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Oak Hill Iron - Morganton, NC, US 28655. Gate Photos et idées déco de maisons éclectiques. Shabby-Chic Style Landscape Ideas, Designs, Remodels & Photos. Shabby-Chic Style Outdoor Design Ideas, Remodels & Photos. Lathouris Garden - Classique - Jardin - Sydney - par Arthur Lathouris Garden Designer. Google Image Result for. View more.

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Custom Willow Arch - Montagne - Façade - San Francisco - par Judy's Gardens & Design. Amazon. Portfolio. Willow Arch in a Palo Alto Garden - Éclectique - Jardin - San Francisco - par Judy's Gardens & Design. A Whole Bunch Of Beautiful & Enchanting Garden Paths ~ Part 5. Amazon. Sarah Newton Garden Design » Willow, hazel and soft structures. WIllow close up.

Sarah Newton Garden Design » Willow, hazel and soft structures

Sarah Newton Garden Design » Willow, hazel and soft structures. Living Willow Wales.


Espaces difficiles : Comment aménager un jardin latéral ? HEDGEROWS. Planting a Native Hedgerow. Hedgerows are a valuable addition to any landscape, from the smallest suburban yard to large industrial-scale farms.

Planting a Native Hedgerow

Hedgerows – lines of dense plantings of trees, shrubs, grasses and forbs – have long been used in place of fences to divide properties or fields, as windbreaks and privacy screens, and as habitat for beneficial insects, birds, and other wildlife species. Clock Garden Design – What Are Clock Gardens. By Susan Patterson, Master Gardener Looking for a fun way to teach your kids how to tell time?

Clock Garden Design – What Are Clock Gardens

Then why not plant a clock garden design. Not only will this help with teaching, but it can also be used as a learning opportunity about plant growth. Want to be a Micro-Farmer? 6 Tips for Success (and 6 Things Not to Do)


Organic Vegetables, Fruit & Wool. COMPANION PLANTING. Lye from wood ash: Journey to Forever. Lye made from wood ash is potassium hydroxide, not sodium hydroxide -- there's 10 times as much potassium as sodium in wood ash.

Lye from wood ash: Journey to Forever

The process makes lye water. If you boiled off all the water you could use it as the catalyst to make biodiesel, but you'd need more accurate pH measures than those listed below. The usual pH meter or litmus papers would do. See also Natural test papers. If you try this, we'd be very interested to know the results -- please contact us. Making the lye Drill a lot of holes in the bottom of a small wooden barrel, make sure it's waterproof before you drill the holes!

Stand the barrel on blocks leaving space beneath the barrel for a container. Put a layer of gravel in the bottom of the barrel over the holes, then put a layer of straw over the gravel. Use an old iron pot, or a steel pan (One you will not be using for anything else!). To test the strength of the lye you need a saturated solution of salt. Potash And Plants – Learn About Potash In Soil And Potash Fertilizer.

By Bonnie L.

Potash And Plants – Learn About Potash In Soil And Potash Fertilizer

Grant Plants have three macronutrients for maximum health. One of these is potassium, which was once referred to as potash. Potash fertilizer is a natural substance that is constantly recycled in the earth. Exactly what is potash and where does it come from? What is Potash? Potash got its name from the old process used to harvest potassium. Making your own Potash. Autumn is nigh on here once again and it is time to think about cutting back the summer's growth on hedges and the herbaceous borders.

Making your own Potash

The hard trimmings of the Beech, Hawthorn, Hornbeam, Privet and laurel etc, from the hedge cuttings are difficult to compost unless you shred them in a garden shredder. However, even if you have the time to stand and feed what will possibly be a considerable pile of clippings into the machine, the waste product that is produced would have to break down for at least 2 years before it can be re-introduced safely to the garden as compost or mulch. Taking the cuttings in a trailer or hired truck to the municipal dump is both time consuming and is now considered as taboo, especially if it is destined for a landfill site.

Many Councils now do shred the waste and compost it before selling it back to gardeners as compost. Unless this compost is sterilised, be careful because weed seeds or disease may be introduced into your borders. Go Girl™ McKesson Specimen Collector, Urine/Stool, 26 oz-1 Each - Q&A Exchange Guidelines When writing your question or answer, please follow these guidelines: Do: Make sure your question is directly related to the product Do: Be specific and provide as many details as possible Do: Include the model number (if applicable) Do: Write your question in English Do Not: Include personal information (such as your full name) All submitted questions and answers are subject to the terms set forth in our Terms and Conditions We reserve the right not to post your question or answer if it contains any of the following:

McKesson Specimen Collector, Urine/Stool, 26 oz-1 Each -

10 Great Ways To Recycle Your Wee - RedShed. 34 Flares Twitter 0 Tweet Facebook 0 Google+ 25 Pin It Share 7 LinkedIn 2 inShare2 34 Flares × If you’re finding that peeing in a standard toilet is getting rather boring, maybe it’s time to use your pee for the good of mankind.

10 Great Ways To Recycle Your Wee - RedShed

Bodily perspiration has many valuable uses and best of all, you make it for absolutely no charge – down at the bottom of your garden or behind closed doors. The Ancient Romans didn’t put a tax on one’s own pee-wee for nothing, they knew the true value of it. Now, thanks to this list, you can too! 1. Ever wondered where the phrase “read between the lines” comes from? Homemade Bone Meal: A Partial Solution to Peak Phosphate? Image credit: AsymmetricA looming peak oil crisis isn't the only thing we have to worry about.

Homemade Bone Meal: A Partial Solution to Peak Phosphate?

Jeremy has already noted that the world could be facing a severe phosphorus shortage over the coming century, a shortage that would seriously curtail our ability to grow food. (Phosphorus is a vital plant nutrient used as fertilizer.) Warren has already pointed out that recycling human urine could help preserve this precious resource, a task that's easy enough for the home gardener. But what other measures can we take at home to keep the phosphrous in our gardens? It turns out that part of the answer may lay in the bones. Like many other green-minded meat eaters, I try to make the best use of any animal products I can. Gardens and Landscapes. Flower Bed Designs for Wonderful Bedroom. The flower bed designs will make the usual bedroom can be changed into the colorful and wonderful bed design. It will make the bedroom has the great look so that the sleeping time will be the nice thing which you can enjoy.

Related to this matter, we should give you the information and tips about how to choose the best bed designs so that it will be the nice application for your bedroom. You will need this information so much because it is very important for you. Flower bed designs with the good color combination will be the important thing to know because it will bring the good look of the bedroom.

As you know that the flower is the good design to be inserted in the bed design, so you have to select the best color for being applied for your bedroom. Flower bed designs must be inserted to the interior design of the bedroom. Flowers, Annuals & Perennials in Raleigh NC. Norwood Road Garden Raleigh NC Perennials Annuals - 80 Norwood Road Garden Raleigh NC Perennials Annuals - 79 Norwood Road Garden Raleigh NC Perennials Annuals - 78 Norwood Road Garden Raleigh NC Perennials Annuals - 77 Norwood Road Garden Raleigh NC Perennials Annuals - 76.

Vegetable Garden Planner. 5 Golden Rules of Garden Planning. For many of us, the prospect of a new growing season signals a fresh start and the opportunity to grow our best harvests ever. But success isn’t guaranteed. Follow our five golden rules for garden planning and you’ll stand the best chance of reaping the bumper yields you deserve… Rule 1: Provide the Right Growing Environment Success with vegetables starts with picking the right location to grow them in. Most vegetables prefer full sun, which encourages strong growth and resilience to pests and diseases.


BEES. How to Make a Self-Watering Plant Pot. In hot, sunny weather, keeping plants in containers watered can take up considerable time. Then there's always the anxiety of how plants will fare when you're away for a well-earned break. One solution is to use self-watering containers. It's actually very easy and inexpensive to make your own. You'll need two containers which when stacked, will leave a gap between the bottom and top containers. The gap will serve as your water reservoir. You'll also need a one-inch or 2cm-diameter plastic pipe long enough to run the length of the two buckets; a plastic cup, yogurt pot or similar to act as a wicking chamber; and of course some quality potting soil and your plants. Prepare the Wicking Chamber Start by preparing the wicking chamber.

Use a marker pen to trace an outline of the pot onto the middle of the top bucket, then cut it out. 2. Now for the water delivery pipe. Hooping It Up: Observations from Three Years of Hoop House High Value Crop Trials. Plant growers have always striven to control the environment in which plants grow. The hoop house is one of several technologies growers have adopted in an effort to master mother nature. Hoop houses (referred to as over-wintering structures by the nursery trade) are generally quonset-shaped structures constructed of metal or plastic hoops (bows). They are covered with one layer of 6-mil greenhouse grade polyethylene film and are ventilated by rolling up the sides. There is no permanent heating system and no electrical connections. The only external connection is the irrigation supply line. Clear or White Plastic for the Hoop House? This morning we took off the old torn plastic on the hoop house and replaced it.

Yes, that is white opaque plastic that you see. The reason I chose this is because of what I read when looking for clear plastic… Clear panels deliver direct light while opaque panels provide diffused light. Clear or White Plastic for the Hoop House? Low-Cost, Versatile Hoop Houses. After nearly 20 years of market gardening, we often hear the question, "What would you do differently? " Simple: Build more — and bigger — hoophouses a whole lot sooner, like from the beginning. Build This Easy Hoop House to Grow More Food. Gardening inside a hoop house is like moving part of your land hundreds of miles south, all for a modest investment in materials and time.

It’s proof that a bit of simple technology can definitely go a long way. Recycling for the Garden: Upcycling Items for a More Productive Vegetable Garden.


FOWL. Germander Growing – How To Use Germander Herb Plants. By Amy Grant Many herb plants come from the Mediterranean and as such are drought, soil and exposure tolerant. Creeping germander is one of those. Germander herb plants are members of the Lamiaceae or Mint family, which includes lavender and salvia. PESTS. Do any plants or repellants work for snakes?

North Carolina Botanical Garden / Plants And Gardening / Native Plants for Your Garden. Plants & Gardening » Native Plants for Your Garden At the North Carolina Botanical Garden, we recognize the horticultural and landscape value of native plants of the Southeast. Adapted to the soils and climate of our region, these plants have a much greater likelihood of thriving in the garden. Their pollinators are more likely to be present then those of exotic (non-native) plants, and thus, attractive and utilitarian fruits, berries, and seeds are made available to local wildlife species. North Carolina Cooperative Extension. North Carolina Cooperative Extension.


Weaving Wood: Twig Towers and Wattle Fences. Pruning season is here, which means that many of us will quickly accumulate a small mountain of superfluous sticks. At my house, many pruned branches are given a second life as woven wattle fences, plant supports, and twig towers for growing vines in containers. Harvest the Power of Microclimates. When planning a garden we’re often warned about areas to avoid: shade, wind tunnels, frost pockets – you know the sorts of things. GARDEN CALENDAR. Wasp Deterrent: How To Get Rid Of Wasps. WILDLIFE GARDEN. BUTTERFLY GARDEN. Tulbaghia violacea. Natural ways to repel snakes. Natural ways to repel snakes. Opossums: The Garden's Nightly Clean-Up Crew. Animals, Wildlife, and Garden Pests. NC Snakes. How to Keep Snakes Off the Yard With an Aluminum Fence.

Organic Way to Repel Snakes. Do Marigolds Keep Snakes Away?


10 Ways to Save Water and Money in the Garden - Gardening Know How's Blog. Slideshow: 10 great groundcovers to rely upon. The toughest groundcovers i rely on. DAMP SHADE PLANTS. GARDENING WITH KIDS. Creative Screening With Plants: Good Borders Make Good Neighbors - Gardening Know How. All Green Gardens - Tips For Designing A Garden With Foliage. POTAGER GARDEN. FENCE. A Cheap Fix to Cover Up Dirt in a Backyard. Herbs and Natural Plants to Repel Pests and Mice. Butterfly Bush Companions. How To Build The Perfect Raised Bed. What to Grow in a Self-Sufficient Garden.


Diy stepping stones. DIY Stepping Stones With the Kids – P&G everyday. 23 DIY Stepping Stones to Brighten Any Garden Walk. 10 Creative DIY Garden Planters Made from Upcycled Finds - DIY Planter Box. Topsy Turvy Planters - Gardening on the Slant. Tipsy. Best Topsy Turvy Planters - Creative Gardening Tipsy Pots. Make a Glow-In-The-Dark Project for Home Decor. Bales Of Hay Projects to Jazz Up Your Fall Time. Here's Why You Should Save Your Toilet Paper Tubes for Your Garden - Toilet Paper and Gardening Hacks. Fairy Garden Ideas - How to Make a DIY Fairy Garden. How to Make It Look Like You Hired a Garden Designer. 19 Creative Ways to Plant a Vertical Garden - How To Make a Vertical Garden.