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Our 25 Most Popular Dessert Recipes Of 2013. DIY Crop Top. I'm taking another quick break from Belize posts to share this DIY.

DIY Crop Top

I was inspired by this Balenciaga crop top that I saw both Gwyneth and Kristen wearing. You'll need: a tank dress (I chose a pretty pastel green instead of white) a bra needle & thread scissors Here's a diagram of how you'll want to cut the dress. Just a straight line right down the front to create two flaps. And in the back, your goal is to cut out a "square" that creates the crop silhouette. So start cutting. Once it's all cut up, it should look kind of like a weird vest with a super long front and a super short back. Next, cut apart the bra so that the cups are separated from the straps. Sew the cups into the dress. The last step is to take the hook-eye closure from the bra and sew it to the bra cups so that you have a way to keep the crop top secure and in place. Rings: Women's Indie & Bohemian Jewelry.

Staggering Beauty. Cheese & Burger Society. 10 volunteer opportunities for free travel. AyaPapaya by ayapapaya. Women's Dresses - Women's Party Dresses, Casual Dresses, Fall & Summer Dresses.

Nasty Gal Blog. Tuesday, June 18, 2013 DIY: DIY Crayon Lipstick We decided to make crayon lipstick because we thought it looked like fun.

Nasty Gal Blog

But in light of recent news that traditional lipstick contains lots of scary stuff, it turns out that it’s pretty practical too! Crayons are totally non-toxic and made to be safe enough for kindergarteners to munch on, and all the other ingredients are food-grade, so perfectly okay to put on your lips. Try this out, and you’re guaranteed to be the brightest crayon in the box…er, room. Runway Hippie. Having worked in the fashion industry for several years now, prices rarely surprise me. Clothes are expensive these days, but accessories take the cake for several months worth of rent. I still roll my eyes at a pair of shoes well over 1K and find the price of a Birkin bag to be ridiculous, but I normally know what to expect upon walking into a store like Barney’s. However, I was slapped in the face by a price tag a few days ago and I’m not sure I’ll ever recover. I saw the above photo of the unstuffed animal stole on during Paris Fashion Week and began a feverish online hunt to track one down.

Countless Etsy sites offered up similar faux stoles, but I wanted that one. The stoles are by Vika Gazinskaya and can currently be purchased on Moda Operandi for the hefty sum of $2,000. So what does one do when they can’t afford the real deal? First, we have our stuffed animal hat. Then we have the Teddy Bear stole; a personal favorite of mine. DIY wardrobe make over. Fashion DIY Tutorial: Removable Jewelry For Lace Up Shoes And Booties DIY. Currently I like to wear lace-up shoes and booties.

Fashion DIY Tutorial: Removable Jewelry For Lace Up Shoes And Booties DIY

For these types of footwear I have found a new method of attaching shoe jewelry at the shoelaces. In this fashion DIY tutorial you see how to tinker a shoe decoration, which you simply can put and tie on the shoe-strings. This easily allows to replace the jewelry and to adapt it to fit the rest of outfit.

FASHIONPICS - DIY Flower Crown- How To Make A Floral Headdress. Festival Headbands. In just one week, my best friend Jennie and I will be packing up a rental car and driving down to Tennessee for the Bonnaroo Music Festival.

Festival Headbands

Aside from making packing lists, playlists, and putting together my Bonnaroo music schedule, I have been busy making headbands for us to wear. • All Points West 2009 • The headbands in the above picture were the first ones that I ever made. Miso Soup XX Recipe. 41 Camping Hacks That Are Borderline Genius. Julep. The Social Network for Beauty. Subscribe to Umbabox. Craft Monthly Subscription Box - DIY Craft Projects, Subscription Box. As a Whimseybox subscriber, every month you will receive: DIY + Craft Supplies From sequins to ink and everything in between! Try new products and learn new ways to use longtime favorites. Project Ideas + Instructions. For the Makers.

Sold out! What's included? Includes the materials to make four fun DIY projects. Projects range from sculptural jewelry to cheerful, functional accessories. We’re talking carefree beach-ready styles that work just as well in the city. Beyond Wonderland Bay Area 2013 - Insomniac Events. Insomniac presents Beyond Wonderland Bay Area 2013 Beyond Wonderland Bay Area 2013 tickets go on sale June 11 at noon pst. Last fall, we took the leap down the rabbit hole and created the very first Beyond Wonderland Bay Area, finding a vibrant new home for our beloved world of Wonderland. Sharing this beautiful experience for the first time with Northern Californian Headliners was remarkable. Your creativity was a source of inspiration for us, long after Beyond Wonderland was over. In fact, the journey never really came to a close. Where Should I Shop?

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Trippy Shit Maine. Travel. Photos. Camping/Outdoors. Music. Clothes. Beauty. Food. Marijuana Dispensary & Strain Reviews - Leafly. 27 Ways 2 Make Money 4 Teens.