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It's not VPN, it's AlwaysHome! by Homing Systems. Internet Security with PlutoBoXX - VPN Wi-Fi router. Passionately fighting for freedom in cyberspace!

Internet Security with PlutoBoXX - VPN Wi-Fi router

Have you been blocked from your desirable websites, may it be viewing news, sports games, watching movies, or catching up with friends on social sites? Yes, it can happen to you or anyone, depending on the country you are in. Some countries have more censorship than others. Knowing that there is restriction on internet use, we began our journey in pursuit of protecting you and providing you with the ability to view content freely, no matter where you are. By using technologically advanced tools, we have created PlutoBoXX – a VPN wi-fi device, first device of its kind, now available on the market. PlutoBoXX is programmed for 12 months of uninterrupted VPN service, powered by PlutoVPN. PlutoBoXX has been beta tested for six months and it works flawlessly, even in China where the Great Fire Wall is known to cutoff VPN services.

Our technology is patented. We are looking to raise $10,000 for continued production of PlutoBoXX. Ø Windows Ø Mac OS. Multipath Router - Super reliable Skype, Super HD Netflix. - Never drop a Skype call again!

Multipath Router - Super reliable Skype, Super HD Netflix.

Super reliable Skype / Viber / Fring / Talkatone. No more dropped VoIP calls - Plug and play in minutes! No additional software is needed on your laptop, PC, phone or tablet. Simply connect to your Multipath router and get Skyping, streaming and surfing with confidence - Add any combination of technologies:- DSL, cable, 3G, 4G or wireless - Combine links up to an insanely fast 100Mb/s - Cheapest pipe first. . - Deliver speed to any device! Simple.TV - Welcome to Simple.TV. CloudLocker - The Essential Personal Cloud. Claim Your Own Cloud with CloudLocker. Our campaign has ended, but please visit for information on how you can own your own cloud.

Claim Your Own Cloud with CloudLocker

“For those for whom Google, Amazon, Microsoft and Dropbox’s server farms are too far away for comfort, CloudLocker gives you your own private cloud.” What is CloudLocker? CloudLocker is an actual mini server that: Stores all your mediaGives you access anytime,anywhereWorks on all of your devices - desktop, laptop, iPhone, smartphone, iPad or tablet Most importantly, it offers a private and secure alternative to public cloud storage. CloudLocker lets you keep your files in your possession, while also giving you all the convenience of cloud technology coupled with an innovative approach to sharing and control over your digital media. What's the Value of a CloudLocker? Plug: the brain of your devices. Plug: the brain of your devices by The CGC team. Pixeom Home Page. Pixeom: The Personal Exchange Device by Karishma Nagar. A device that securely stores all of your digital content, and keeps growing as you need more storage.

Pixeom: The Personal Exchange Device by Karishma Nagar

A device that fosters collaboration, allowing you to synchronize or comment on documents, and automatically back up prior versions as you make changes. A device that hosts entire discussion boards within it, facilitating secure communication and easy socializing. A device that creates an interactive storefront for you, with built-in payment processing, inventory management, and CRM.

A device that provides an affordable and secure alternative to using online services like Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, Microsoft Sharepoint, Facebook, Amazon et al, without the complication of setting up a NAS box or your own server. Pixeom is a new kind of personal cloud device, which allows you to do more with your data. Think of it as a hardware box that runs apps for you, that we refer to as "exchanges". The Pixeom device is designed to save you money. We live in an age of online services. Play.


Wirelessly connect all the things with Sapphire by Sapphire Open Systems. Things like lights, temperature and motion sensors, Twitter, smoke alarms, receipt printers, mobile devices, web applications, scripts, databases.

Wirelessly connect all the things with Sapphire by Sapphire Open Systems

Anything to everything. The Internet of Things is about you. Your things, your data. You should be in control. This is only possible with a completely open platform - hardware, software, protocols. Big ideas need powerful technology. We created an OS to handle wireless communications so you don’t have to. We made it low power so you don’t have to change the batteries all the time. We implemented more layers of security to keep your system safer. We synchronize time across every device in the network.