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Sending Email from Flash using PHP. How to add a feedback form in your flash applications 1.

Sending Email from Flash using PHP

Introduction. 10 Killer Flash Tips For Beginners. This article will come in handy for those of you who are interested in Flash, or perhaps have a basic idea and would like to learn more about Adobe Flash. Before we get started:The list below provides you valuable and useful short tips including sample FLA source files to help you understand better and apply faster in your Flash projects.

You need to have Adobe Flash CS3 or CS4 Professional software installed in your computer to open the source files. More Flash websites related articles we’ve previously published: Flashgamer. Ultrashock Forum. School of Flash. One of the many things that have changed in ActionScript 3 has been the way that Flash handles depths, or the stacking order of objects on the stage.

School of Flash

In ActionScript 2, there was a practically unlimited number of depths into which you could place an object. These depths determine what objects appear in front of other objects. An object with a depth of 100, for example, would cover up an object with a depth of 50. But in ActionScript 2, these depths didn't have to be consecutive.

9 Drawing with AS3. Flash Frame-By-Frame Animation: 8-Frame Basic Walk Cycle. The walk cycle is one of the most important learning concepts in animation--and also one of the most technically difficult, because it requires so much attention to the movement of opposing limbs.

Flash Frame-By-Frame Animation: 8-Frame Basic Walk Cycle

However difficult, though, if you can learn to master a walk cycle then you can animate just about anything. There are many types of walk cycles, and you can vary the motion to match your character or his/her mood; you can do bouncy walks, shuffling walks, casual slouches. But the first and simplest is the standard upright walk, viewed from the side--and that's what we're going to attack in simplified form today. You can cover the cycle of a full stride in 8 frames, as demonstrated by the above walk cycle--the Preston Blair walk cycle, one of the most common reference images in cartoon animation.


Tutorial-Flash. By Jeff Fulton (@8bitrocket on twitter) Coding By Google - AS3 to PHP with Simple MYSQL DB Query and Data Return Tutorial (Free Code) Here at Producto Studios, I use Google to look up code all day long.


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