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Team Imhoff: {Office Clip + Phone Charger} Hope everyone is having a great Monday.

Team Imhoff: {Office Clip + Phone Charger}

It's a little slow here ... I am trying to get everything back in working order after being gone all weekend. Here's to the start of SUMMER for me anyways :) This is just a little something that I have found useful. My husband calls it brilliant :) This is attached to my nightstand, so now I don't have to reach down and grab it every night.


Kids. 10 Surprising Brain Builders for Preschoolers. Ava is having a great time with her electronic animal sounds game.

10 Surprising Brain Builders for Preschoolers

When the computerized voice hee-haws, the two-year-old cries out, “dun-kee!” And presses the donkey picture on the touch pad. This gizmo also has games for identifying colours, number and shapes. Ava now knows two dozen animals and 30 colours, including obscure ones like magenta. Three-year-old Tyler and his dad are “camping” in the spare bedroom. Which of these activities does the most to help a child get ready to learn at school? There’s nothing wrong with Ava learning the names of animals and colours, but Tyler’s imaginary camping game is actually doing more to prepare him to be a good learner. Huh? When we think about brain power, we tend to think about intelligence and knowledge. The make believe camping game gives Tyler a chance to exercise most of these skills — more later about exactly how.

Sounds like a stretch? Diamond has been studying aspects of preschool executive function for many years. One word of caution. Home - Richard Louv. The Great Parenting Show. Amy McCready — Author of "If I Have to Tell You One More Time" Allowance, Age by Age. My Family. Sweet Potato Chronicles - THE NEVER ENDING STORY OF THE WELL-FED FAMILY… A Quick Bite With Sophie Dahl Way before Sophie Dahl was run­way famous, I used to some­times find her drink­ing tea at the kitchen table of my friend Cass' Not­ting Hill home.


I was intim­i­dated by that insou­ciant cool that some girls just have. Plus, she was the wide-eyed Sophie from theBFG – the beloved book of all our childhoods. Fast for­ward to her mod­el­ling days, and overnight, she became a sen­sa­tion. From Richard Ave­don to Tim Walker to Steven Meisel, she was pho­tographed by all the greats and landed on the cover of Vogue six-times. In 2003 Sophie launched her writ­ing career with a beau­ti­fully illus­trated novella, The Man with the Danc­ing Eyes. Read more Netflix & SPC: Get Crafty for Earth Month with our easy diorama Walk­ing home from school the other day with Julian, I stopped sud­denly when he gasped. Because Laura and I work with Net­flix, we got a sneak peak at the titles they’ll be fea­tur­ing for Earth Month. Pasta Week: One-Skillet Tomato Basil Chicken Pasta. Feisty Frugal & Fabulous. East Coast Mommy.

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