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The Cure for Bad PowerPoint: A Review of Presentation Zen | Cult of Pedagogy. Presenting engaging music lessons: swag your slideshows with Sway | Midnight Music. Swag your slideshows with Sway This article has been written by a guest author. If you’re an educator or music industry professional who is interested in contributing an article to the Midnight Music blog, you can apply here. The author of today’s article is Jacob Garcia. In his role as the Education Manager for the Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra, Jacob oversees educational outreach programs and concerts and creates lesson plans for use by teachers of K-12 students.

In this article, Jacob shares a his tips for creating a visually engaging presentation that incorporates a range of multimedia content. – Katie Wardrobe Presentation tools: which one? Presenting relevant lessons to students is always a top goal for educators; but finding novel ways to present these to “digital natives” can be challenging. I have used Powerpoint and Google Slides in the classroom for basic information, but I wanted to find something more visually engaging.

Example presentation: Shake Your Bones (Danse Macabre) On Flipboard. Features. Nonprofit Pricing | Why Do I Teach? | Poetic Justice. Visible Tweets – A Twitter visualisation for displaying at events. Movenote. My Presentations Resource.