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everyone's counting calories, no one's counting chemicals.

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  1. aroman Apr 14 2015
    websites that would allow me to do what i did in Pearltrees, none. after i discarded certain billionaires and their dubious offers, Pearltrees was coincidentally sold a month later when i put up as my website on Instagram, 4 weeks later, no more v1 $$, that's where they got that 60,000 anonymous user statement from. The email i made specifically for Pearltrees since the beginning is but I am Andres Roman and i can be found on all social media as sanandr3s IG, PT, FB. is what i am mainly using to spread the message now. and i advertise and sell Youngevity products, check out my sales pitch here: i have the blog up to help promote or find me a sponsor in order to do more with the information i have collected in my pearltrees but the blog is empty; I am not so great at coding or website design Maybe C4T youtube channel would be a better option for sponsorship or that needed financial boost
  2. s243a Apr 8 2015
    What other sites do you use? Social media blogs, etc.
  3. aroman Mar 25 2015
    shows on October 14, 2014 close to 15K users were able to access and just recently on February 15, 2015 another 2.5K users, that « content delivery network » is actually v1 which you have granted access and exclusivity to a $elect few while scrutinously surveilling and monitoring everything and everyone else. The service was not slow before and now it is coincidently provided by Amazon servers which all IPs are shown to be owned by Merck and Co.? , , , , , . A « content delivery network » to worldwide corporations only affiliated with Merck and Co. / Trisara Venture Partners/ American Incorporators Ltd as AGAIN can be seen by performing a simple whois on all IP’s shown in: The leading countries are United Stated with 32.69% (4K.users), Russia w/ 24.81% (3.7K.users), Netherlands w/ 9.94% (1.4K.users), France w/ 5.41% (0.8K,users), and Germany w/5.37% (0.8K.users). [ users were calculated by taking the specific country percentages; from the maximum number of views (15K) shown on October 14, 2014; to; as shown in ] Re-read my article on Democratic Dissent
  4. aroman Mar 25 2015
    @Francois you are a liar! V1 was already ‘delivering images instantaneously all over the world.’ What is Pearltrees privacy policy? “ disclosure of your personal and non-personal information collected by us.” • Confidentiality and security of your personal information is a priority for Pearltrees. • We do not keep any record of your particular browsing unless you choose to register voluntarily with the extension. In addition, all private data related to your identification (such as email addresses) are never made public. displays granted confidentiality and security privileges to Corporations affiliated with Merck and Co. while keeping record of all web browsing. What ever happened to the legality and lawfulness of the statements below? • Protection and confidentiality of your personal data is a major concern of Pearltrees. • We do not share with thirds parties any personal information about you, except to the extent strictly required for Site hosting and maintenance, database storage and management.
  5. Francois Mar 25 2015
    Hi, The address refers to a « content delivery network ». We’re using it to deliver images instantaneously all over the world. Without this service provided by amazon the images would appear very slowly.
  6. aroman Mar 25 2015
    The information provided by leads my intelligence, logic, and common sense into concluding that CEO Patrice Lamothe backed by the ‘democratic’ French law offices of Broceliand SAS have granted access of the authentic structural-link-design to daily visitors from all over the world as can be seen in: The first version was ‘discontinued,’ yet thousands of individuals are able to connect to ? As it turns out, ‘Democratizing the Organization of Digital Information’; can easily be seen by performing a simple whois on all IP’s shown in:
  7. aroman Nov 17 2014
    @reel veo que v2 fue creada solo y exclusivamente para impedir el crecimiento continuo que esta teniendo mi colleccion. todo el trabajo hecho en la version 1 fue vendida a cambio por sus silencio; ahora esta siendo observada, atacada, censurada y rastreada digitalmente a-la-Snowden gracias a Pearltrees.!. " 'bravo!' "
  8. reel Nov 15 2014
    @aroman Como ves el porvenir de tu trabajo, ahora, en la version n° 2 de Pearltrees ? :-))