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For Lack of a Better Comic For Lack of a Better Comic Author's Comment Yes, it IS a new comic, and not just an optical illusion! I'm so sorry for my months-long absence; I've been doing a ton of work for CollegeHumor as well as working a day job, so I've been pretty much swamped for 2 months straight. Luckily, I was recently able to leave my job to pursue internet funny pictures full time, which means I have time to get back to my comic!
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Gutters Between Friends Moss — February 12th, 2012 It seems like these days the legal spats between creators and publishers, or creators themselves are taking up all the headlines on comic websites. Gary Friedrich is being counter-sued by Marvel after failing to win a share in the rights to Ghost Rider. The Kirby and Siegel families continue their pusuits and Archie Comics is doing battle in court against its very own CEO. Gutters
Manly Guys Doing Manly Things Howdy all! Corbin here with a few quick updates. First off, I’d really like to thank everybody that donates to the hosting fund. For those of you that don’t know, there’s a small link directly below our beloved artist’s donation button that donates directly into the account that hosts this comic. Manly Guys Doing Manly Things
Cooking Comically Cooking Comically Nov 13 It’s Electric. So, Boing Boing asked me to do a recipe for them. The only caveat is that it involve caffeine. Done and Done. Oct 13
Happle Tea Happle Tea Arguing with true believers of any particular creed, myth, or ideal requires monumental patience and mental fortitude. That, or impotent rage and a serious masochistic streak. You could always just slam your head repeatedly into a wall, it might be less painful in the end. I generally find it’s not even worth bothering with, these days. Either people converse with the understanding that the participants are willing to admit when they’re wrong and accept new information that might change their point of view, or you might as well just speak to inanimate objects. Personally, I prefer the latter.
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Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal - Home of Cyanide & Happiness Look who's coming back for Xmas! by Matt on 12.22.2013 It's Sad Larry! - Home of Cyanide & Happiness
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Rosscott, Inc. Rosscott, Inc. I just know I’m going to see this thing on the Internet without my name on it very very soon. Oh well. If you want a 11″ x 17″ poster of this, it’s a mere $10 plus shipping! You can buy it with the big yellow button on the side OR just click here.
The Night Of A Thousand Hours: Wayrest Chapel (In the adventure proper, there's a werewolf or two. In another of my awesome, helpful notes, there is a single two-word line that says Cur's Wort which is a plant Nature checks reveal to be considered protection against the creatures. But this dude is a bad-ass, and one of the ways you can tell is that he doesn't care.) "The church itself is lit within by a combination of torches, red candles, and glowing orbs of unknown manufacture. Lights… Penny Arcade Penny Arcade
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New VG Cats and new Super effective! Hey remember that game you guys help Kickstart a while back? Detective Grimoire! Well it's up for Greenlight on steam. So if you've got a sec a vote would be very appreciated. VG Cats VG Cats