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Aumtec Solution is an E-Commerce and outsourcing company. Deals with local and International Clients

Book Data Entry Services with Nice Prices. Books are the best companions of human beings since the beginning of time. Books have always helped humanity whether it is in the sphere of history, literature, maths, fiction, astrology, astronomy, religion or spirituality. With the advent of the digital era, the form of books have also evolved from paper to digital. These days people prefer to read the ebook from the comfort of their mobile phones and laptops without having to actually open a book.

Therefore, the ebooks have become an indispensable part of our lives. Its more understandable than ever to convert all books into ebooks and people all over the world have been doing it for past two decades. Our Data Processing Services. Data processing is the act of complete data operations including capturing raw data in any format, processing it electronically in the desired format, data conversion and data analysis, and then presenting the data in a visually appealing format for business use.

Our Data Processing Services

Data processing involves a set of data operations combined in a thread to accomplish the data task as per the need of an organization. Whether you are a small company or a giant, start-up or settled, you know the importance of data conversion and data processing to your business. With rising staff payouts, overheads, and infrastructural expenses, outsourcing your data processing needs to India might just be the way to scale your business in the easiest possible way. From Small- medium and large-sized businesses, you get a lot of companies who offer data processing services these days. So, you need to chose the best option for you. Why Outsourcing Data Entry Services has become imperative in 2021?

Data Entry Services is defined as any data process requiring fetching of data, digitizing data, typing work, or any specific data creation for business use.

Why Outsourcing Data Entry Services has become imperative in 2021?

Data Entry requires skilled manpower with proper attention to detail and any error can cause big harm to the business. Data processing can vary from simple excel data entry projects to PDF conversion process too complicated data abstraction from large unmanaged files. Be it any kind of data operation, it requires a team with attention to details, to do the needful. For any organization from a start-up to a Fortune 500 company, data management poses a challenge. This is because, for one, it takes a number of resources to tackle the job, Second, it is a noncore operation which means it diverts the owner from core business activities. Look out for Top Outsourcing trends in 2021! The third wave of IT outsourcing is expected to sweep the world post-Covid 19.

Look out for Top Outsourcing trends in 2021!

According to a report, Marquee financial services house, Goldman Sachs said , "Post Covid-19, we expect a third wave of outsourcing and an increasing number of technology roles globally finding their way to India as work from anywhere becomes the new accepted norm". As per various global surveys, several top firms are planning to have several of their employees work from home for ever, and in a recent expert call with McKinsey, it is noted that most large IT contracts have as high as 75 percent of employee working from home. TCS is planning to have 75 percent of its workforceShifting to “Work from Home”by 2025 estimated and TechM is gearing for 25-30 percent of its employees working from home by 2021 estimated on a rotational basis, Goldman Sachs said. All this points out to the conclusion that outsourcing is going to grow exponentially in the times to come. PDF Conversion Services. Partner with Aumtec Solutions for getting high-quality PDF conversion services with a fast turnaround time.

PDF Conversion Services

PDF documents are tough to revise and edit. You may need time to manually type the documents to make them editable for various business needs. This is where Aumtec helps clients worldwide. Why you should Outsource Data Entry Services? When you outsource data entry services to professional BPO companies you can get the work done promptly in a short span of time.

Why you should Outsource Data Entry Services?

You can avoid any additional outlay involved in terms of providing salaries, compensations, incentives and other allowances for your data processing staff. These services enable you to concentrate on core competencies with improved efficiency. Realizing these many benefits, many organizations are now assigning their data processing jobs to external companies. The main benefits of outsourcing are: Cost Minimization. 5 Reasons you must consider outsourcing data entry services. Any business, Big or small, owes its success solely to informed and precise decision making.

5 Reasons you must consider outsourcing data entry services

This is where outsourcing data entry services becomes important for business. Data plays a key role so much so that many entrepreneurs have started calling Data as a virtual employee for their business. Analysis of the important business information can only be done when crucial data is collected and managed properly. Business data when gathered and analysed, gives insights into the latest trends and customer choices. One of the major differences between a successful and unsuccessful business is how successfully one is able to process and harness information from their business data. Your business Data can vary in the form of surveys (online or offline), questionnaires, cards, vouchers, client details. Insurance Claims Data Entry Services. If you are an insurance company owner, you would know that data processing for insurance claims is a time consuming and tedious process that must be taken care of.

Insurance Claims Data Entry Services

Data Entry Services Outsourcing. Data entry and an exceptionally imperative area of potential that helps enhance the working standard technique are the most critical primary need of any administration.

Data Entry Services Outsourcing

It may seem that carrying out and handling this type of business is a gentle task, but the truth is, it's very complicated and it needs many processes that need to be addressed systematically. Due to the massive modifications that have taken place in this area, handling work has become much easier. How Can Outsourcing Data Management Services Grow Your Business in 2021? Managing your business data is as important as growing the business itself as it is the data that culminates into a successful business.

How Can Outsourcing Data Management Services Grow Your Business in 2021?

With so much to focus on in the business, it's really hard to focus on data management. It takes resources, infrastructure and time along with the cost to manage your data in-house. Businesses spend as high as 55% of their budget on data management. What if this cost can be cut substantially without affecting the work? Reliable & Accurate Data Entry Services at most affordable prices. Aumtec Solutions, is your trusted BPO partner for best in- class data entry services.

Reliable & Accurate Data Entry Services at most affordable prices

Forms Processing Services. As you know that this is an era of digitization and everything, from mere call or mail much more complex works like complex banking have become digital. Having said that, it is important to understand that even when every aspect of life has gone digital and every information can be stored on cloud, still data on paper remain a very important aspect of information storage. Through quality and accurate forms processing services, Aumtec Solutions helps you capture and extract all the relevant data and convert it into suitable e-formats with utmost accuracy and reliability. With a rich experience of data processing and forms processing for hundreds of global clients and access to latest technological innovation along with a robust team and strong infrastructure, we provide quality forms filling and forms processing services to global clients which help you multifold.

It saves your operational cost as you can avail our services at most reasonable rates. Let’s Get Started. Outsource Data Entry Services. Invoice Data Entry Services. Magento Product Upload Services. With our full range of Magento Product Listing Services and Catalog Management offers, Aumtec Solutions help e-commerce store owners worldwide in enhancing their overall online shopping experience and provide them with optimized and well written content, complete inventory management, order processing services and back office customer support services etc. We, as a team have tons of experience in managing product catalogs on Magento-powered e-commerce stores for various clients and populating & managing their database with huge volume of items and entering their multi-faceted, accurate and well researched information which not only helps in good decision making but also helps in improving the product sales. We are capable of handling high-volume and complex Magento product listing and management projects, right from gathering required product details from various online sources or paper catalog, to entering them correctly and updating them in the product database with utmost accuracy.