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The future needs fixing - the future needs fixing - sugru. Heat Works. HEATWORKS MODEL 1: Your next water heater! by ISI Technology - CEO Jerry Callahan. All existing electric water heaters rely on convective heating elements.

HEATWORKS MODEL 1: Your next water heater! by ISI Technology - CEO Jerry Callahan

Operational and safety issues with the heating element technology include premature failure of heating elements and flow switches, scalding issues related to thermal mass, unacceptable low-flow water temperature control, inability to turn on at flow rates less than 0.5 gallons per minute, (1.9 liters/min) and inability to operate in intermittent or aerated water flows. In short, antiquated, unreliable, and inefficient. In order to accurately purchase the correct unit for your home, you have to compare dozens of units. This is frustrating and time consuming for most consumers. The state of the art HEATWORKS MODEL 1 eliminates innumerable model selection because it adjusts automatically and accommodates dozens of power (voltage and current) combinations. ...Than conventional electric tankless heaters. Electricity passes through a heating coil which is heated to over 1000°F (538 °C) which then heats the water.

FORMER NASA SCIENTISTS DESIGN SMART WATER HEATER by Paul Barnett. Risks and challenges The Seisco Supercharger has undergone an amazing amount of stress tests in the lab and the performance was beyond anyone’s expecations.


Seisco International is an established and respected manufacturer of next generation water heater products with decades of history in the marketplace. The Supercharger is listed under multiple U.L. Listings: U.L. 499, U.L. 834 and been tested and found to meet the very stringent Requirements for “Temperature Limiting Control” both U.L. and CSA. We have a wonderful product, but our challenge is to complete the final stage for scaling production and launching our promtional campaign to tell our story. Our plan is to feature the Seisco Supercharger at the 2016 International CES Show and the 2016 International Builders' Show this coming January in the NGHTV "Smart Home". Learn about accountability on Kickstarter. Intelligent Appliance Energy Recovery Unit by ST. Please help us build an intelligent open appliance heat exchanger to improve efficiency and save energy!

Intelligent Appliance Energy Recovery Unit by ST

This project will reclaim countless wasted kWh per year from appliances such as:- Dryers- Hot water heaters- Heating Units We hope you can see the benefit of this project towards a sustainable lifestyle, energy efficiency, and the energy economy. - High efficiency bar & plate heat exchanger technology borrowed from expensive race car intercooler designs for high flow rate, handles hundreds of degrees, and high pressure.- Easily cleaned stainless steel fine mesh lint filter in the inlet. - Standard 4" duct inlet and outlet manifolds.- High efficiency sensor driven electronic fan controller unit .- Demoed saving more than 2600 Watts!

Appliance waste heat is an inefficient use of energy resources that could be improved with the use of simple robust technologies for energy reclamation. This project was motivated by a few facts: Hexoskin: The first wearable movement, respiration, and heart activity tracker. This has been a great experience, we've made many friends and talked with awesome people!

Hexoskin: The first wearable movement, respiration, and heart activity tracker.

You can now order Hexoskin on our official website. Hexoskin is the first wearable movement, respiration, and heart activity tracker. Hexoskin tracks your health and gives you insights about your activities, your sleep, your life's choices. "The Hexoskin has the advantage of being a simple shirt and not something clunky like an armband" -- Crunchwear "Hexoskin is a sensor-filled smart shirt that offers significantly more health data than a basic fitness tracker like a Fitbit Flex. " -- Digital Trends "Hexoskin has lined up an impressive list of beta testers.

" -- Crowdfundinsider "This shirt could be the future of fitness tracking" -- "Hexoskin’s applications go beyond collecting stats during physical training and could be used as a constant companion. " -- Gizmag "Thrilled about the opportunity this offers for research, medical monitoring, the quantified self and art and design. " -- GigaOM Simple.

Medical/Health Sensors

HarvestGeek. Brains for your Garden by Evolved Agriculture. The local food movement has been steadily picking up momentum.

Brains for your Garden by Evolved Agriculture

Across the country small scale agriculture has been springing up in backyards and rooftops, basements and attics, abandoned warehouses and vacant lots. HarvestGeek is building a comprehensive set of resources for the Urban and not-so-urban Farmer. The Modern Farmer's Almanac. We've built a sophisticated, yet easy to use device that will help remove the guesswork for new farmers and provide automation and optimization features for those more experienced. The device is deployed in your farm or garden to monitor the key environmental conditions for improving your yield. HarvestGeek is your key to unlocking plant yield potential. Once configured HarvestGeek will automatically notify you based on the information being received from HarvestBot. For example, you can set the desired temperature range and turn on a fan should temperatures get too high, or off should they get too low.

Capable of controlling 4 outlets remotely.