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Nikon D500 & Snapbridge

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Nikon D500 | Reflex numérique au format DX | I AM CONCENTRATED PERFORMANCE. 6 Things You Can Do With SnapBridge & Your Nikon D500 | I AM NIKON Blog. There are many reasons why we’re excited to bring you the long-awaited Nikon D500. We could spend hours going over the exceptionally wide coverage provided by its next-generation 153-point AF system and another hour covering the new EXPEED 5 processing engine. However, one new feature we’re particularly happy about in the Nikon D500 is SnapBridge!

What is SnapBridge? Snapbridge is an always-on image transfer service that enables a constant connection between Nikon cameras and smart devices. Via Bluetooth® low energy (BLE) technology, SnapBridge enables the continuous and immediate transfer of images from the camera to a smart device as they are captured in real time, transforming photography into a social, connected experience. This is achieved automatically without the need to activate image transfer from the camera, while also keeping power consumption low for both devices. SnapBridge opens the door to a rich imaging experience. 1. ** Some earlier Nikon models will connect via WiFi. 2.