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Jelly Gummies. A series of 3D motion experiments by Scotland based Sam Lyon.

Jelly Gummies

So weird, I’m sure you’ll like them. “I’m mostly just having some fun for myself here, but these things will often become larger projects.” – Sam via. 15 Must Share Science Gifs. We’ve gathered fifteen of the most fascinating and interesting gifs that will surely amaze you and make you a big fan of science.

15 Must Share Science Gifs

Note: If you’re on a mobile device, you will have to tap a gif to play it. Relighting the candle via its vapor trail. Flammable gas in a glass jug. Mercury(II) thiocyanate decomposition. Ferrofluid in a glass jug. Hydrophobic sand placed under water. Polymerization of Nitro Aniline. This is how a lock works. Water into ice in a matter of seconds. Blood’s reaction to snake venom. Waterproof surface in slow motion. Related 10 Handy Tech Accessories Each Under $10 We all own at least one device and we’re pretty sure that everyone loves inexpensive stuff. March 27, 2014 In "Technology" Teaser Released for the New Doom If you’re a gamer, then you know about Doom. June 10, 2014. Patatap. The Coolest Tattoo Artists In The World. French tattoo artist Loïc Lavenu, also known by the nickname Xoïl, has a very distinctive Photoshop collage aesthetic.

The Coolest Tattoo Artists In The World

The results are always surreal, sprawling, and highly experimental. Peter is incredibly skilled at creating many visual art styles, be it watercolor, cubism, or precisely shaded pencil drawings. Ondrash in Znojmo, Czec Ondrash is practically becoming a household name due to the raging popularity of the watercolor tattoos he specializes in.h Republic Mariusz Trubisz in Wroclaw, Poland Mariusz has a flair for shading and creating incredibly vibrant tattoos that are practically neon.

Madame Chän in Berlin, Germany Madame Chän does a few different styles, but my favorite ones are the dreamy, chimerical tattoos she specializes in. Marcin Aleksander Surowiec in Warsaw, Poland Marcin uses incredibly vibrant inks to achieve his brand of highly vivid surrealist tattoos Kenji Alucky from Hokkaido, Japan. The 13 Coolest Tattoo Artists In The World. 1.

The 13 Coolest Tattoo Artists In The World

Amanda Wachob in Brooklyn, N.Y. Amanda Wachob does the impossible with tattoo ink — her pieces look so impeccably close to real paintings. 2. Chaim Machlev in Berlin, Germany Known in the tattoo world as Dots to Lines, Chaim Machlev creates stark black-ink geometric tattoos that are both intricate and pristine 3.

If you want the sort of nature tattoo that looks straight out of a weather-worn vintage textbook, you might want to consider a trip to Portland to see Alice. Image Savant - Genetic Experiments. Spore genera 2

Image Savant - Genetic Experiments

Hallucinogenic Beats. Fascinating: Preserved Animals Soaked in Chemicals Until Their Bodies Turn Clear. The Funday (35 Photos) » The Drop Kings. I wish I could play little league now, I’d be way better than before. – Mitch Hedberg.

The Funday (35 Photos) » The Drop Kings


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