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Giving directions. Giving Directions in English. Giving directions in English is one of the most useful functions there is.

Giving Directions in English

Everyone understands that this is the function they are likely to use on the street, literally, and therefore the motivation is usually quite easy. To be able to give directions you need to learn a set of phrases which you later combine into a conversation. To teach the phrases we offer you the following. A simple drill (teaching the basic phrases), an infographic, several worksheet activities and an interactive quiz. Giving Directions in English – Video First watch and repeat the phrases and then produce the phrases before the native speaker says them. Giving Directions in English – Infographic It is always a good idea to give students a handout with all the phrases you want them to learn. You can download the full-size picture here: Directions – full size picture Giving Directions in English – Worksheet and quiz First of all I would love to recommend the following worksheet by Mary Glasgow plus. Neighborhood Map Coloring Page.

How to Ask for & Give Directions in English - ESL Buzz. Useful expressions for asking and giving directions in English you should learn.

How to Ask for & Give Directions in English - ESL Buzz

You will find these English expressions useful if you are lost or want to get to a particular place or give directions to others. ASKING FOR and GIVING DIRECTIONS in English – Video Asking and Giving Directions Asking for Directions How can I get to …? Giving Directions Go straight ahead.Turn back. Examples of Asking and Giving Directions 1. B: Yes, there is one right across the street next to Library. 2. B: Of course I will, just follow this road until you come to the main road. 3. B: Yes, there is one in Orange Street. DIRECTIONS worksheet. Giving directions - Kimstudies. DrawOnMap on the App Store. Treasure Hunt: Giving Directions Pairwork Activity.

Student A: You and your partner are racing other pairs of students to win a prize for being the first pair to reach the finish line.

Treasure Hunt: Giving Directions Pairwork Activity

The winner will receive some treasure! You can only tell each other the directions you have to take from one place to the next on the map.You cannot read each other's directions. You must match the directions so that they go in order from Start to 10.Write the building number you come to on the blank in each clue.As soon as you think you have matched the clues to the correct building,tell your teacher the order of your clues.If your clue order is correct,your team wins. If the order is not correct,your teacher will just tell you how many clues are wrong.Then you will have to check your answers again. How To Teach Directions. Giving directions - places in town. An easy to follow handout for students to practice Asking For Directions, Giving Directions, and Places vocabulary.EXERCISES INCLUDED: a) Asking about facilities: Is there a post-office near here?

Giving directions - places in town

Are there any banks in the town?.... B) Asking for directions: Where´s the ….? How can I get to ….? Can you tell me the way to …? C) Pair work (your partner answers about facilities and gives you the directions)d) Writing a short letter. Giving directions in town. A set of flashcards, suitable for elementary students, for teaching asking for and giving directions, places in town and prepositions.Each card contains illustrations and the corresponding words/expressions: bridge, car park, statue, avenue, traffic lights, pavement, bus stop, restaurant, turn right, turn left, opposite, as far as, straight ahead and much more.

Giving directions in town

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