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B.C. Teachers Strike 2014: Psychologist's Letter To Christy Clark Goes Viral. Todd Kettner, who works in Kootenay Lake School District as a grief counsellor, wrote an email to B.C.

B.C. Teachers Strike 2014: Psychologist's Letter To Christy Clark Goes Viral

Premier Christy Clark and other officials after $600 was deducted from his paycheque for "job action" — despite the fact he worked more than 70 hours of overtime counselling grieving students. 49j comments on Woman films herself having a cluster headache attack AKA suicide headaches. Moment_of_Truth comments on Non-Americans of Reddit, what kinds of souvenirs are popular to take back home when you visit the United States? Data Science of the Facebook World. More than a million people have now used our Wolfram|Alpha Personal Analytics for Facebook.

Data Science of the Facebook World

And as part of our latest update, in addition to collecting some anonymized statistics, we launched a Data Donor program that allows people to contribute detailed data to us for research purposes. A few weeks ago we decided to start analyzing all this data. And I have to say that if nothing else it’s been a terrific example of the power of Mathematica and the Wolfram Language for doing data science. (It’ll also be good fodder for the Data Science course I’m starting to create.) We’d always planned to use the data we collect to enhance our Personal Analytics system. Bunk Police Substance Testing & Harm Reduction. I need the men’s rights movement because.. Early in 2012, a feminist campaign emerged online which included a series of photographs.

I need the men’s rights movement because..

Each picture was of a young man or woman, presumably students at university and college. Each young man or women holding a sign which began with “I need feminism because..” The reasons following these declarations were varied, and mostly incoherent. I gave my niece a laptop on her birthday and she screamed at me because it wasn't brand new. What's the most ungrateful thing you see someone do? : AskReddit.


Photo Album. Futurama Writer Invented A New Math Theorem Just To Use In The Show. Your Daily Life in GIFs (28 GIFs) Here’s a bunch of those little everyday moments put into GIF form… When someone says, “Think fast!” When you’re wearing socks and step in something wet: When your parents don’t like what you’re wearing: When you take pics with your best friend: Two People Transform Into Nine Strikingly Unique Couples. Photographer Nacho Rojo and his girlfriend are the subjects of his series Couples, where the two present themselves as strikingly different characters within various social groups.

Two People Transform Into Nine Strikingly Unique Couples

The results of their creativity and extreme styling really entice the viewer to think about the concepts of identity and social behavior. General style, gestures, posture, facial expressions, hair, body piercings, and tattoos visually lead the viewer to create a certain narrative about each couple. However, when you break it down, Rojo and his girlfriend are the same person behind each costume. Allegory of the Cave - StumbleUpon. Plato realizes that the general run of humankind can think, and speak, etc., without (so far as they acknowledge) any awareness of his realm of Forms.

Allegory of the Cave - StumbleUpon

The allegory of the cave is supposed to explain this. In the allegory, Plato likens people untutored in the Theory of Forms to prisoners chained in a cave, unable to turn their heads. All they can see is the wall of the cave. Behind them burns a fire. Street Acrobats - Union Square, New York City - StumbleUpon. Global Food Disparity: A Photo Diary - StumbleUpon. In an increasingly globalized world, it’s still sometimes shocking to see just how disparate our lives are compared with other human beings around the world. A book of photographs by Peter Menzel called "Hungry Planet: What the World Eats" ("©Peter Menzel Ten Speed Press, published in 2005) makes a relevant point with great irony: at a time when hundreds of millions of people don't have enough to eat, hundreds of millions more are eating too much and are overweight or obese.

In observing what six billion eat for dinner the authors note, "Today, more people are overweight than underweight. " Quotes of Nihilism « Nihilistic Poetry. The following are (nihilistic) quotes that have inspired me, coming from different books I’ve read and enjoyed.

Quotes of Nihilism « Nihilistic Poetry

They explore that ominous possibility that life is nothing more than a field of confusion and mystery. Regardless of their validity they are, in themselves, poetic views of the universe and expressions of the insatiability of the soul. Inspirational quotes. Trampoline Wall Tricks - That Video Site - StumbleUpon.


One. DBQ Essay Assignment: "One" Directions: Write a well-organized essay that includes an introduction, several paragraphs, and a conclusion.


Use evidence from the document(s) and media in the body of the essay. Support your response with relevant facts, examples, and details. Include additional outside information and related concept words ( empathy, identity, citizenship...) Task: Dr. "Don't allow anybody to pull you so low as to make you hate them. "What's Your Life's Blueprint", address by Martin Luther King, Jr. to students of in. BEST OF - NIGHTLIFE PHOTOS THESSALONIKI - Nightlife Thessaloniki. Pearltree People.