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Scrub Soap "Coffee". Make your own soap! Mommypotamus. Linseed hair gel: a green alternative - All. Before I begin: this is my first instructable so if you see anything I could improve don't hesitate on commenting, also english is my second language, if you see anything written in "weird" english please tell me about it so I can fix it.

Linseed hair gel: a green alternative - All

About a month ago or so I was feeling lazy to go cut my hair and since my hair cutting machine died after a horrible fall I haven't been able to do it myself. What do we do? The alternative to avoid a light bulb like head for people like me who have thick straight hair which doesn't naturally fall even when it's 1" long it's hair gel. But I really don't want to use the industrial product, it has many things I don't want to put on my head beginning with alcohol which combined with a really hot environment with a lot of sun (I live in a very hot and sunny area) will surely dry my scalp, sure there are gentler products but these have become prohibitively expensive where I live, besides, this is instructables and it's all about making, not buying. Wet Shaving 101.

Homemade Aftershave. Shaving all natural. DIY Hibiscus Hair Care. To make these Hibiscus Home remedies for hair you'll need: For the oil: 1) Hibiscus flower, 4) Small pot (for boiling oil), 2) Hibiscus leaves, 5) Clean bottles or containers. 3) Coconut oil, 6) Stone mortar and pestle For the Shampoo 1) Hibiscus flower, 4) Olive oil,2) Hibiscus leaves, 5) Stone mortar and pestle3) Water, 6) Clean bottles or containers.

DIY Hibiscus Hair Care

For the Conditioner 1) Hibiscus flower, 4) Clean bottles or containers. 2) Water 3) Stone mortar and pestle, Before starting to make any of these home remedies wash the flowers and leaves and make sure there's no dirt on them. You can blend the petals and leaves to make a fine paste but in that case you'll need lots of hibiscus flowers, which is quite difficult. Or, simply crush the flowers and mix it with a small amount of water. Natural Skin Care. Although you may be battling with a shiny forehead and chin, you may be pleased to hear that oily skin wrinkles less over time than does drier skin.

Natural Skin Care

This is because the natural oils on your skin help lubricate the fine lines you may hardly see now, but later on, can develop into wrinkles. Think of the oil as a natural moisturizer The goal for this type of skin is not to strip it of oil entirely; you still want your skin to have its natural oils, which is where that healthy "glow" comes from. Besides, if you're skin is indeed, very oily, the oils will only reappear! What you really need is balance. Why the oil? As are many things in life, your skin type is a mixture of genetics and environment. Beard Oil. A simple beard and preshave oil. Beard Balm & Oil - Homemade Holiday Gifts.

General Tso's (mostly natural) Lozenges. I don't get sick often but growing up I was getting Strep throat every year; luckily I haven't had it for a few years.

General Tso's (mostly natural) Lozenges

Right now I can almost feel it coming on so I was looking into prevention/home remedies because I'm currently on the Curonian Spit, in Lithuania, which is quite isolated...So for a variety of reasons I came up with this recipe to prevent/cure my Strep Throat paranoia, based on some research. The basic principle of how these lozenges work come from this video, which suggests that it works just like antibiotics: ...but it's basically "get-better tea" in lozenge form and it's really easy to make.

The recipe makes between 50-60 drops; one should be taken every half-full hour hour, that you're awake, until you feel better. Ingredients (+ why they work): Tools: A small saucepan w/ lid A sharp knife A spoon A citrus zester/micro-plane or cheese grater with a fine grade A non-stick surface Optional (but useful): A candy thermometer. Flu Remedies. Toothpaste: Homemade, Vegan, All Natural, Edible. I can't stand the taste or feel of your average, store-bought toothpaste - it feels and tastes like plastic.

Toothpaste: Homemade, Vegan, All Natural, Edible

This simple recipe is edible (anything that goes in your mouth should be!). As a backpacking guide for Outward Bound and other companies, of course having something that won't harm the wilderness is important to me as well! 3 Ingredients Biodegradable Edible, as should all things be that go anywhere on your body! 3 DIY Hair Masks - All. Flaxseed Hair Gel. Orange Peel Vinegar Cleaner. DIY Lemon Dishwasher Tablets.