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Idoloveredheads : Freaking love this! lol #nerd... Why Nikola Tesla was the greatest geek who ever lived. Harry Potter PSAs. America's Game of Thrones. Cow Shell Graphics. Vader vs Batman. J-Scott-Campbell. Spider-Man Came. Steampunk Batman Artwork. Rebooting the Justice League! Rebooting Batman! Rebooting DC's Villains! Gutters. Between Friends Moss — February 12th, 2012 It seems like these days the legal spats between creators and publishers, or creators themselves are taking up all the headlines on comic websites.


Gary Friedrich is being counter-sued by Marvel after failing to win a share in the rights to Ghost Rider. The Kirby and Siegel families continue their pusuits and Archie Comics is doing battle in court against its very own CEO. Seriously, at this rate there is bound to be a Law & Order spinoff show set entirely in the comics world. Come to think of it, I would watch that show… Any way, in the case presented here, we see Tony Moore and Robert Kirkman going head to head over alleged misdeeds when it comes to The Walking Dead. Hopefully they can resolve it (holding hands if at all possible) amicably and maybe their friendship can be spared. Today’s page was legally obtained from Paul Salvi: Paul Salvi is an attractive, successful artist. Take care, folks! -Moss. 6 Comic Book Easter Eggs That Stuck It to The Man.

All of us should have jobs where we can slip passive-aggressive "screw yous" to our enemies or our bosses right there in the work we produce.

6 Comic Book Easter Eggs That Stuck It to The Man

It must be very satisfying. Or at least you'd think so, considering how many of these "screw you" Easter eggs have been hidden in comics over the years. Marvel Writer Encodes an Insult to His Boss Al Milgrom was an artist, writer and editor who worked at Marvel for almost 25 years before he quit and started working freelance. At the time there wasn't a lot known about why he left, but later it became abundantly clear that one of the reasons was that Milgrom really, really hated his old boss, Bob Harras.

In 2000, Milgrom was hired as a freelance artist to work on Universe X Spidey #1, a comic with a title as bad as Milgrom's prank was awesome. Doesn't seem to be a whole lot going on other than the tripped-out girl in the background who is high as a kite, right? Milgrom was fired over it, and his contract was terminated. "Fuck nuts! "