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Innovación y emprendimiento. El nuevo paradigma del S.XXI. Curso: EUROPA 2020: Regeneración urbana. Here's a list of 52 free online programming/CS courses (MOOCs) with feedback(i.e. exams/homeworks/assignments) that you can start this month (Feb 2014) : learnprogramming. Acerca de excel2010. Course: Social Media for Journalists (Feb. 3 - Mar. 9, 2014) Metadata Academy. Introducción para la Certificación PMP® - PMI - Curso. Gamification Design. About this course Why Gamification?

Gamification Design

Games have become the new normal. The gaming industry is already more powerful than other ways of entertainment like music or movies. An average young person will spend more than 10,000 hours gaming by the age of 21 - somewhat the time that it takes us to master any kind of skill- and yet, there's a huge engagement crisis in many other areas. 70% of US full-time employees are not motivated by what they are doing, kids spend way more time engaged with video games than they do with books, the average attention span in 2012 was less than 10 seconds and it's decreasing every year... It seems like only games are truly understanding how human motivation really works. Blackboard Learn. Unidad MOOC: MOOC disponibles. MOOC DISPONIBLES ( Febrero - Abril, 2014)1.

Unidad MOOC: MOOC disponibles

Easy Spanish. Introducción al análisis estadístico de datos con R - Curso. Panel de aprendizaje. Knight Center for Journalism in the Americas. Mapping Campaign Finance Data from Sunlight Academy. Getting started One of the interesting ways to deal with campaign finance information is to plot it on a map.

Mapping Campaign Finance Data from Sunlight Academy

It can be useful to see where donors to a particular party are located, for example. You can see if donors are concentrated in certain counties. Or, you can aggregate donation amounts and see where most of the money comes from. Sunlight Academy. Search and Social Media Marketing for International Business MOOC. This Search and Social Media Marketing for International Business pilot MOOC helps you to develop your individual as well as professional online profile, with a view to enhancing international trade prospects.

Search and Social Media Marketing for International Business MOOC

Individuals will benefit by having a better-informed digital online profile for career development. Businesses will learn how to develop a more robust online presence and engage with international audiences to enhance international trade prospects. The MOOC comprises of twelve videos which will contain theoretical background from academic staff, as well as industry insights from key professional speakers. Each video is accompanied by activities, which will help you to put your newfound knowledge into practice.

Sloan School of Management. UNED. Developing Innovative Ideas for New Companies: The First Step in Entrepreneurship. Technology Entrepreneurship Part 1. Data & Analytics aplicado al Marketing Digital » Clases. Lo sentimos, algó salió mal La solicitud con el servidor no se ha podido concretar.

Data & Analytics aplicado al Marketing Digital » Clases

Por favor, inténtalo nuevamente. 19Clases de video Certificado de completitud Acerca de este curso Este curso intenta brindar un marco teórico-práctico para abordar de forma integral una de las disciplinas con mayor crecimiento dentro del mundo del marketing: el procesamiento y la utilización de la información capturada mediante herramientas de trackeo en tiempo real con el objetivo de incrementar el retorno de la inversión publicitaria digital de cualquier índole.

Programa de estudio Requisitos El curso no requiere conocimientos previos aunque será más comprensible para aquellos que estén familiarizados con términos del área de Marketing Digital. Preguntas frecuentes El cursado es completamente en línea, sin exigencias de horario ni calendario. A Course in Machine Learning. 40 Ways To Learn Music Online For Free. When considering music education, most people don’t immediately think of studying online.

40 Ways To Learn Music Online For Free

Music is something that lends itself to being learned and experienced in person, but the fact is that excellent online music education is available as well. Many will be amazed by the amount of high quality resources that exist. Full courses, lessons, sheet music, and artistic exhibits are all available to study online for absolutely free, and we’ve found the best of them. Introduction to Data Science. Introduction to Data Science.

About the Course Commerce and research is being transformed by data-driven discovery and prediction. Skills required for data analytics at massive levels – scalable data management on and off the cloud, parallel algorithms, statistical modeling, and proficiency with a complex ecosystem of tools and platforms – span a variety of disciplines and are not easy to obtain through conventional curricula. Tour the basic techniques of data science, including both SQL and NoSQL solutions for massive data management (e.g., MapReduce and contemporaries), algorithms for data mining (e.g., clustering and association rule mining), and basic statistical modeling (e.g., linear and non-linear regression). Course Syllabus Recommended Background.

Curso MOOC: Introducción a la democracia participativa - Curso. Advance Your Education With Free College Courses Online. EMS Open Educational Resources. The "courseware modules" linked below represent substantial portions of the resources provided to students who register in participating Penn State classes.

EMS Open Educational Resources

These resources are available for reuse by teachers and learners worldwide who do not intend to apply for admission, register for classes, or pursue a certificate or degree at Penn State. The resources are freely available for non-commercial use under a Creative Commons license. Please see the License section for more information.

Please let us know what you think! GEOG 588: Planning GIS for Emergency Management. New to GEOG 588?

GEOG 588: Planning GIS for Emergency Management

Registered students - if this is your first visit to this course Web site, please take some time to become familiar with the assignments and course environment by going to the Orientation, located in the "Start Here" menu (see left). This Web site provides the primary instructional materials for the course. The Resources menu at left links to important supporting materials, while the Course Outline menu links to the course lessons. ANGEL, Penn State's course management system, is used to support the delivery of this course, as well, as it provides the primary communications, calendaring, and submission tools for the course. Not registered? Overview: GEOG 588 is an elective for Penn State's Master of GIS.This course introduces the potential of GIS to support all stages of emergency (crisis or disaster) management activities, the latest R&D advances that are helping to achieve this potential now, and some challenges for the future.

GEOG 583: Geospatial System Analysis and Design. Printer-friendly version Welcome to GEOG 583 - Geospatial System Analysis and Design New to GEOG 583?

GEOG 583: Geospatial System Analysis and Design

Registered students - if this is your first visit to this course Web site, please take some time to become familiar with the assignments and course environment by going to the Orientation, located in the "Start Here" menu (see left). Creativity, Innovation, and Change. This course empowers learners to develop their creative human potential to improve, enhance, and transform their businesses, communities, and personal lives.

Creativity, Innovation, and Change

Processes like Intelligent Fast Failure will teach you rapid prototyping skills, while the Adaption-Innovation creative style spectrum will help you understand how and why your ideas are unique - and how you can work better with others to solve complex problems. Personal reflection tools like CENTER add a character development dimension to the course that is an important first step towards unlocking your creative potential. Along the way, you will engage with a rich set of tools, exercises, and metrics in order to understand these concepts and how they impact the development of your creative life and career. Joining the team are Dr. Susan Russell, Associate Professor of Theater and Dr. Follow us on Twitter @PSUCIC Like our Facebook Page hereJoin our Google+ community hereConnect with the community on LinkedIn here. 10 Formas para aprender inglés online ~ Cursos Online Gratis. The OpenCourseWare Consortium - Courses. Energy University by Schneider Electric.

Energy University is a FREE, online, educational resource, offering more than 200 vendor-neutral courses on energy efficiency and data center topics to help you identify, implement, and monitor efficiency improvements within your organization. Entrenando la inteligencia emocional. ¿De qué nos sirve el dinero y el reconocimiento si no somos felices? ¿Cuánto tiempo puedo estar haciendo algo que no me gusta sin amargarme la vida? ¿Cómo puedo convivir con otros, en mi casa y en trabajos, si no me gusta como soy? QGIS basics for Journalists. QGIS basics for Journalists.