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Si l'homme était dot d'une e-mémoire totale et ternelle. What the strange persistence of rockets can teach us about innovation.By Neal Stephenson. The phenomena of path dependence and lock-in can be illustrated with many examples, but one of the most vivid is the gear we use to launch things into space. Rockets are a very old invention.

The Chinese have had them for something like 1,000 years. The Chess Master and the Computer by Garry Kasparov. Chess Metaphors: Artificial Intelligence and the Human Mind by Diego Rasskin-Gutman, translated from the Spanish by Deborah Klosky MIT Press, 205 pp., $24.95. Conversation, discovery and reputation: tools for navigating the age of abundance « Planning in High Heels. Contemplating the extraordinary wealth of ideas and inspiration coming out of this year’s South by South West Interactive, it struck me that while they initially seemed disparate (visualizing music libraries, social media and revolution, the path to better crowdsourcing), many of the panels and ideas that excited me most had certain key themes in common.

Conversation, discovery and reputation: tools for navigating the age of abundance « Planning in High Heels

Fundamentally, they all addressed the emerging challenge of our time-how to successfully navigate the age of abundance-an age where there is more information, more content and more connectivity that we could possibly have imagined even a decade ago. The power of conversation Unsurprisingly, Clay Shirky was first up to tackle this theme, with a characteristically barnstorming take on social media and revolution. His start point was that abundance is a profoundly powerful and disruptive political force-the power of abundance to disrupt is a recurring Shirky preoccupation. Steve Jobs' 2005 Stanford Commencement Address. Press Info - Letter from Steve Jobs. Steve Jobs’s Best Quotes - Digits. Steve Jobs. I last saw Steve Jobs a year and half ago.

Steve Jobs

I spent an hour alone in his company while he showed me the latest piece of magical hardware to have come from the company he had founded in 1976, the yet to be released Apple iPad. Naturally I was flattered to have been approved by him to be the one to write a profile for Time Magazine and to be given a personal demonstration of the device of which he was so clearly proud and for which he had such high hopes. The political party that wants to ban PowerPoint. PowerPoint is ubiquitous, but some people really hate it.

The political party that wants to ban PowerPoint

Photograph: Alamy Switzerland could become the first country to outlaw PowerPoint presentations if a new party runs in the October parliamentary elections.