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Google Ads Salesforce Integration - Google Ads is used to bring in new customers for businesses & Salesforce’s Sales Cloud is used to track when new leads turn into paying customers.

Google Ads Salesforce Integration -

But ever wondered how we can connect these two to combine the power and gain maximum benefits? This article explains just that! By integrating Salesforce and Google Ads, we can import our conversions from Salesforce's Sales Cloud into Google Ads which in turn helps with measuring how our online Google Ads investments are generating offline revenue.

This metric can then be used to drive the right kind of traffic for our business. Prerequisites for the Integration Be able to sign in to a Salesforce Sales Cloud account, using a login with System Administrator permissions. Auto Tagging Auto-tagging is a required feature, which when used with Google Ads conversion tracking, allows you to see how effectively your ad clicks lead to valuable customer activity, such as website purchases, phone calls, app downloads, and more. Salesforce Essentials User Creation - Salesforce Essentials is the newest venture of Salesforce for small businesses.

Salesforce Essentials User Creation -

It is the starter edition for Sales cloud and Service cloud (basically giving access to the most basic and important features at a very low cost) and supports upto 10 users at a time. It comes with an access to Trailhead, that guides users through the quick setup process of the Essentials. Automation Of Clients Follow Up Using Flows - All businesses need to stay in touch with their clients and prospects to keep growing their pipeline.

Automation Of Clients Follow Up Using Flows -

It is critical for businesses to maintain regular contact with the prospective clients. This article discusses a possible approach for implementing such a requirement. Client Requirement: How To View Enhanced Notes Of Child objects On Parent Account In Lightning - One of the benefits of moving your company to Lightning Experience is how much more efficient it is to do everyday tasks.

How To View Enhanced Notes Of Child objects On Parent Account In Lightning -

Your users already rely on notes to stay organized. With enhanced Notes in Lightning Experience, everyone can create notes better and faster, from anywhere, hence better productivity! All notes added to contacts and opportunities using old note-taking tools roll up under the associated account in classic but this is not the case with lightning experience Enhanced Notes. Our free application on AppExchange Astrea Lightning Linking Notes comes to the rescue here! Salesforce Einstein Automate - Salesforce has announced a new automation Solution, Einstein Automate at Dreamforce this year.

Salesforce Einstein Automate -

Salesforce Einstein automates workflows which helps in increasing the productivity of the businesses. It entitles users to integrate large volumes of data from different systems, without any code. Businesses today are transforming their customer experiences. They are trying to leverage customers with digital customer experience. This transformation has led to the need of automated platform technology which can enhance the productivity of the employees. Flow Orchestra. A Time Entry System For Salesforce - A time entry system for Salesforce Worklog app is a Lightning Web Component that is used to track the time spent on projects or tasks.

A Time Entry System For Salesforce -

It is a native Salesforce app. The app allows users to input the number of hours he or she spends on tasks every day. Salesforce Dynamic Forms - Salesforce has introduced the new feature Dynamic Forms(Non-GA Preview) in the Summer '20 release.

Salesforce Dynamic Forms -

It is basically an upgrade from page layouts. You can place a field in any section that you want & provide the ability to configure record detail page fields and sections inside Lightning App Builder. Now we can customize sections and fields of the record page as per the business needs. We can migrate the fields and sections from page layout as individual components into the Lightning App Builder and then, we can configure them just like the rest of the components on the page. However, we can build pages from scratch. Benefits. How To Use Rollup Helper In Salesforce? Overview Rollup Helper is a very popular app on AppExchange.

How To Use Rollup Helper In Salesforce?

Rollup Helper is used to get real time data on fingertips. Using this we can Roll up Salesforce data - Count, Max, Min, Average, Percent from child object to a parent object. The count, max and other similar operations on parent objects are only available for Master Detail relationships. Rollup Helper allows these features in a Lookup Relationship. Generate Excel Documents From List Views In Salesforce Communities. Requirements Client’s business runs on the Salesforce Community cloud.

Generate Excel Documents From List Views In Salesforce Communities

To manage documents by various community users and internal organization users, managing data of Salesforce records is a big challenge. We came up with a solution to build a lightning component to export documents from listviews and suggested salesforce integration for easy access and downloading excel files for back office users. Note : List2Excel is integrated with Salesforce api so this works under Salesforce limitations. Salesforce Site Usage And Limits.

If you ever tried Creating a recruiting website or Publishing a catalogue of products to a public site.

Salesforce Site Usage And Limits

You are aware of the process where you were supposed to do loads and loads of work from setting up a Web Server to programming your pages for data validation. How To Export Metadata Using Workbench. Overview Workbench is a powerful tool that helps administrators and developers to interact with organizations via APIs. Workbench supports Bulk, Rest Streaming, Metadata, that allows users to describe, query, manipulate, and migrate both data and metadata in organizations directly in their web browser with a simple and intuitive user interface. package.xml manifest file illustrates how to work with the standard object.

Retrieving or deploying a standard object includes all of the custom and standard fields except the standard fields that cannot be customized. Use Salesforce Data Mask To Secure Sandbox Data. Salesforce Data Mask is a powerful tool for data security, which is widely used by the Salesforce developer and admins lately. Instead of manually securing data and access control to the data for sandbox orgs, admins & developers can use Data Mask to mask the data automatically in a Sandbox. Data Mask allows admins and developers to mask the most sensitive data in sandboxes such as Personally Identifiable Information (PII) or sales revenue etc. Data Mask uses platform-native obfuscation technology to mask the most sensitive data in any full or partial sandboxes.

The masking process allows you to mask some or all sensitive data with different levels of masking, depending on the sensitivity & criticality of the data. Once your Sandbox data is masked, it is impossible to unmask it. Levels of Masking Make Your Data Random: Replacing sensitive, readable sandbox data with some random characters. How To Assign Task To A Queue In Salesforce. In the Organization, to effectively share workload, sales and service representatives are added in queues in Salesforce.

But, Salesforce did not provide the feature to assign tasks to queues before Spring ‘20 release. Einstein Lead Scoring Salesforce. Lead scoring is a methodology in marketing and sales in which a value is assigned to leads based on various scoring factors. This value is often numerical in nature and it helps the sales team to prioritize the leads, increase lead conversion, improves the productivity and increases the Return on Investment (ROI). Earlier, leads were scored manually which was a time consuming and a research intensive activity. This led to automation of lead scoring. We discuss one such tool in this article which uses predictive lead scoring to score leads - Einstein Lead Scoring.

Einstein Lead Scoring is a feature of Sales Cloud Einstein. The higher the score, The better chance of converting leads into potential opportunities. How To Create Interactive Email Template In Salesforce. What is an Email Template? Email template is basically a structure of an email. Once you create an email template then you can reuse this template replacing it with your own content. How Chatrules Work In Salesforce. Chatrules is a Lightning ready Salesforce Application, which can help Organisations to follow and unfollow the records on the basis of created rules. How To Access Amanda In Salesforce. Amanda is an offering by Astrea that analyses the fields referenced anywhere in your Salesforce instance.

It gives you the ability to search your fields in Apex classes, Triggers, Visualforce Pages, Validation Rules, Workflow Rules, Email Templates, Formula fields, Approval Processes, Page Layouts, Process Builders and Flows. Why Are Pardot Forms Effective? Pardot Pardot is a marketing automation solution that helps companies create meaningful connections, generate more pipeline, and empower sales to close more deals. Pardot can automate your marketing activities and unite your marketing and sales departments so that they can work better together. Analyze Your Lightning Page Performance. Einstein Optical Character Recognition. Einstein Vision brings the power to use AI and deep learning models in Salesforce for detection as well as classification. It includes these APIs - Einstein Image Classification, Einstein Object Detection and Einstein OCR (Optical Character Recognition).

Einstein OCR provides OCR (optical character recognition) models that are able to detect characters as well as numbers in an image. An extension Of Salesforce Chatter. ChatNow is a Salesforce Application offered by Astrea IT Services which embeds the functionality of Salesforce chatter with other additional features such as private chat and much more. Chatter in Lightning does not have the functionality to have one on one conversation between users or clients, Sure one can email a coworker, but the option to just send a private message to an individual would make it easier, eliminating the need to switch applications. ChatNow is a one stop destination for your clients and colleagues, to collaborate with one another efficiently. It offers the functionality to have private messages between users.

Salesforce Einstein Automate. Salesforce Integration With BMC Remedy System. The BMC Remedy ITSM (IT Service Management Suite) is provided with a number of OOB (Out of the Box) web services that can be used to create, query and modify requests. The most common integration is with the Incident Module. Salesforce Integration With BMC Remedy System. How To Choose The Salesforce Partners. How to Choose the Salesforce Partners? How To Choose The Salesforce Partners? E2Excel Native Salesforce Application. E2Excel is a native Salesforce app. We have written Apex code to export the data from List view. We do not pull the data out of your Salesforce instance. All data remains in your Salesforce instance. E2Excel supports Account, Contact, Lead, Opportunity and any custom objects. In the Application, the Export To Excel button is only present for Account , Contact, Lead And Opportunity .

You can get the product from Salesforce AppExchange. In this Application, the button is used for both standard and custom objects. Integrate Freshdesk With Salesforce. Salesforce Lightning Extensions. If you like the Lightning experience and are enthusiastic in trying new tech stuff then this is a place to try your hands on. Salesforce with its always increasing portfolio have also entered into the Google Chrome Extension Arena with new features or utilities and more on the way to make their customers experience something new as an extension to their current Lightning organization. Google chrome extensions have always helped users in many ways but if you or your team works on Salesforce and that too on Lightning then you have a fair chance to like what is coming now. Education Cloud Salesforce For Higher Ed. Salesforce Lightning Migrations Phase. Add Embedded Flow In Lightning Community.

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Analyze Your Lightning Page Performance. Why Are Pardot Forms Effective? Salesforce Site Usage And Limits. How To Create Salesforce Surveys? Looking For Salesforce Consulting Partners - Looking For Salesforce Partners - Offshore Consulting Partners. How To Access Amanda In Salesforce. How Chatrules Work In Salesforce. How To Create Interactive Email Template In Salesforce. Einstein Lead Scoring Salesforce. How To Assign Task To A Queue In Salesforce. Use Salesforce Data Mask To Secure Sandbox Data. How To Export Metadata Using Workbench. Generate Excel Documents From List Views In Salesforce Communities. How To Use Rollup Helper In Salesforce? Generate Quote PDF And Email In Salesforce1 Mobile.

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