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Echangeur PME. Mitfahrzentrale Friedrichshafen München |

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YGAW by siliconsentier. Car Rental in Europe and worldwide, Car Rental, Best offers for car rental. Munich TravelService. Zurich TravelService. Start-up Munich. ZURICH STARTUP. 7 Innovative Web Startups Based in Switzerland. Lately, there has been quite some buzz as the Greater Zurich Area is working on branding itself as the Silicon Valley of Europe.

7 Innovative Web Startups Based in Switzerland

The entrepreneurs behind some of the most innovative start-up firms are young, dynamic and visionary. What they have in common is that they want to make people's lives easier - one way or another. Despite its size, Switzerland has a very start-up friendly environment as no less than 10 to 20 world-class firms are established every year! The best information about the tech startup world.