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Activity Attachment Notifier App On Salesforce AppExchange. Busivents App On Salesforce AppExchange. Vendor Relationship Management App On Salesforce AppExchange. AppExchange Components. Astrea IT services pvt. ltd. Astrea IT services pvt. ltd. Astreas Testimonials. Astrea's Clients. Training for Certification And Advance Salesforce At Astrea. Salesforce Remote Development Partner (Gurus In Lightning, Apex Visualforce) Astrea provides it's customers/partners Salesforce consulting and implementation services, with the experience of supporting various industries and deep knowledge of Salesforce customization. Astrea IT Services is considered as the preferred Salesforce Development Partner and also a goto partner for many complex custom solutions.

We have been working on all the Salesforce products and continuously evolving our self with new Salesforce Development services. Our Salesforce expertise includes- Sales cloud, Service cloud, App development, Salesforce communities, Salesforce integrations, Salesforce lightning, Data migration, Nonprofits success pack,, Pardot, Financial force, Google chrome extensions, and Einstein Analytics. Sales Cloud Astrea is skilled in the Sales Cloud implementation to help clients impelement their sales productivity and conversion rates.

Service cloud Community. Single View implementation Of Klipfolio Dashboard For Desktop And Mobile. Integration Of Klipfolio With MindBodyOnline API. PostgreSQL Healthcare Klipfolio Dashboard. Integration Of Klipfolio Dashboard With AWeber. Facebook Statistics Dashboards Using Klipfolio Tool Using Klipfolio. Google Adwords KPI’s And Metrics Using Klipfolio. Klipfolio Gallery. Google Analytics Dashboards. Klipfolio Certified Partners. What is Klipfolio ? Klipfolio offers a scalable solution that makes sophisticated BI accessible to any organization without a large investment in training or services, enabling both technical and non-technical users to make better decisions for their organizations. For the organizations that need to provide embeddable, interactive data analytics, dashboards, and reporting to their employees or customers, Klipfolio delivers Business Intelligence easier, faster and less expensively than ever before.

What expertise we have ? We are one of the few Klipfolio certified partners who plan, deploy and manage Klipfolio dashboards. We have a strong experienced team and have successfully implemented over 300 Klipfolio projects. Below are the links to some of the work that we have done so far: Client Testimonial I was very pleased with the Astrea technical team’s expertise in creating effective dashboards for our college. Peter Freer – Digital Marketing Specialist | Seneca College.

LogiAnalytics Offshore Development. Salesforce, Klipfolio, Logi, Zoho offshore development Services. Geckoboard Salesforce Integration. Integrate Kayako to Salesforce 2-way. List View Connector App Features. List View Connector is an app that can be used in Quip to display Salesforce like List View based on maximum 2 filter criteria. Fields to be displayed on List View is selected by user for some selected standard objects i.e., Account, Contact, Lead, User, Opportunity and Case.

Astrea IT services pvt. ltd. Asana for Quip is an app that integrates Asana and Quip. This app is used in Quip to display all the Project tasks present in Asana in a well documented format. This makes the tasks easy to understand and properly ordered. Custom Object Connector App For Quip. It is now possible to see your Salesforce custom object data in Quip.

Custom Object connector is an app that can be used to import any record of a Salesforce custom object of a Salesforce org in Quip. User can edit or delete the records of the objects through the app. The custom object connector app shows the records according to the user requirement. Knowledge Article Live Quip App. Knowledge Article is a live Quip app. This app is used to display information about the Salesforce Knowledge articles object. It shows the article attributes like rating, number of views on the article, score, date of creation, last updated date etc. Video Viewer For Quip. Video Viewer is a Quip app. This app can be used by the user to watch videos on Quip docs. The app requires only the URL of the video which is to be viewed. In order to use the app, user will have to download the video viewer live app from Salesforce Appexchange.

This app is useful as it reduces the amount of time spend while switching between screens. The video will be visible on the app and user no longer has to navigate between screens for watching the video. Key features of the app User no longer need to login and logout for watching the video The app works for Youtube, Dailymotion and Vimeo The app is free for all the users Once the URL of the video is embedded, there is no hassle of uploading the video next time How the app works? Type “Video Viewer” to insert the app in Quip doc After inserting the app, a dialog box will appear.

Astrea IT services pvt. ltd. Quote Manager Live App. Salesforce For Nonprofits Services. Salesforce NPSP & Nonprofits Cloud are developed with a focus on providing Nonprofits with a platform for success and acceleration in their operations. Salesforce for Nonprofits can be understood by the effort that Salesforce puts in for helping Nonprofits with its solutions and support. Salesforce NPSP provides the functionality to really become a connected organization and Nonprofits can reap the maximum by implementing it and to add more value to the Salesforce Nonprofits Cloud is also introduced.

Salesforce Nonprofit application NPSP is a set of managed packages which sits on top of a typical Salesforce instance. Designed specifically for Nonprofits with terminology reminiscent of Nonprofit business, it allows Nonprofits to manage their various business operations like Fundraising, Events, Donation and more at an optimum level. Google Calendar Salesforce Integration. Client The client is a Canada based design and architecture company which provides building designs, floor plans, house plans and construction drawings. The client specializes in designing renovations and new builds.

ServiceNow QuickConnect - A ServiceNow Salesforce Integration App. ServiceNow is a popular on-demand, cloud-based IT service management platform. It facilitates in managing Help Desk, Service Management processes, IT Operation Management, Security Operations, etc. ServiceNow provides REST API to connect the ServiceNow instance with other external systems. Why ServiceNow and Salesforce Integration is Important? In today's digital world, you need a way to connect multiple systems in a quick, easy, and cost-effective way. Integration provides a way to sync multiple systems and is highly important for many organizations for a good reason.

Astrea IT Services has built an Application - ServiceNow QuickConnect. Stripe API Integration With Salesforce. We are working on a Loyalty Program to provide it as a SaaS. To provide it as a SaaS one of the challenges in front of us was the automation of payment from Customers. In order to facilitate quick, easy and effective payment system we decided to do Stripe Salesforce Integration. Stripe is a US technology company, operating in over 25 countries, that allows both private individuals and businesses to accept payments over the Internet. Stripe focuses on providing the technical, fraud prevention, and banking infrastructure required to operate on-line payment systems. WebMerge Salesforce Integration. FreshBooks Integration With Salesforce. Talend Tool For integrating Salesforce. LiquidPlanner Salesforce Integration. Salesforce App Development And Their Benefits. Why Salesforce APP Integration. Salesforce Consulting And Their Benefits. Consulting is the business of providing expert advice to a specific group of people.

It is becoming an increasingly broader industry incorporating roles such as management consultants, recruitment consultants and business advisors, to name just a few. It’s generally used to refer to management or strategy consulting, the practice of helping companies increase their efficiency and profits by addressing the major operational or strategic challenges they’re facing What is Salesforce Consulting? Salesforce consulting service helps businesses find opportunities for automation, devise a maintainable, scalable plan that contributes to long-term success. Salesforce consulting companies help with incorporating new implementations and can also assist in engaging in a completely new world of opportunities: Business process mapping Blueprinting SFDC products implementation strategy Salesforce consulting care of the services like:

Salesforce Quickbooks Online Integration. Overview Quickbooks product focuses mainly towards small and medium-sized business and offer on-premises accounting applications as well as cloud based versions that accept business payments, manages pay bills, and perform payroll functions. Mobile App Development For Salesforce. Mobile app for Salesforce allows all our Sales/Service/Marketing agents to have access to Salesforce data both online and offline. Salesforce has its own mobile application app which is quite powerful. Shopify Salesforce Integration. Client Client is a UK based design and production service company. They are known for creating fonts with a distinctively human character. They provide a strong library of fonts and also provide a service centred around good design. Challenges. Eventbrite Salesforce Integration. Raisers Edge Salesforce Integration. Luminate Salesforce Integration. Salesforce Integration With BMC Remedy System. The BMC Remedy ITSM (IT Service Management Suite) is provided with a number of OOB (Out of the Box) web services that can be used to create, query and modify requests.

The most common integration is with the Incident Module. Commonly, integrations to these web services are from third party applications that can consume these web services and perform actions such as to create, query and modify requests. Offshore Consulting Partners. Salesforce Opportunity Dashboard On Einstein's Analytics. Salesforce App Integration. Custom Password Change Page For Community Users. Artificial Intelligence And Salesforce Cloud Einstein. Best Meteor And Salesforce App Integration Platform.

Google Analytics Dashboard On Einstein Analytics In Salesforce. Lightning Data Service In Salesforce. Lead Assignment Through Salesforce Einstein. Automatic Email Classification Using Salesforce Einstein. Salesforce Introduces Service Cloud Einstein. Introduction To Einstein Discovery In Salesforce. New URL Change In Lightning In Summer ’18 Release For Salesforce App. Salesforce Einstein Analytics. Facebook Dashboard On Salesforce Einstein Analytics. Salesforce Einstein’s Analytics. Review Of Klipfolio Changelog 2018. Real Time ServiceNow Salesforce Sync. Lightning Experience Configuration Converter. Appending And Merging Datasets In Einstein Analytics. Embedding The Analytics Dashboard On Lightning Experience And Visualforce Pages.

Case Study. Custom Console Using Visualforce And Apex In Salesforce. Integration Of Klipfolio Dashboard With AWeber. Customization Of Service Cloud Salesforce Community. Facebook Statistics Dashboards Using Klipfolio Tool Using Klipfolio. Generating Documentation For Your Salesforce Instance. Klipfolio Gallery. Integration Of Klipfolio Dashboard With Hubspot API.

PostgreSQL Healthcare Klipfolio Dashboard. Membership Management For A Non Profit. Keynotes At Dreamforce 2016. Astrea Diwali Celebration 2016. Handling Custom Javascript Buttons In Lightning. New Features In Klipfolio 2016. Lightning Experience And Design System. Reports And Dashboards In Lightning Experience. Changes In Notes And Attachments In Spring ’17. Freshbooks EasyConnect For Salesforce. All Lightning Components of Astrea In Salesforce. Remember Your Tasks Easily With My Activities Salesforce App. Resources For Salesforce Certification. WebMerge Salesforce Integration - astreait’s blog. Astrea IT Services is the Certified WebMerge Consultant and also has been successful in integrating the WebMerge with Salesforce.

WebMerge Salesforce Integration - astreait’s blog

We also implemented some of the custom business workflows. WebMerge is one of the comprehensive online document generation platform which is just created to help the users to streamline various paperwork processes. With the single click of the button, the user can easily generate the documents without having to manually type or to copy the data. It also provides you the flexible document types, dynamic content and also the delivery options which is also fit to your business needs. WebMerge can easily be used for automating the documentation part as well as in generating the invoice, sending the documents to the client, contract, agreement, etc. Many people who are using Salesforce technology are enjoying the benefit of keeping their data organized and also streamlined their day to day operations.

Eventbrite Salesforce Integration And Its Features - The Write Skills. Eventbrite is the web-based application which provides the features like generating and updating Events, Ticket classes and the discounts, create and renew your Venues.

Eventbrite Salesforce Integration And Its Features - The Write Skills

Untitled — Stripe Salesforce Integration And Its Benefits. ServiceNow Salesforce Integration And ServiceNow QuickConnect App. Untitled — Google Calendar Salesforce Integration. Salesforce For Nonprofits. Mobile App Development For Salesforce. Geckoboard Salesforce Integration And Its Benefits. With the Geckoboard Salesforce reports are get converted into the beautiful visualizations which is very much simple to understand and also to analyze.

Geckoboard Salesforce Integration And Its Benefits

These visualizations are just get updated automatically and by this the user does not require to refresh the data manually for the real time updates. Geckoboard can be used to build the clear and the effective data dashboards for users business that keeps every team informed, motivated and aligned around the KPIs. Forgetting the data from Salesforce to Geckoboard the custom widgets needs to be created. There are the simple two ways to get the data into custom widgets. The data is either get exposed through HTTP or it is just pushed through an API. Advantages Of The Integration With the Geckoboard Salesforce Integration, the user can easily visualize their Salesforce reports by just creating the reports in the Salesforce and by later building the visualizations of those reports in a Geckoboard.

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