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Október 2016

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The Most Useful Email Addresses. 07 Jul 2014 Most popular websites offer an email interface allowing you to post content on to that site from basic mobile phones that don’t have apps or even a web browser. couch mode print story If you have a basic mobile phone that doesn’t include any apps or even a web browser, you can still upload and publish content on to your favorite websites using just the email program on your phone.

The Most Useful Email Addresses

You can write tweets, upload files to Dropbox, convert documents, post videos, get dictionary meanings of words, search Google and more, all with the help of a simple email message. Here’re some useful email addresses that you should save in your phone’s address book. Framtíðin er í þínum höndum. Election Update: The Polls Disagree, And That’s OK. Want these election updates emailed to you right when they’re published?

Election Update: The Polls Disagree, And That’s OK

Sign up here. Pretty much everyone has an incentive to push the narrative that the presidential race is tightening. The television networks would like for you to keep tuning in to their horse-race coverage. Hillary Clinton’s campaign would like for you to turn out to vote, instead of getting complacent. Stólar — Sólóhúsgögn. Tri Alpha Energy - The Power of Ingenuity. Tri Alpha Energy is the world's largest private fusion company.

Tri Alpha Energy - The Power of Ingenuity

Its purpose is to develop commercially competitive clean fusion energy as fast as possible. TAE's unique approach will provide a virtually unlimited supply of baseload electricity from power plants that are carbon-free, safe and sustainable. TAE has been privately funded from its inception by some of the world's leading energy and technology investors. This diversified group of first tier global investors has provided nearly $500 million (mm) of capital to date. Their interest stems from belief in the world-changing promise of fusion-powered electricity and conviction that TAE has the most promising approach to deliver it. Tri Alpha Energy - The Power of Ingenuity. Eiffel borðstofustóll hvít skel, krómfætur. The Smart Way to Lose Weight and Get in Better Shape (Especially When Everything You've Tried Has Failed)

Instead of Creating An Overnight Success Do This. There is a misconception out there when it comes to entrepreneurship that all successful people "got lucky" or created an overnight success out of the blue.

Instead of Creating An Overnight Success Do This

In fact, one of the biggest companies on the planet is commonly referred to as an overnight success. But that couldn't be further from the truth. Man Saves Abandoned Grizzly Bear Cub. Six Years Later This Is How He’s Thanked. Fabiano Caruana Checkmates Magnus Carlsen On The Board And Interview ! Blitz Your Next Move GCT 2016. The Low-Carb Bread - Diet Doctor. Moderate low carbFat70%Protein16%Carbs5% Medium 10 m + 1 h10 minutes preparation1 hour cooking time This low-carb bread is a dream if you long for “real” bread.

The Low-Carb Bread - Diet Doctor

It has a wonderfully crispy crust and a perfect inside. Election 2016: Why Trump's talk of a rigged vote is so dangerous. The Republican presidential nominee's claim that the election is being rigged against him represents the most outlandish moment yet in a campaign devoted to dismantling political norms.

Election 2016: Why Trump's talk of a rigged vote is so dangerous

Trump might not be the first candidate to feel nefarious forces are moving to keep him from the White House -- presidential elections have occasionally been disputed after votes are counted and have often been marred by accusations of dark instruments of fraud, such as the dead casting votes. But Trump's claim three weeks before Election Day -- as many voters are already going to the polls -- that the race is being being deliberately stacked against him by a fearful political establishment flies in the face of historical precedent.

And should he lose, it threatens the legitimacy of those left to govern after the most anarchic election in modern history. ​Ubuntu 16.10: The Linux for the cloud and containers arrives. Once upon a time Canonical's Ubuntu Linux was known as the desktop Linux.

​Ubuntu 16.10: The Linux for the cloud and containers arrives

It's desktop is still very popular and the company is still investing in improving it. But, you don't need to look hard at the latest release, Ubuntu 16.10, to see Canonical believes its future is as the enterprise Linux for containers and the cloud. Pebble 2, Time 2 + All-New Pebble Core by Pebble Technology. Nýtt kort af útbreiðslu alaskalúpínu á Íslandi. Lundbeck Falls After Alzheimer’s Drug Fails in Late-Stage Study. H.

Lundbeck Falls After Alzheimer’s Drug Fails in Late-Stage Study

Lundbeck A/S dropped the most in almost four years after its experimental Alzheimer’s drug failed to meet targets in a final-stage patient trial. The shares dropped as much as 17 percent, the steepest intraday decline since the Danish drugmaker slashed two years of sales and profit forecasts in December 2012.

Lundbeck was down 15 percent to 231.10 kroner at 10:06 a.m. in Copenhagen. The trial failed to replicate earlier encouraging results for the experimental compound, idalopirdine, Lundbeck said in a statement late Thursday. Two additional late-stage studies are still going on, with results expected early next year. Shopify Inc. Keeps Growing. Image source: Shopify.

Shopify Inc. Keeps Growing

Shopify's (NYSE:SHOP) revenue rose a staggering 93% in the second quarter, to $86.6 million, making it the company's fourth consecutive quarter of revenue growth greater than 90%. Despite Shopify's incredible sales growth, its net loss in Q2 widened to $8.7 million, from $3.5 million in Q2 2015, as the company continued to invest heavily in revenue growth. Why bluebird bio Inc. Jumped Monday.

Image source: Getty Images.

Why bluebird bio Inc. Jumped Monday

What happened bluebird bio (NASDAQ:BLUE) ended Monday up 10% on no apparent news -- at least, none that came today. So what The spike might be a carryover from last week, when the biotech announced that it was starting a phase 3 trial called HGB-207, testing its LentiGlobin gene therapy in patients with a blood disorder called beta-thalassemia with non-β0/β0 genotypes. What Happens When a Skeptical Science Writer Meets a Cult Leader - Scientific American Blog Network. I just watched a remarkable short documentary, “How Well-Meaning People End Up in a Cult.” Produced by The Atlantic, the film tells the story of the rise and fall of the guru Andrew Cohen, whose followers believed he had achieved the state of supreme mystical bliss called enlightenment. I interviewed Cohen in 1999, when his following was at its height, while researching my book Rational Mysticism. I didn’t use the Cohen material in my book, but I posted it on my website. The Old Reader.

What does it do? The Old Reader allows you to subscribe to your favorite sites so you can stay in the know. Connect with friends to share and discuss articles you love. Send links to your favorite social networks, or save them to Pocket, Instapaper or Readability. What does this service cost? BMC Seminar - The Yin and the Yang of a bacterial toxin: Fooling host phagocytes and delivering immunotherapeutic T cell vaccines.

BMC Seminar Thursday 6th October 2016, at 12:10 room 201 Læknagarður Speaker: Peter Šebo, Laboratory of Molecular Biology of Bacterial Pathogens, Institute of Microbiology, Czech Academy of Sciences, Prague, Czech Republic, Title: The Yin and the Yang of a bacterial toxin: Fooling host phagocytes and delivering immunotherapeutic T cell vaccines Abstract: The whooping cough agent, Bordetella pertussis, secretes an adenylate cyclase toxin (ACT) that penetrates host phagocytes bearing the αMβ2 integrin receptor Mac-1 (also known as CR3 or CD11b/CD18). Alzheimersamtökin - Journal. Karl Berndsen: „Leyfið mér að lifa“

Nausea or vertigo when exercising? - exercise outofshape. I recently started exercising for the first time ever (in my early 30's) by joining a gym and trying out their HIIT classes. They're really hard but I'm doing it. I'm running into some problems that only occur with certain exercises, and I'm wondering if there could be an underlying cause. Vango Tigris 600XLTent Reviews and Details.