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Mutations : Pearpicker Illustration
Battle On!! For release, a special artist edition of the debut full-length record 'Not You', from California punk band KICKER. 14 authentic hardcore punk songs played by distinguished veterans of unexpected origins (Dystopia & Neurosis). Aggressive melodic riffs centered around a time-honored UK sound. Each record features one of a kind, hand-painted A & B side labels created with acrylic paint, oil markers & vegetable planography. Variant gatefold Giclee cover artwork addition of the artist passed out at the project's deadline. Battle On!!
Here's a walk thru of my coloring a BattlePug page. This one sucks for me because I hate spiders (Thanks Mike!). So I start by getting a b&w from Mike Norton The First step in coloring is the setup or what's usually called "Flatting." A lot of coloring tutorials don't really go much in to the flatting part but the way I like to do it a large item break up first. ANGRYF (Angry Flower) ANGRYF (Angry Flower)
to update this joint. It's hard to keep regular now that I don't have a scanner u3u anyway here's some junk dana draws dana draws