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Protest Israel’s honoured status at FIL! Published on 12 November 2013 Written by Connie Hackbarth, Alternative Information Center (AIC) Israel was selected as guest of honour at the 2013 Guadalajara International Book Fair/Image: fil.com.mx Frontlines of Revolutionary Struggle Frontlines of Revolutionary Struggle
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As found on the web: "There is a new sport created by some people, in which basically a person runs on the surface of water. It may sound absolutely impossible but it’s true. The sport is called Liquid Mountaineering. There are some historical statements that suggest that this sport was created by the Greek, but now it is recreated and it’s one of the most impossible looking activities that anyone has seen. LIQUID MOUNTAINEERING LIQUID MOUNTAINEERING
James HallActivist Post No one has ever claimed that the financial markets are a level playing field. Equities, bonds, currencies, options and futures are not arenas that operate by equivalent standards for all parties. Great fortunes were built not by chance, but on superior information, known to the few. Professional traders are not risk gamblers, but operate on the premise of special advantage. Through advanced and proprietary techniques that reduce exposure hazards and provide exclusive head start triggers, which virtually guarantee profits, the elite firms dominate Wall Street. Activist Post Activist Post
Dog Poet Transmitting....... Well... I have to say it sometime. I didn’t want to say it because the next thing you know, someone will ask me why I let Jeff Rense link me or some other crap about something that isn't real and which I knowingly appreciate. I was astounded when Michael Rivero stopped printing my work and didn’t answer my emails but I never said anything bad about Michael. I just said I didn’t understand. The Man with the Bullhorn is a Lying Sack of Shit. The Man with the Bullhorn is a Lying Sack of Shit.
The Vatic Project The Vatic Project Vatic Note: Its not only a "Titanic Irrelevance", its a massive joke. We are NOT enforcing the Constitution we now have, but worse, we have not even enforced the criminal laws on the books with respect to the powers that be. Knowing this, then why would anyone support changing the law or the system, since it won't be enforced anyway.