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Quinoa & Shrimp Paella. Our Quinoa and Shrimp Paella is adapted from the traditional Spanish version.

Quinoa & Shrimp Paella

Normally, paella is made with rice, but we decided to use quinoa and it turned out wonderfully. We love the versatility of paella, because it can be made with chicken, lobster, sausage, green beans, fresh tomatoes, and lima beans. Yields: 7 servings | Serving Size: 1 cup | Calories: 273 | Total Fat: 6 g | Saturated Fat: 1 g | Trans Fat: 0 g | Cholesterol: 125 | Carbohydrates: 33 g | Sodium: 412 mg | Dietary Fiber: 5 g | Sugars: 3 g | Protein: 22 g | SmartPoints: 7 | Ingredients Directions Tip: If saffron is available, it's recommended because of it's distinct Spanish flavor, making it perfect for this dish.

While preparing quinoa, sprinkle shrimp with a pinch of salt and seafood seasoning. In a large skillet, heat oil to medium-low and sauté onions until tender, about 5 minutes. Add sun-dried tomatoes, peas and shrimp, cover and continuing cooking 5 minutes. Copyright 2012 Skinny Ms. ® All rights reserved. Superfood Quinoa Bowl - TwoRaspberries. One Pot Creamy Sausage Pasta Skillet. One Pan Tuscan Pork Chops. Mediterranean Baked Sweet Potatoes. Turmeric Chickpea Fritters. #GlutenFree Chickpea Fritters for #SundaySupper - Lovely Pantry. <div class="greet_block wpgb_cornered"><div class="greet_text"><div class="greet_image"><a href="<a pearltreesdevid="PTD165" rel="nofollow" href=" class="vglnk"><span pearltreesdevid="PTD166">http</span><span pearltreesdevid="PTD168">://</span><span pearltreesdevid="PTD170">lovelypantry</span><span pearltreesdevid="PTD172">.

#GlutenFree Chickpea Fritters for #SundaySupper - Lovely Pantry

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I’ve had to look into so many things with regards to how we eat our food today. Our host this week is Bea from Not So Cheesy Kitchen. Ingredients Instructions. Paleo Creamy Chicken Tomato Crockpot Soup. Healthy, crockpot mexican-style chicken & quinoa. Creamy, flavorful, mexican-style chicken, quinoa & black beans… made in the slow cooker.

healthy, crockpot mexican-style chicken & quinoa

How’s that for a perfect, easy & healthy winter meal? If, like me and almost everyone else in the world, you are trying to eat a bit healthier this year… you’ll want to give this easy crockpot meal a try. Your family will love the fresh, light taste and at the same time, the comforting satisfaction of this low-fat, but fully delicious crockpot meal! You can dress this one up anyway you like… cilantro and sriracha? Sour cream and green onions? Any way you top it, you will enjoy it! Also, if you haven’t tried my Healthy Slow Cooker Chicken & Brown Rice, add that one to your list… it’s a favorite! What is your favorite crockpot meal? Crockpot Mexican-Style Chicken & Quinoa with Black Beans.

Crock Pot Personalized Baked Oatmeal Bars. Crockpot Chicken and Broccoli Teriyaki - Tales of Beauty for Ashes. Every so often, my husband takes classes to stay up to date with fire information (he’s a firefighter).

Crockpot Chicken and Broccoli Teriyaki - Tales of Beauty for Ashes

It is such a blessing that the college is right down the road from our house, so he can come home at lunch. It’s nice because the kids get to see their daddy, and I get to see my handsome hubby. The last time he came home for lunch, he brought four other guys with him. I needed a meal that would satisfy the bellies of five big guys, a toddler and me. Thank goodness I had advance notice, so I could just throw this chicken teriyaki in the crockpot. Bringing back our family meals - Peanut Blossom. 17.2K Flares Pin It Share 16.6K 16K+ Facebook 470 Twitter 11 StumbleUpon 1 Google+ 73 17.2K Flares × I have a confession to make.

Bringing back our family meals - Peanut Blossom

Over the last 6-8 months I have done the absolute bare minimum when it comes to cooking and feeding my family. If you’ve been a long time Peanut Blossom fan, you may have noticed a remarkable drop in the number of recipe posts I’ve shared. The few that made it through were only shot because of a food photography challenge deadline. Between some dietary restrictions and my family’s infamous picky eating habits, I lost the will to cook. Guys, this is not me. Tropical Punch Good Girl Moonshine (THM GGMS) - Jenn's RAQ. Chia seed energy shot.

No no, I don’t keep a bottle of whiskey in my desk drawer.

Chia seed energy shot

Nor am I an espresso fan. I take a chia seed energy shot. Chia seeds were a staple in ancient Aztec and Mayan diets. Immune Boosting Juice Recipe. Vegetables are great sources of the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that can help you achieve optimal immune health.

Immune Boosting Juice Recipe

Try this Immune Boosting Juice Recipe! Immune Boosting Juice Recipe Total Time: 5 minutes Serves: 2 Ingredients: Low Carb Beef Stroganoff Meatballs Recipe. Hello Peeps!

Low Carb Beef Stroganoff Meatballs Recipe

It’s been awhile since I posted a new Low Carb Meatball Monday recipe, but I hope that you’ll think this one was worth the wait! Before we left SC for the freezing cold North I cooked up a storm, so I have some delicious low carb meatball recipes in the queue for the next few weeks – YAY! By the way we are STILL in the freezing cold North and it gets colder by the day it seems. This morning it was -4 with a “real feel” of -26. Toasty. Easy Make Ahead Pumpkin Pie Baked Oatmeal Recipe. Maple-Herb Roasted Turkey Legs. The Best Effing Chicken Recipe Ever. Seriously. Maple Garlic Glazed Chicken. Smothered Chile Colorado Burritos (Crock-Pot) School is almost back in session for those of you with school-aged kids and for some of you amazing students yourselves.

Smothered Chile Colorado Burritos (Crock-Pot)

With all the busy preparation you must be facing, I can tell you that some of the EASIEST meals you find will be done in the crock pot. These meal is SO easy and tastes exactly what you would get at a nice fancy mexican restaurant.  Squeaky Clean Slow Cooker Beef Bourgignon. Grilled Salmon Nicoise Salad - Flavor the Moments. Grilled Salmon Nicoise Salad is a smokier version of the classic complete with grilled salmon, green beans, and potatoes!

Grilled Salmon Nicoise Salad - Flavor the Moments

It’s drizzled with a whole grain mustard vinaigrette and is sure to satisfy! My grill has been working overtime, can you tell? It hasn’t even really been that hot, but my love for grilling isn’t just because I don’t want the oven on. 20 Minute Low Fat Healthy Chicken Burrito Recipe. I’m not sure what happened. I blame my children. I went from the wife and mother who used to love to create an award-winning meal to a wife and mother who has exactly 27 minutes to prepare a meal that no one will complain about before we go to our next activity. Cooking and meal preparation has changed in our house. I have less time. More vocal eaters. Crispy Chicken Cheese Quesadilla - Briana Thomas. This post may contain affiliate links. Thank you for helping me feed (haha...get it... "feed"...nevermind) my ice cream addiction (and support my site so I can keep giving you free recipes).

I’m a huge fan of coconut oil and its health benefits – especially when it’s used to fry up a cheesy, perfectly-seasoned quesadilla to crispy perfection. You know how low carb tortillas can be kind of mushy sometimes? Well that mushiness is nonexistent after coconut oil works its magic. Chickpea White Chili ~ Veggie Inspired. Quinoa Veggie "Fried Rice" Quinoa is a wonderful substitute in this protein-packed veggie “fried rice”! We’re wrapping up breast cancer awareness week with an awesome giveaway! But first, I bring you yet another healthy dish: quinoa veggie fried rice. This recipe here is a spin off my go-to Pancetta Fried Rice except I’ve taken out the greasy, yet amazing pancetta, and added more veggies and substituted quinoa for the brown rice. Quinoa is one of my favorite ingredients ever. It has so many amazing health benefits with it’s abundance of protein, unsaturated fats and essential vitamins and minerals, and it even helps to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer (according to Eat to Defeat).

So here’s how you make this: We’ll start by sweating out some garlic and onion for about 5 minutes or so. Then we’ll add in our mushrooms, broccoli and zucchini, letting them get nice and tender. Spinach and Artichoke Mac and Cheese - A Kitchen Hoor's Adventures. Adding spinach and artichokes to regular macaroni and cheese makes this Spinach and Artichoke Mac and Cheese hearty enough even for the most die hard meat eaters. This week, I was awoken at around 2 in the morning by the most splitting headache I’ve had in a long time.

My first thought was the go take something for the pain, but we don’t have anything on the top floor for pain. Why not? I lay there pondering the why not and that I would resolve to bring a small bottle of ibuprofen up from the main floor. So, instead of getting up, going downstairs, and taking something, I desperately tried to go back to sleep hoping it would go away. Glycemic Index. Cheesy Enchilada Rice Skillet. The easiest enchilada you will ever make. No rolling, no folding. Just throw everything into a skillet and you’re set! Cheese + red enchilada sauce + green enchilada sauce + rice. Now that’s my kind of dinner. How To: Slow Cooker Black Beans. Baking with Brown Rice. Hello friends, hope you are all doing great. Brown Rice Flour Pancakes - Gluten Free, Dairy Free - Sunday Scratchups. Brown Rice Flour Pancakes - Gluten Free.

Sometimes cake at breakfast is just what the doctor ordered. Pancakes, that is. I have had a bag of brown rice flour I my cupboard waiting to be used for ages, so this Sunday morning, with a little footy (that’s soccer for us North Americans) on the telly (that’s TV) – sorry, feeling a little British today – I decided to whip us up a fancy plate of pancakes for breaky (breakfast Gluten free cooking can be a bit of a challenge when it comes to things meant to be fluffy. No Knead Sourdough Rye Bread. I love homemade bread, and I especially love rye bread. The problem is that I haven’t always been too successful in making bread the traditional way with kneading and rising. Simple Cabbage Enchiladas Recipe. I LOVE enchiladas… they are so delicious and always seem to hit the spot. So of course, I had to find a way to incorporate them into my new way of eating.

Pork, Shrimp, Shiitake & Napa Cabbage Bowl - Health Starts in the Kitchen. One-Pot Cabbage Casserole - Diary of A Recipe Collector. Homemade (Paleo) Enchilada Sauce. Every time I make my primal enchilada casserole, I’m always amazed by how delish the sauce is. Actually, it’s not really clear to me whether I make enchiladas only as an excuse to make the sauce (and eat it by the spoonful) or because I do enjoy enchiladas. Gluten Free Quinoa Tortillas - The 36th AVENUE. These homemade tortillas are not only made with the superfood quinoa, but they are flexible and strong enough to hold your filling.

Untitled. Gluten-Free Sourdough Bread. Untitled. Dairy free frothy coconut coffee creamer - Living Consciously. Mayonnaise Recipe : Alton Brown. Organic Homemade Mayonnaise -Never Buy That Other Stuff Again. I’ve never been a big mayo fan. My husband likes it in pasta salads, sandwiches, etc. Homemade Mayonnaise Recipe. If your family or you eat a lot of mayonnaise, this is a great ninja sauce recipe for you. I’m not sure whether you know that with few little steps you can make a perfect mayonnaise in your Ninja blender. Untitled. Superfood Quinoa Bowl - TwoRaspberries. Sour Cream Beef Enchiladas. These are by far my favorite in my line of “enchiladas”! I put a short version of these up on my facebook page but I wanted to put these up here so it’s easier to come back too.

Start with browning your beef. Or you could follow my recipe for crockpot tacos (using beef instead of turkey meat) here… Easy Crockpot Tacos. Add a can of rotel & spices to the ground beef or follow the recipe for the Easy Crockpot Tacos. Get a big 9X13 backing dish. Roll up and continue until the pan is full. Cover with the sour cream sauce that you make in the blender. Low carb ground beef recipes - THM. Jack's Bread: Bread Machine White Bread. Apple Cinnamon Quinoa Bites for Breakfast! Mom’s Breakfast Casserole! (S) Trim Healthy Mama {Waffle Bread for Great Sandwiches! - "S"} - Sheri Graham. Individual Meatloaf Balls (S) The Coffee Shop: Trim Healthy Mama - Chicken Salad "S"

Parmesan-Dijon Crusted Pork Chops. Super Easy Gluten Free Sourdough Starter. How to Make a Gluten-Free Sourdough Starter. Bread in a Mug - Oh Sweet Mercy. 100 Days of No Processed Meals - Crock Pot Style. Photos de Trim Healthy Mama - Trim Healthy Mama. Roasting Turkey at Home For Sandwiches. Slow Cooker Turkey Breast. Homemade Ranch Dressing. Homemade Taco Seasoning (Low Carb and Paleo) - Holistically Engineered. Homemade Taco Sauce (Low Carb and Paleo) - Holistically Engineered. Freezer Breakfast Burritos Trim Healthy Mama Style! - Working at Homeschool. Freezer Breakfast Burritos Trim Healthy Mama Style! - Working at Homeschool. Peanut Butter No Bake Gluten Free Energy Bites - Great gluten free recipes for every occasion. SEP Winter Seasonal Produce Guide 2014. Caveman Food: Stuffed Zucchini. Grilled Pork Loin Chops with Balsamic Thyme Cherries.

Cabbage Goulash Recipe. The Best Nut Butter Recipe – Ever! Magic Mineral Broth Recipe {Processed Foods versus Refined Foods} Why Organic Matters — Rebecca Katz. Easy Paleo Sausage And Cabbage Soup Recipe. Grandmas Old Fashioned Soft Sugar Cookies. Best Sugar Cookie Recipe. Gingersnaps - Through Her Looking Glass. Hemstrought Bakery’s Chocolate Half-Moon Cookie Recipe.

Easy Crock Pot BBQ Pulled Pork. Inexpensive Gluten-Free Flour Mix. My Recipe Magic. 4 Weeks to Fill Your Freezer: Homemade Energy Bites (Day 18) Creamy Chicken Potato Chowder-Great Frugal Fall Meal! - A Cultivated Nest. Texas Crockpot ChiliCooking with Melissa. Make a Salad Base that Last All Week - Heart of Wisdom Homeschool Blog. Copycat 7-11 Cherry Slurpee - Saving Dollars & Sense. Hannah's Gluten Free Bakery: Pretty Amazing gluten free English Muffins. Parmesan Butternut Squash Gratin. Gourmet Girl Cooks: Rich and Thick Parmesan Cauliflower Mash - Low Carb Alternative for Mashed Potatoes. LDSLiving - LDS Living Lemon Crinkle Cookie. How to Make Overnight Oats in a Jar + 28 Tasty Overnight Oats Recipes - Hurry The Food Up. Snickerdoodle Protein Overnight Oats. My Favourite Overnight Oats - Radiant Rachels. The Lazy Girl Fitness: Peanut Butter and Banana Overnight Oatmeal.

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