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Job application tips - Students. Iles britanniques : la richesse d'une nation (3/4) : La question impériale. Manager - Leatherhead. ROLE: Community Manager LOCATION: Leatherhead You will be working as part of an onsite team within Unilever.

Manager - Leatherhead

As the Community Manager you will be the bridge between the brand and their community. You are a courteous, positive and high-energy individual with great people skills. We value hard work, and we want to have fun doing it. Together with our client Unilever – the world's second biggest advertiser - we are on the hunt for a best in class Community Manager to manage a portfolio of top Food Solutions brands. You will be responsible for building, engaging and proactively managing a social community through all key channels including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn.

You will have access to the strategic and creative network of the wider agency, and will be the lynch pin pulling the right people together to produce great content for your channels, as well as adding your own creative flair and community management expertise. Lots of agencies say they're different. Manager - Online & Content - Manchester. Manchester based Fintech requires a superb Community Manager with marketing and content experience who is superb at driving engagement across many different channels and building a strong online community who are engaged and excited.

Manager - Online & Content - Manchester

You will ideally have a passion for Fintech, Banking and making real change in a boring market place - we want someone exciting with superb communication skills and impeccable English writing skills - multi-lingual is a bonus! Apply on the button and we look forward to hearing from you. Create a great video CV. A well-made video CV is an effective way to let your personality shine and impress recruiters While they're not suitable for every type of job, video CVs are increasing in popularity.

Create a great video CV

With employers typically inundated with applications for every advertised role, it's important to make your CV stand out. One way that career-savvy graduates are doing this is by submitting their CV in video format. Despite the common perception that video CVs are only applicable to certain vocations, they can get you noticed by recruiters in any sector. How to write a CV. First impressions count, especially when applying for jobs.

How to write a CV

Find out how to write a CV and discover useful tips to help make your CV stand out from the crowd What is a CV? A CV, which stands for curriculum vitae, is a document used when applying for jobs. It allows you to summarise your education, skills and experience enabling you to successfully sell your abilities to potential employers. In the USA and Canada CVs are known as résumés. Your go-to glossary of digital terminology - Media Frontier. October 25, 2017 Guest post - Laura Kerrigan - Head of Marketing at Learning with Experts We all wonder about digital terminology from time to time.

Your go-to glossary of digital terminology - Media Frontier

(What does that acronym stand for again?) So here is a very comprehensive list of digital terms at your disposal. If you’ve been meaning to look up a specific word just keyword search, and voilà. This glossary was authored and compiled by Laura Kerrigan, originally posted on LinkedIn. Accessibility Accessibility is the process of making web content accessible to people with disabilities such as those who are visually impaired, hearing-impaired, colour blind people, or anyone else who cannot for whatever reason, use a computer in a conventional manner. Stands for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML. Anchor Text Anchor text usually gives the user relevant descriptive or contextual information about the content of the link’s destination. API (Application Programming Interface) Android App Algorithm. Manager - Oxford. We are looking for an experienced Community Manager to join the Oxford Foundry team.

Manager - Oxford

Reporting to the Head of Outreach and Development, this role is responsible for growing the Oxford Foundry’s brand and will lead the development of multiple communities to support University of Oxford students and alumni to start, sustain and grow ventures. The mission of the Oxford Foundry is to foster a community and network for the entire University of Oxford that inspires and develops students’ entrepreneurial mind and skill sets and empowers new venture creation for commercial and social impact.

In this role, you will build and manage multiple communities (online and offline) across different programmes. You will broker introductions between our community of students, alumni, and network of experts and investors, and will build meaningful engagement with other entrepreneurship chapters globally. Please see the attached job description for further details on the role. Toronto garde confiance en Google pour concevoir un écoquartier futuriste.

Article réservé aux abonnés Au prix d’une sérieuse révision à la baisse de ses prétentions, Google reste dans le jeu à Toronto.

Toronto garde confiance en Google pour concevoir un écoquartier futuriste

La métropole canadienne a décidé, jeudi 31 octobre, de ne pas rompre ses tumultueuses fiançailles avec le Goliath du numérique, destinées à accoucher du premier écoquartier futuriste conçu par un des géants du Web. Ce projet spectaculaire, annoncé en grande pompe en octobre 2017, était apparu de plus en plus fragile ces derniers mois, à mesure que se renforçaient à la fois l’opposition de nombreux habitants et l’appétit de Sidewalk Labs, société-soeur de Google. « Sidewalk Labs a écouté nos préoccupations et celles du public, et a confirmé qu’il apporterait des modifications significatives à sa proposition », a indiqué le président de Waterfront Toronto, Stephen Diamond, jeudi. Business English vocabulary, useful phrases and terms with exercises. Tiger Woods: "I'm Deeply Sorry"

Toyota CEO Apologizes for Recall, Accidents. Volkswagen CEO Apologizes For Emissions Scandal. 10+ People Who Lost Their Jobs Because Of Social Media Posts.

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Cover Letter Examples - Jobscan. Getting Started with Cover Letter Examples Cover letters should be different for every job seeker.

Cover Letter Examples - Jobscan

They allow an opportunity for your personality to come through and elaborate on your unique qualifications related to the job description. Keep that in mind while taking inspiration from the cover letter examples below. Also note that the name “cover letter” is misleading. Rarely will a cover letter be read as an introduction to your resume. Your cover letter could push you over the top, but your resume will get you in the door. Jobscan helps automate this process with its intelligent resume match report. If a cover letter is requested in the job description, don’t apply without one.