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Tools. How Do I Create a Business Plan? Business Plan Software & Guide: Front of Business Plan. The front parts of most business plans comprise the following: Although these five items appear at the very start of a plan, their drafting may be deferred until the Body of the plan and its Appendices have been completed.

Business Plan Software & Guide: Front of Business Plan

Even if the Basic Information and 1. Introduction are drafted at an earlier stage, the 2. Summary of Plan should not be written until the entire plan has been finalized. 5 Ways to Stop Dreaming and Start Building Your New Business Now. Dreaming is easy. Starting? Not so much. Here are five ways to make the first steps easier. How to Crowdfund Your Next Big Idea. Scott Steinberg is a small business expert, professional keynote speaker, noted strategic consultant, and creator of The Business Expert’s Guidebook series and video show Business Expert: Small Business Tips, Trends and Advice.

How to Crowdfund Your Next Big Idea

Entrepreneurs and startups can download and share free guides, tip sheets and inside advice from his website. Cult favorite video game developer Double Fine recently shocked investors by raising over $1 million in 24 hours on Kickstarter for its new adventure game, despite the genre’s supposed death. Could Obsessive Research Be the Cure for Procrastination? There’s a lot of ways to procrastinate.

Could Obsessive Research Be the Cure for Procrastination?

Extra pushes of the snooze button, the final cram session before an exam, waiting until midlife to pick a career. Maybe you’re procrastinating right now. I used to believe most of this was just inertia. With a push, you could start rolling and finish the work with less effort. Steps in the Research Process. The Research Process. Key Elements of the Research Proposal. Ultimate Guide How to Make a Successful Kickstarter Campaign. How do artists, inventors, and entrepreneurs raise money for their big ideas?

Ultimate Guide How to Make a Successful Kickstarter Campaign

Increasingly, the answer is crowdfunding. As the Internet becomes a faster, friendlier, and better-connected place, it has never been easier to raise large amounts of money online. Kickstarter is the website leading the pack. Kickstarter. 14 Kickstarter Projects We're Excited for in 2014. After the holiday leftovers have disguised themselves in countless sandwich renditions, it'll be time to put 2013 behind us and look to a new year.

14 Kickstarter Projects We're Excited for in 2014

Along with 2014 comes a new year for innovation, and where else to look for smart design than the budding projects on Kickstarter? We browsed some techie Kickstarter projects and picked our favorites that are nearing funding or were just recently funded. Most will begin delivery in early 2014, but many of these projects are slated to deliver later in December as well.

Sponsorships. How To Start and Internet Business With No Money. A couple of days ago I have found this article.

How To Start and Internet Business With No Money

My Advice for Starting a Business. By Leo Babauta Recently I encouraged my 13-year-old daughter Maia to start a vegan cupcake business, and it’s so exciting to watch her get started.

My Advice for Starting a Business

As I talked to her about starting, she had some worries: She didn’t know how.She didn’t know what kind of business to create.She was worried she’d fail. YouTube. 5 Freelance Tools To Succeed On Your Own ~ Krrb Blog. Working in your underwear?

5 Freelance Tools To Succeed On Your Own ~ Krrb Blog

We have the tools you need to make your freelancing career a success! Photo: If you’re looking to take your career into your hands, then the freedom and independence of freelancing can be very exciting. How to Start Freelancing With No Experience. The freelancing industry enjoyed impressive growth in the past several years.

How to Start Freelancing With No Experience

In 2011, the Financial Times (UK) reported a 12% growth in the number of freelancers from 2008. Popular freelance broker site Elance enjoyed consistent growth in past years, with the number of jobs posted rising from around 200,000 in the first quarter of 2012 to 300,000 in the same period in 2013. In addition to a more flexible work schedule, freelancers tend to be happy. According to the 2012 Freelance Industry Report, 90% of freelancers are happier now than they were before going solo, and nearly half felt no impact from the economic downturn. Perhaps most tellingly, 77% of freelancers were optimistic about their business prospects over the following 12 months. Hire freelancers and find freelance jobs instantly. App makers. Want to Build a New App? There's an App for That, Too.

Competition in Apple’s App Store is so tough that even strong concepts must be planned to perfection before any development should start.

Want to Build a New App? There's an App for That, Too

So enter App Cooker: A hot new iPad app that makes sure other apps have the right ingredients in place before any development begins. App Cooker ($19.99) from Sophia-Antipolis, France-based Hot Apps Factory helps aspiring designers organize, plan and get app projects ready for production. 30-year-old Xavier Veyrat — the designer of App Cooker — spoke to Mashable about the development of the platform and the steps that go into creating a masterpiece app recipe. Have you always been into design? Smart Phone app ‘Fooducate’ could be the Beginning of the end of GMO. One of the biggest obstacles holding people back from eating healthy is easy access to resourceful information, about chemicals in foods, or natural remedies and supplements, and about new choices to make right at the store.

If only technology made something for your phone, so you could scan every product’s barcode and get a quick, reliable summary of what you’re really getting. For instance, is it GMO? Does it contain gluten? How to build an app: 25 great tutorials. How To Make An App With Zero Experience. While it seems like anyone can put together an app in an afternoon and make millions selling digital tat to nerds, it's not actually that simple. Well, not anymore. Making apps takes time. It's difficult work, and involves a lot of knowledge and thought - and practice. It also requires great ideas, collaboration with artists, marketing and salespeople, as well as a healthy dose of luck and money. Usually. App Builder, Make an App, Mobile App Maker Software.

This Is How You Make iPhone Apps by The App Dojo. I'll teach you how to make iPhone apps with this complete iOS development tutorial. You'll learn how to create apps using the same tools and techniques used to make the top apps in The App Store. No coding experience? No problem. How To Create A Simple Google Chrome App In Less Than 5 Minutes. If you take a look at Google’s “Web Store” many Google Chrome apps listed there are basically just quick ways to access web-pages. For example, the official Google Docs app does what? It opens The Hootsuite app? Intel App Dev Tools. Politique / Activisme. Drone on Your iPhone: Apple Drops Objections to App Tracking U.S. Strikes Overseas.

Activism Developments. » New Phone App Helps Tattle on Neighbors with Guns Alex Jones. List of Famous Activists - Biographies, Timelines, Trivia & Life History. Strategies and tools for digital campaigning - Iceweasel. Profiles of Activist Organizations and Foundations. Activism by method. How to Boycott Big Tech.


Knowledge is power ~ P.L.U.R ~ Ron paul on knowledge. Read More – Knowledge is Power! (Proverbs 3:13-14) John Antonios - Branding Strategist & Executive Coach. Knowledge. Knowledge. Cymatic experiment. Ancient Knowledge. Martin Truther: The Red Pill Guide to the Top 20 Secrets of our Times. Dangerous Knowledge. The Invasion of Your Mind and Now They’re Admitting it, Silent Broadcast. 10 Modern Methods of Mind Control. Unacceptable defeat. Greed, Secrecy, Deception & Genocide. Intrepid spirit. LaoTzaqoute. 6 Brainwashing Techniques They're Using On You Right Now. Brainwashing doesn't take any sci-fi gadgetry or Manchurian Candidate hypnotism bullshit. Knowledge. Knowledge sharing through social media. 10 volunteer opportunities for free travel.

Developer finds hidden smartphone logging app. » Apple Rejects App That Tracks U.S. Drone Strikes Alex Jones. Android App Development for Beginners: Layout and UI Options, Part One. How to build an app: 36 great tutorials. Label GMO. Hire Freelancers & Find Freelance Jobs Online - As freelancing rises, unemployment rates drop - National Fiverr. 13 Crowdfunding Websites to Fund Your Business.

The Seven Steps of the Research Process. How to Become an Internet Researcher. Free Business Plans.