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BackgroundCheck. Free, customizable clock widget for your own web site - Want an exact clock on your own web site?

Free, customizable clock widget for your own web site -

Or today's date, sunrise time, sunset time or day length? Just choose from the options below and copy the code! The 1140px CSS Grid System · Fluid down to mobile. S jEffects - White. FIREBALL Lorem ipsum Dolores Amet vitae BOMB consectetuer Pellentesque Amet Suspendisse BUBBLES laoreet consequat ligula tincidunt SNOW fringilla accumsan porttitor Quisque CONCENTRATE DISTANCE consectetuer Pellentesque Amet Suspendisse INPUT COMPLEX ( snow and bubbles ) consectetuer Pellentesque Amet Suspendisse INPUT ( chars catching ) random particles Pellentesque Consectetur Amet Suspendisse simple as:

s jEffects - White

A Colorful Clock With CSS & jQuery. Contextual Slideout Tips With jQuery & CSS3. Martin Angelov By now, you’ve probably heard about Adobe’s new CS5 software pack.

Contextual Slideout Tips With jQuery & CSS3

Also, you’ve probably seen their product pages, where they present the new features of the suite. Apart from the great design, they’ve also implemented an interesting solution for showcasing the new features their products are capable of – using contextual slideout tips. Knowing the importance of HTML standards, we are making a set of contextual slideout tips with jQuery & CSS3, which are ideal for product pages and online tours. As a bonus, they are SEO friendly, so all the content is visible to search engines. The idea The main idea is to create an easily configurable set of contextual slideouts.

HTML5 Boilerplate - A rock-solid default template for HTML5 awesome. PageSlide: a jQuery plugin which slides a webpage over to reveal an additional interaction pane. Advertisement a jQuery plugin which slides a webpage over to reveal an additional interaction pane by Scott Robbin Download PageSlide Now If you've ever used the mobile version of Facebook, or Path,then you've probably seen something akin to PageSlide in action.

PageSlide: a jQuery plugin which slides a webpage over to reveal an additional interaction pane

Expanding Fullscreen Grid Portfolio. Today we want to share a neat experimental portfolio template with you.

Expanding Fullscreen Grid Portfolio

The main idea is to have a grid layout that we create with jQuery Masonry. Clicking to view more, we expand the according item to fullscreen in order to show a longer description of the item and a representative fullscreen background image. View demo Download source Each item has a little slideshow of thumbs which will be animated to the right position once the portfolio item gets “expanded”. If you know Flipboard for the iPad, then you might recognize this effect we got inspired with. The beautiful images are by Kyle van Horn, check out his Flickr Photostream.

Creative Background Styles and Trends in Web Design. The right background style can really set the tone for your website.

Creative Background Styles and Trends in Web Design

We'll explore some great examples and current trends in website backgrounds that include large images, bright colors and bold patterns. It is sometimes the least noticed part of your website design. Other times it can be attention-grabbing. Mostly, though, the background sets the tone and provides context for the information on your site. Backgrounds can come from a lot of things and are wide-ranging in scope. 3D Thumbnail Hover Effects. A tutorial about how to create 3D thumbnail hover effects with CSS 3D transforms and jQuery.

3D Thumbnail Hover Effects

View demo Download source Today we want to show you how to create some exciting 3D hover effects using CSS3 and jQuery. This idea is inspired by the cool hover effect that you can find on the page of the Google SketchUp Showcase. In our examples, we’ll use thumbails that will reveal some more information on hover. Sponsor Flip Wall With jQuery & CSS. Mouthwatering Collection Of jQuery Plugins And CSS3 Tricks. I’m sure that at one point or another you were designing a website and thought it could use a little something extra.

Mouthwatering Collection Of jQuery Plugins And CSS3 Tricks

That bit of something that adds extra functionality or enhances what it already has, making it not only easier for the user to receive the information they seek, but also present it in a neat package. In no particular order, I give you a handpicked collection of jQuery plugins and some CSS3 tricks to top it off. Surely, with these in your designer arsenal, your creations will stand out more than ever before. jQuery 1. Fullscreen Slit Slider with jQuery and CSS3. A tutorial on how to create a fullscreen slideshow with a twist: the idea is to slice open the current slide when navigating to the next or previous one.

Fullscreen Slit Slider with jQuery and CSS3

Using jQuery and CSS animations we can create unique slide transitions for the content elements. Make a Fluid Thumbnail Bar with jQuery. Learn how to make a fluid thumbnail bar that pages through the images it contains.

Make a Fluid Thumbnail Bar with jQuery

Overview The idea of a fluid thumbnail bar is simple: Create a list of thumbnails within a space where the overflow can be flipped through page by page. Speaking of pages, make sure we’re on the same one by checking out the demo page. To be clear, this tutorial is intended to show you how to add this functionality to an existing list of images, in hopes you can use it to compliment whatever your current setup might be. Supersized 3.2 – Fullscreen Slideshow jQuery Plugin. This version of Supersized has themes, direct slide links, dynamic preloading, and an API. Introducing Supersized 3.2 Features Resizes images to fill browser while maintaining image dimension ratioCycles backgrounds via slideshow with transitions and dynamic preloadingCore version is available for those that just want background resizing.Navigation controls with keyboard supportIntegration with Flickr – pull photos by user, set, or groupHead over to the project page for all the details.

New in Supersized 3.2 Complete rewrite of the Supersized script.More options, including ability to prevent slides from being cut off.Link directly to slidesAPI lets you call functions directly (eg. play/pause, next, previous, and jump directly to a slide)Theme files are now separate from base files, which will make upgrades much easier. Experimental Page Layout Inspired by Flipboard. An experimental page layout that let's you navigate pages by swiping or dragging as in a booklet, inspired by Flipboard.

View demo Download source. Useful and Creative jQuery Image Sliders Tutorials. jQuery is the most popular framework used by most of the web designers and developers. jQuery library is an effective tool that enables them to do the code work effectively and is specially designed for animating, event handling, Ajax transactions and HTML document traversing for a fast web development. jQuery image slider has gained significant popularity in the website designing field in the recent years. jQuery is an important skill that should be preferably acquired by the web designers.

With various navigational tools and applications, there are numerous tutorials available online on this subject. The online tutorials offer step by step instructions about the coding and these learning materials can be very useful in producing a functional interface. Slideshow presentation has become quite popular among students, resource speakers and businessmen to present new reports, investigations and ideas. jQuery Quicksand plugin. Quicksand Reorder and filter items with a nice shuffling animation. Activity Monitor 348 KB Address Book1904 KB Finder 1337 KB Front Row 401 KB Google Pokémon 12875 KB iCal 5273 KB iChat 5437 KB Interface Builder 2764 KB iTuna 17612 KB Keychain Access 972 KB Network Utility 245 KB Sync 3788 KB TextEdit 1669 KB Demo seems sluggish? Disable CSS3 scaling and try again. Premium CMS Themes,Templates, Graphics Marketplace -

Change your Facebook color and say YES to a colorful social life! Impressionist UI - User Interface Pack. The new Impressionist UI contains four totally new styles (Air, Aurora, Hybrid and Spice) and the favorite default style – Eco – from the previous release. Each of the styles are sold separately, so you can pick any design and include it in your projects. Or buy the Full Bundle Pack (containing every style) for a really nice price – you get all five styles and save money as compared to buying each. Animated 3D Bar Chart with CSS3. Cycle Through Images on Hover with jQuery. 10 Terrific Twitter T-Shirts. Simon Sinek: How great leaders inspire action. Annotation Overlay Effect with CSS3.

Making Room to Breathe: Wrapping Text Around Elements. The Divine Proportion and Web Design. Animated Content Tabs with CSS3. Rotating Words with CSS Animations. Rotating Words with CSS Animations. 50 Best Creative Websites of 2011. 40 Creative Photoshop Text Effect Tutorials. Fonts and typography are the things that can make your site look special and unusual.

JQuery. SimpleModal Demos / Eric Martin / CSS3 Now! Transitions. How to Create Progress Bar with CSS3. Sliding Panel on CSS3 with iframe inside. Fancy jQuery lightbox alternative. Easing (jQuery UI Effects) - a collection of effects for animation. 50+ Amazing Jquery Examples- Part1. Quick Tip: Add Easing to Your Animations. Tutorials-Web Design Shock. Css3 box shadow. 16 Hot Websites To Download Cool Scripts. Photoshelf. Elegant jQuery gallery with zoom. JqFancyTransitions: jQuery Image Rotator Plugin. Tutorials.

Apple-like Login Form with CSS 3D Transforms. Chrome Web Lab.