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Aumtec Solutions

We provide eCommerce product listing, order processing, catalog management and product promotion services to online sellers.

Bigcommerce Product Upload Services and Store Benefits. Bigcommerce is great for large or small enterprises.

Bigcommerce Product Upload Services and Store Benefits

Bigcommerce data importing functionality via CSV is one of great feature among all the carts. You can also import choices and product details separately in one CSV format, as some carts need you to import them separately. You don’t need a web design or coding degree to be able to use BigCommerce. It is targeted at those with the passion and drive to launch an e-commerce shop, but not the top-notch technical skills needed to build a website from scratch. Bigcommerce offers many benefits to the ecommerce site owners. Importance of Catalog processing Services ? - Aumtec Solutions - Medium. Online Catalog Processing Services is the life line of e-commerce business.

Importance of Catalog processing Services ? - Aumtec Solutions - Medium

What makes you unique in the crowded world of e-commerce is how well managed and accurate is you product catalog. Therefore, Catalog management and processing has has taken the center stage in the thriving eCommerce industry across the globe. How outsourcing eCommerce data entry services help your online business. In this growing age of competitive business and digitized world, it has become imperative for businesses to go online to remain in the competition.

How outsourcing eCommerce data entry services help your online business

For eCommerce store owners, outsourcing eCommerce product data entry services is a key aspect which may help them grow exponentially. There is a list of shopping carts available with varied features and enticing capabilities for the merchants to build their store on, including magento, 3d cart, volusion, netsuite, open cart, X cart, Zen cart, shopify and many more. The challenging task for all business — big and small comes next, that is to build their online catalog from paper catalog or raw data.

This is where the companies face trouble and it could well make a difference between a successful and unsuccessful business. Populating your product database with all the relevant product details, attributes, meta data, descriptions and images etc. is a hell of time consuming and boring task. Magento Data Entry Services. One of the most tedious tasks to all merchants selling online is to manage their product database in effective and attractive manner because without they cannot show case their products to the end customer.

Magento Data Entry Services

The requirement is not only to enter the products but to enter all relevant details with accuracy and for that, professional knowledge is recommended. Aumtec Solutions has a vast experience of helping magento owners in managing their Magento Product listing database and optimizing their product listings. will help you with populating and updating your product catalog with tens of thousands of products quite accurately in quick time. We have dealt extensively with magento store and we know to optimize the listings better than anybody else. We will categorize your products, will enter attributes, meta tags, description, product SKU and all other relevant information to place your products better. Collection Development Resources. Why Amazon Dominates Google in product search? Being the most used online marketplace globally, and having the tag of preferred choice for customers for online purchasing, Amazon requires no introduction.

Why Amazon Dominates Google in product search?

What’s unique and astonishing about amazon is that it is not just used for shopping, but also used for product searches and checking out the competitive prices by retailers worldwide. Amazon Product upload specialists realize the importance of amazon as a product search engine as well. Therefore, unique content has become important in amazon product listings. Amazon data entry services. Amazon is arguably the most important marketplace as far as online sellers are concerned.

Amazon data entry services

Amazon product upload services is the most required service for online sellers. The simple reason for that is that it has huge market base and internationally, people flock to amazon for purchasing online in huge numbers. Ecommerce Data Entry Services and Catalog Management. eBay is one of the most prominent marketplaces internationally and sellers flock towards to for some obvious advantages it provides over others.

Ecommerce Data Entry Services and Catalog Management

If you are selling on eBay, you would have noticed that the most cumbersome task is to manage the product catalog, orders, optimizing the listings, and managing the online orders and eBay product listing optimization. eCommerce Catalog Management. If you are an eCommerce store owner working on any platform, you would have noticed that, eCommerce Catalog management task, i.e. maintaining and managing your product catalog is quite a tedious task and necessary too.

eCommerce Catalog Management

With more than thousands of SKUs to be put across various sales channels and marketplaces, you need to continuously update and manage the product data efficiently. But as the product database increases, the work of managing the database become complex which might lead to data errors, resulting in loss of revenue. Here is a list of the challenges faced by sellers in setting up their product catalogs: Updating Products Constantly Sometimes the nature of business products demand that the SKU’s are updated continuously which is challenging and you must find a good team to do this task at affordable prices. Selling Across Multiple Channels. Sears product listing. Sears has been one of the most prominent marketplaces globally.

Sears product listing

Sears Product Listings Services. eCommerce Catalog Management. The Reading Agency. The more we know about the impact that reading has on people's lives, and how it's changing, the better we can focus our actions.

The Reading Agency

We need to understand readers better - why, what and how they read and what's standing in the way of reading more and differently. Our research programme allows us to pull together all the evidence and rich first-hand information we have from our work with readers. We then use this to inform debate and discussion about readers and reading. If you would like to talk to us about being a research partner, or would like more information on our research work, please contact our Director of Research Debbie Hicks. Current research projects LISU, developing our understanding of visually impaired readers on behalf of the RNIB. Past research projects. Yahoo Store Product listing Services.

Yahoo Store is easy to use and provides online store owners the capability to upload/add a wide range of products, accept all types of payments and also integrate multiple shipping options. To get the benefit of this potent selling platform, you need the help of experienced team in Yahoo data entry services, which is proficient in entering product data on your yahoo store. Doing the work your self is time consuming and it will lack the expertise and quality. OpenCart Product listing Services - Open cart has been rightly called as best free eCommerce shopping cart for merchants. It fills a niche requirement that is not yet touched by other software – The fact is that over 1 lakh small retailers are using OpenCart software on their websites and it shows the importance of open cart for small retailers and its wonderful services.

Open cart product upload service is the most sought out services for eCommerce sellers. But, there are still many tasks associated with managing your open cart, that eats your precious time and are actually quite demanding. Open cart Product database management is one of such tasks which is cumbersome for clients specially if you have, literally hundreds of products to upload to your store. It does not only require time but also some expertise to optimize and list for search engines. Sears Product Listing services. Sears is increasingly becoming a popular choice of multi-channel online retailers worldwide. It has tens of millions of online shoppers and consistently, the people around the globe are showing their interest in sears for buying products. If you have not yet listed your products on, you are risking yourself of losing a huge chunk of money. With our end to end Sears product listing services, Aumtec Solutions aim to help eCommerce owners around the globe expand their customer base and earn profits.

We ensure highest level of accuracy and speedy turn out for our clients in enlisting your products on sears marketplace. We have a good pool of experienced resources who are always ready to acquire new skills and enhancing their existing capabilities. Shopify Product Upload Listing services. Shopify is widely used by eCommerce store owners worldwide. It is clean and easy to use software, less complicated- and most important of all – it is a hosted solution, so as a business owner you need to worry about purchasing and keeping up with the domains, hosting, etc every now and then.

Magento product listing services. With our full range of Magento Product Listing Services and Catalog Management offers, Aumtec Solutions help e-commerce store owners worldwide in enhancing their overall online shopping experience and provide them with optimized and well written content, complete inventory management, order processing services and back office customer support services etc. We, as a team have tons of experience in managing product catalogs on Magento-powered e-commerce stores for various clients and populating & managing their database with huge volume of items and entering their multi-faceted, accurate and well researched information which not only helps in good decision making but also helps in improving the product sales.

eBay Product Upload Services and eBay catalog processing. Volusion Product Upload Services and Volusion catalog processing. Volusion catalog processing services. About Us- Aumtec Solutions. Aumtech is a perfect one stop solution for ecommerce store owners. eCommerce Product listing services.