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Sustainable Development

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Sustainable Development II

Sustainable Civilization. Rethinking sustainable development in the Anthropocene. This week, a bunch of us published an article in the international journal Nature entitled Sustainable development goals for people and planet.

Rethinking sustainable development in the Anthropocene

NChild_300_s99. Sustainability. Achieving sustainability will enable the Earth to continue supporting human life.


In ecology, sustainability is how biological systems remain diverse and productive. Développement durable ? ENCYCLOPEDIA OF ALTERNATIVE ENERGY AND SUSTAINABLE LIVING. What is Sustainable Development? For a sustainable and desirable future. Sustainable Development. Our precious planet "Why use up the forests which were centuries in the making and the mines which required ages to lay down, if we can get the equivalent of forest and mineral products in the annual growth of the hemp fields?

Sustainable Development

" - Henry Ford Sustainable development design systems ensure the Bio diversity and life support for healthy ECO systems. Healthy ECO systems translate to our health and future survival, simply because human beings are a smaller aspect of a larger ecology.Unsustainable development began when the conception of progress was defined as industrial growth and economic expansion. The education system and public relations campaign promoted "consumption".Corporate priorities were allocated to profit through what can only be described as "inappropriate technologies".Through systems, manufacturing and construction that today still causes acid rain , ozone depletion, climate change and leaves a toxic aftermath that PERMANENTLY effects humans and Eco immune systems.

Source Source. The Universal Principles of Sustainable Development. By Terry Mock and Tony Wernke, SLDI Co-founders Follow Terry and Tony on Twitter: Terry @SustainLandDev; Tony @Sustainable4U This article is Part 3 in the Fractal Sustainable Development Trilogy.

The Universal Principles of Sustainable Development

Part 1: Designing a ‘Big Wheel’ for Civilization Part 2: Like Life Itself, Sustainable Development is Fractal As a comprehensive sustainable development decision model, The SLDI Code™ functions as a completely integrated, fractal matrix which leads decision-makers from the foundation of triple-bottom-line sustainability to sustainable results. Alex Steffen: The route to a sustainable future. Overpopulation is a Myth. Overpopulation is a myth. UN warns of looming worldwide food crisis in 2013. World grain reserves are so dangerously low that severe weather in the United States or other food-exporting countries could trigger a major hunger crisis next year, the United Nations has warned.

UN warns of looming worldwide food crisis in 2013

Failing harvests in the US, Ukraine and other countries this year have eroded reserves to their lowest level since 1974. The US, which has experienced record heatwaves and droughts in 2012, now holds in reserve a historically low 6.5% of the maize that it expects to consume in the next year, says the UN. Only Organics Can Feed the Hungry World: Here's Why. Students working on UGA's organic demonstration farm in summer 2012. (Photo: UGA College of Ag)A new approach to agriculture that combines the best in industrial production with organic and sustainable practices is the key to meeting the changing needs of a changing world, where resources are rapidly depleted by a growing population.

"Are Organic Foods Safer or Healthier Than Conventional Alternatives? " is the title of a controversial report released last week by Stanford University's Center For Health Policy. Bhutan To Be First Country to Go 100% Organic. If there was ever a nation that could see the purpose behind organic, sustainable farming, it would be a nation that is composed mostly of farmers.

Bhutan To Be First Country to Go 100% Organic

Such a place does exist, and it soon may be the first nation to go 100% organic, paving the way for others to do the same on a global scale. The Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan is known for a high level of citizen happiness, but it is doing something even more noteworthy in the near future. With Prime Minister Jigmi Thinley making a major announcement regarding the organic farming project at the Rio+20 Conference on Sustainable Development which took place last month, the move has made national headlines. It’s called the National Organic Policy, and it is fueled by the simple concept that working ‘in harmony with nature’ will yield the most powerful results — all without sacrificing human health or the environment. Disaster Preparedness Kit. IS SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT.pdf. …7 POINTS AGENDA ON GREEN ECONOMY FOR SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT. Nigeria has been largely unfortunate not to have good and progressive political leaders, and this has resulted in perpetuating Nigeria in poverty and underdevelopment despite her huge GREEN ECONOMY.


This persistent failure of the Nigeria System has produced a large army of bitter critics, who consistently point out the ills in the Governance of Nigeria and potter alternative ways of doing it better. The Coming Food Crisis. Feed Your City: Architecture + Farming. Brooklyn Grange by Bromley Caldari Architects Architizer is hosting the world’s definitive architectural awards program, with 50+ categories and 200+ jurors.

Feed Your City: Architecture + Farming

As part of an ongoing series, we’re spotlighting projects that fit into “Plus” categories, including “Farming,” that tap into topical and culturally relevant themes. To see a full list of categories and learn more about the awards, visit 6,000 lbs of food on 1/10th acre - Urban Farm - Urban Homestead - Growing Your Own Food. How 1 MILLION Pounds Of Organic Food Can Be Produced On 3 Acres. By Andy Whiteley Co-Founder of Wake Up World The quality and accessibility of our food supply is a mounting issue today.

How 1 MILLION Pounds Of Organic Food Can Be Produced On 3 Acres

With GMOs, chemical pesticides and low-nutrition processed foods now commonplace in the mainstream supply, taking control of your own food supply is one of the smartest things you can do – for your health and for your hip pocket. So, with limited space, how can we create an independent food supply? PART 2 - How 1 MILLION Pounds Of Organic Food Can Be Produced On 3 Acres. By Andy Whiteley.

PART 2 - How 1 MILLION Pounds Of Organic Food Can Be Produced On 3 Acres

SOA architects continue to design Vertical... This Vertical Farm in Chicago Is Cool, But Can It Really Be the Future? Humans will probably be living on Mars within a few decades, but we're still a long, long ways away from finding the next Earth. With our population booming and only about 37.7 percent of the Earth's land even suitable for farming, we're going to continue to have to develop higher and higher tech methods of producing food for ourselves. While productivity in traditional agriculture has increased markedly in the last century, there's still that question of limited space. That's created interested in various alternative methods, included the indoor, vertical farming methods espoused by the subject of the AP's video above.

Urban and indoor farming isn't a new idea, but Farmedhere's operation is pretty impressive. Vertical farming: 60 sq meters producing 2000kg fodder a week. Barley sprout superfood for livestock. Alkaline Ionized Water - Benefits Of Drinking Alkaline Ionized Water Is Well Known Part 3. Shrimp and vegetables and human Symbiotic relationship 蝦菜人共生. OECD calls for policy reform and technology to prevent impending water crisis. The OECD has released a report outlining the challenges humanity faces to maintain water resources in the future (Photo: Shutterstock) Image Gallery (2 images) Worldwide population growth and the related rapid increase in urbanization is already posing problems in many areas for the management of that most precious of resources, water.

With these problems only set to intensify, the Organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development (OECD) has released a report outlining the challenges humanity faces to maintain water resources in the face of demographic growth and climate change. Called Meeting the Water Reform Challenge, the report says that urgent reform of water policies is crucial in order to preserve human and environmental health as well as economic growth.

According to UN figures, more than one billion people lack access to safe drinking water. Global water demand (Source: The Environmental Outlook Baseline,output from IMAGE suite of models) Water. The New Geopolitics of Food - By Lester R. Brown. In the United States, when world wheat prices rise by 75 percent, as they have over the last year, it means the difference between a $2 loaf of bread and a loaf costing maybe $2.10. Growing Power. Housing positive energy feedback! - Tech News. Par Robert PELZER - Président du BET BETEC Voici un exemple de bâtiment de 30 logements collectifs à énergie positive. Trois de ces logements ont été « instrumentés » pour connaître en continu les relevés de consommations réelles.

Cette synthèse présentée lors de l’Université ICO du 11 au 13 mai 2011, vous livre les résultats. -New HOme Project « Leifur Thor’s WorldPress Station. Imagine a home that provides a level of comfort and ease of living beyond what’s known. Now imagine this home uses less energy while providing that superior standard of living. In this century, wouldn’t we rather have a home that harvests energy quietly instead of using it? An enclosed space three average people with no special skills can assemble noise free, and with no special building tools in three weeks from start to finish. Seawater Greenhouses Produce Tomatoes in the Desert. According to the World Health Organization, about 20 percent of the world’s people live in regions that don’t have enough water for their needs. With the global population increasing by 80 million each year, a third of the planet will likely face water shortages by 2025. Sustainable Communities Wheel.

How-To plastic bottle green house build guide ! Plastic-Eating Fungi Found In The Amazon May Solve World’s Waste Problem. Boy discovers microbe that eats plastic. 16 year old Makes Bioplastic from Banana Peels & Wins $50,000 Science Award. Debunk this: FREE ENERGY. ABC World News (Off the Grid) HYDROGEN FREE ENERGY OFF THE GRID HOUSE SOLAR POWERED 1/2. HYDROGEN FREE ENERGY OFF THE GRID HOUSE SOLAR POWERED 2/2. Biosolar photosystem solar energy harvesting chip. Paul Hellyer: UFO Disclosure For Clean Energy. (Official Trailer) THRIVE: What On Earth Will It Take?


LiFi. Desarrollo Sostenible Empresarial. SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT. Green Issues. Green Tech. Agriculture. Eco Geek. Eco Friendly Companies. Sustainability / Eco. Eco-efficiency. Ecology. Ecology. Ecology & Environment, Energy. Environmental Ecology. Sustainable development. Sustainability: The Great Transition to The Green Path. The Age of NGO's Rise to Power. Future Cities. Natural Building. Green & Frugal: Living & Building. Green Architecture. Green/Sustainable Design Concepts.

Sustainable Building. Organic Architecture, Sustainable Lifestyle, Permaculture. Sustainable housing. Alternative Living. Alternative Housing. Architecture & Design. Architecture. Green living. Sustainable Building. Future Society & Enviroment. The World That Can Be/New Future. Think Global. World Peace. Onecommunity. The Plan. What our civilization needs is a billion-year plan. Artist’s concept of a Kardashev Type 2 civilization (credit: Chris Cold) Lt Col Garretson — one of the USAF’s most farsighted and original thinkers — has been at the forefront of USAF strategy on the long-term future in projects such as Blue Horizons (on KurzweilAI — see video), Energy Horizons, Space Solar Power, the AF Futures Game, the USAF Strategic Environmental Assessment, and the USAF RPA Flight Plan.

Save the Planet. Environmental Concerns. 2013-01-15-waterfluoridationfacts.jpg (800×1218) Sodium Fluoride. DEMOCRATS  AGAINST  U. N.  AGENDA  21 - OK, So what is Agenda 21? And why should I care? Part 1. UN Agenda 21.