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Crystal Skulls. Crystal Skulls ShareThis Crystal skulls are a metaphor that reality is a consciousness hologram through which we experience virtually.

Crystal Skulls

Many of the s=crystal skulls are tools that awaken human consciousness, referenced by the human brain design of the crystal and the metaphoric eyes. A crystal skull is a model of a human skull generally made out of quartz crystal, but not always, as in the case of Chinese jade skulls. Crystal skulls vary in size from a few inches to the size of a human head, or bigger.

Humanity has always been on an esoteric journey to solve the mysteries of its creation linked to people and objects that allegedly contain higher powers, or can enhance those of the questor. The enigmatic crystal skulls have become another tool of divination to that end, crystals sometimes been thought of as having magical powers, as well as transmitters and receivers of energy. Holding an object to exchange energies and/or receive messages with it, is called psychometry. Altars - How to Create a Crystal Altar. Crystal Therapy: Healing with Crystals | A to Z Gemstones | Crystal Attraction | Choosing the Right Stones | Cleansing Your Crystals | Popular Gemstones | Crystal Altars Creating your own Crystal Altar is easy and inexpensive.

Altars - How to Create a Crystal Altar

What is a crystal altar? It is a special place where you keep your collection of crystals for meditation and/or for an energy center in your home or apartment. It doesn't require much room, and can be set up in a few minutes. It can have crystals and stones, along with other items of nature, such as feathers, shells, wood, water, candles and even a prayer card. Once you have assembled your altar, the intention is to bring light and energy to you and your surrounding area. Meditating by your Altar Can Help Bring You Peace Here is something I personally like to do. Tourmaline - Spiritual and Healing Properties of Tourmaline - Healing with Crystals. Moonstone - Spiritual and Healing Properties of Moonstones - Healing with Gemstones. Cleansing Gemstones - How To Clear And Cleanse Gemstones.

Crystal Therapy: Healing with Crystals | A to Z Gemstones | Crystal Attraction | Choosing the Right Stones | Cleansing Your Crystals | Popular Gemstones | Crystal Altars Sometimes a stone or crystal you are strongly drawn to doesn't feel good, or a stone that felt good previously doesn't feel good now.

Cleansing Gemstones - How To Clear And Cleanse Gemstones

The stone or crystal may need to be cleared. Clearing is necessary before using any stone for healing. The clearer the energy of a healing stone, the more powerful it is. Crystals and healing gemstones need to be cleared as soon as they are purchased as well as clearing after every healing. Sea Salt Sea salt is the most traditional purifying agent in psychic work and healing.

Moonlight Moonlight is another way of clearing your gemstones. Other Methods That Work Well Burying your crystal in a cupful of dried herbs will also clear it. Crystals may also be buried into the Earth. A quick way to cleanse your healing stones is to smudge them with burning cedar or sage. Crystal Healing Properties - Common Types of Crystal Healing Properties. Are you wanting an energy boost, need an assist in grounding, or looking for a manifesting tool?

Crystal Healing Properties - Common Types of Crystal Healing Properties

Here is help in choosing the right healing crystal for your purpose. Below are common healing properties found in crystals. No gemstone has a singular purpose, multiple healing qualities are housed within a single stone. However, some stones have earned a reputation to be especially helpful in certain areas. You could consider these stones healing specialists! Chakra Balancing Crystals Energizing Crystals We can all use an energy boost from time to time. Crystal properties by purpose.

Crystal properties. Cave of the Giant Crystals, Mexico. Mexico's Cave of Giant Crystals The Naica Mine of Chihuahua, Mexico, is a working mine that is known for its extraordinary crystals.

Cave of the Giant Crystals, Mexico

Naica is a lead, zinc and silver mine in which large voids have been found, containing crystals of selenite (gypsum) as large as 4 feet in diameter and 50 feet long. The chamber holding these crystals is known as the Crystal Cave of Giants, and is approximately 1000 feet down in the limestone host rock of the mine. The crystals were formed by hydrothermal fluids emanating from the magma chambers below. The cavern was discovered while the miners were drilling through the Naica fault, which they were worried would flood the mine. The Naica mine was first discovered by early prospectors in 1794 south of Chihuahua City.

From that discovery, until around 1900, the primary interest was silver and gold. During the Mexican Revolution the mine was producing a great deal of wealth. Mexico's Naica Crystal Cave YouTube In the News ... The crystals are not growing now.