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FP: make a speech To convince pp to join in the cause that you are promoting.

HelloGiggles. Diadji - Shelter City. After he became a public figure he could no longer hide his sexual orientation.

Diadji - Shelter City

This made Diadji one of the few openly gay leaders in Senegal. Diadji continues conduct his work under in an environment where there is a strong social stigma against homosexuality. The trainings that Djiadi followed during his stay in The Hague enabled him to conduct his work in safer and more efficient way. Homosexuality in Senegal is a topic that is not only taboo, but generates strong and sometimes violent reactions. At the source of this intolerance is the repression and criminalization in law of sexual relations between consenting partners of the same sex. Homosexuels sénégalais: les activistes gays, funambules des temps modernes.

Mardi 22 mars 2016 à 11h33 Catégories : MONDE, Revue de presse Au Sénégal, la communauté LGBT (lesbienne, gay, bi et transsexuel) se constitue à mesure que son combat et sa raison d’être s’éclaircissent.

Homosexuels sénégalais: les activistes gays, funambules des temps modernes

Aujourd’hui, elle est constituée de 12 associations. Les quelques figures militantes, funambules des temps modernes, portent le combat pour la reconnaissance et l’application de leurs droits. La plus grande discordance est celle de la visibilité et de facto la reconnaissance publique de l’orientation sexuelle. En tout état de cause, les figures du militantisme s’accordent sur ceci : “La place se prend, elle ne se reçoit pas”. Etant donné que le changement des mentalités “ne se fera pas en un jour”, les militants veulent continuer à croire que “ce que l’on fait aujourd’hui, d’autres en bénéficieront demain”. Bien d’autres "Greta Thunberg" dans le monde. Un peu partout sur la planète, la jeune activiste suédoise Greta Thunberg a fait des émules.

Bien d’autres "Greta Thunberg" dans le monde

Portraits de ces militants mobilisés sur les cinq continents. Que Greta Thunberg se console, son action n’est pas vaine. L’activiste suédoise qui a versé des larmes de colère lors d'un virulent plaidoyer, lundi 23 septembre, à la tribune de l’ONU, peut tout de même se réjouir de voir que son exemple a inspiré de nombreux autres enfants dans le monde. Greta Thunberg a en effet fait naître des vocations en Ouganda, en Thaïlande, aux États-Unis, en Suisse et en Pologne. Présentation. >> À lire : Greta Thunberg à l'ONU : "Vous avez volé mes rêves et mon enfance ! " Leah Namugerwa, en Ouganda. Environmentalists target Starbucks cups in SoDo action. Traffic through SoDo had a view Thursday morning.

Environmentalists target Starbucks cups in SoDo action

Cars slowed down to check out the massive 11 by 85-foot wall of cups floating in front of the Starbucks headquarters. About a dozen protesters from environmental group hung 8,181 disposable paper cups along First Avenue to demand that the coffee giant use more easily recyclable cups. That number is no random figure either — according to Sierra Klingele, the Seattle organizer for, that’s the number of disposable cups thrown away every minute globally. In 2008 Starbucks said that by 2015 it would use only 100 percent recyclable cups. According to Stand, most recyclers won’t take the cups Starbucks uses because of the plastic coating. The Better Cup campaign is asking Starbucks to recommit to 100 percent cups that are recyclable with existing recycling technology and standard paper.

In the meantime, more than 10 million cups are going to waste each day, and that is some grim news for Mother Nature. Charitable Giving in a Mobile Age ; Movember. 25 ways to be politically active (whether you lean left or right) 1.

25 ways to be politically active (whether you lean left or right)

Know who your local legislators and politicians are 2. Know how to get in touch with them (and actually make them listen.) Here's a great Twitter thread from a former Congressional staffer about how to actually get politicians to listen (your phone is your best ally). ACTIVISM organisation séquence.


Wwf. Pink saris. Civic engagement brainstorming. 2202. Une suite qui dérange. Facebook is playing an increasingly important role in activism - Feb. 17, 2017. According to a study from researchers at the University of Maryland, almost 70% of people who attended the D.C. march heard about it on Facebook (FB, Tech30).

Facebook is playing an increasingly important role in activism - Feb. 17, 2017

Meanwhile, 61% from friends and family. "The take-home message here is clearly that Facebook matters more than friends and family to mobilization," Dr. Dana R. Fisher, sociology professor and leader of the study told CNNTech. "Which is surprising and a really big deal. " Just 13% heard out about the march through Twitter (TWTR, Tech30). An estimated 500,000 people attended the Women's March in Washington, and almost 3 million people participated in marches in cities across the U.S. on January 21. Researchers interviewed 528 people who attended the march in Washington, and found that, in addition to Facebook driving attendance, 33% of attendees were first-time protesters. Related: How online resources are fueling the Trump resistance Fisher has studied protests since 2000, and says Facebook is playing an increasingly important role.

Higher Bitesize History - Women's suffrage movement : Revision. What is ACTIVISM? What does ACTIVISM mean? ACTIVISM meaning, definition & explanation.

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