to Improve Mathematical Problem-Solving Communications. "Let me give you a math story problem.

Students Use Graphic Organizers to Improve Mathematical Problem-Solving Communications

" This sentence often strikes fear in many middle grades students as well as some teachers. As international comparisons, national commissions, and state assessment results confirm, students have difficulty solving mathematical applications problems (Lester, 2007; U. S. Department of Education Institute of Educational Science, 2007; TIMMS, 2003; McREL, 2002; National Research Council, 2002; Illinois State Board of Education, 1997). Improving students' problem-solving abilities is a major, if not the major, goal of middle grades mathematics (National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, 2000; 1995; 1989).

The Math Forum at NCTM: Resources. Problems of the month /download problems of the month / Home Page. Best of TES Maths, Diagnostic Questions and much more! Inspiring Students to Math Success and a Growth Mindset. Maths Problem Solving – A collection of problem solving resources, organised by topic. Problem-Solving Activities, Videos, and Articles Promoting Growth Mindset. As adult education instructors, we know that our students bring all kinds of preconceived ideas about math into the classroom.

Problem-Solving Activities, Videos, and Articles Promoting Growth Mindset

Many see math as boring—a subject governed by processes, rules, and formulas that has little connection to their world. Furthermore, because they may have struggled with math in the past, they think that they will never be good at math. “I’m just not a math person.” We’ve all heard that from our students. Dr. I really admire the way that Dr. Everyone can learn math to the highest levels.Mistakes are valuable.Questions are really important.Math is about creativity and making sense.Math is about connections and communicating.Math class is about learning, not performing.Depth is more important than speed. As both a math teacher and a lifelong math student, I love these messages. My only issue with the tasks is that they seem a little inconsistent in terms of how much support they provide for teachers looking to use these activities in class. Related.

Problem Solving – Resources for Teachers Resources for Teachers. Highlights November Calendar of Events November is full of events that you can incorporate into your standard curriculum!

Problem Solving – Resources for Teachers Resources for Teachers

Our Educators' Calendar outlines activities for each event, including: Geography Awareness Week (11/13-19), Transgender Awareness Week (11/14-20), America Recycles Day (11/15), Thanksgiving (11/24), and Buy Nothing Day (11/25). Plus, celebrate Aviation History Month, Child Safety and Prevention Month, International Drum Month, and Native American Heritage Month all November long!

Bullying Prevention Resources Bullying can cause both physical and emotional harm. Put a stop to classroom bullying, with our bullying prevention resources. Dan Meyer: Math class needs a makeover.