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ALIM - Fonti letterarie. CONSISTORY DATABASE. Medieval Manuscripts in Dutch Collections — Koninklijke Bibliotheek. AALT Home Page. Detail - SPK-Digital. Carolingian Canon Law Project. Nomen et Gens. Biblioteca Nazionale Marciana - Venezia. Pagina di benvenuto. The Making of Charlemagne's Europe. Norwich. The constitution of Tudor Norwich was based on two early 15th-century charters, one of 1404 incorporating it as a county under the name of the citizens and community, and another of 1417 setting out the arrangements for civic elections.


The mayor and two sheriffs were assisted by 24 aldermen and by a common council of 60, chosen annually by the city’s four wards. There were a town clerk, a recorder and several lesser officials, and a number of lawyers of local birth were retained as counsel. The civic records for the period survive almost intact. Elections followed the form laid down in the Liber Albus of Norwich: Manorial Documents Register. The core printed primary and secondary sources for the medieval and modern history of the British Isles.

Medieval Archaeology: Introduction. Introduction The Scanning Project In celebration of the Society for Medieval Archaeology's 50th anniversary the first fifty volumes of Medieval Archaeology have been made available in digital form.

Medieval Archaeology: Introduction

The project comprises two parts; the digitised articles have been uploaded without the corresponding plates and copyrighted images, the images are to be uploaded separately in 2008. This arrangement is to ensure that organisations and individuals are alerted to the reproduction of their images and have given their permission for them to appear on the website. Copyright The papers available here in digital form, and any copyright images within them, remain the copyright of their authors, the Society for Medieval Archaeology and any other copyright holder. Feminae: Quick Search. Digithèque de l'ULB : Digithèque Henri Pirenne. L'œuvre du professeur Henri Pirenne est tombée dans le domaine public en 2005.

Digithèque de l'ULB : Digithèque Henri Pirenne

La place et l'influence des ouvrages de l'illustre historien belge sont, plus de septante ans après sa disparition, toujours au centre du débat historique. Les Bibliothèques ont donc décidé de mettre en valeur, en la numérisant, la production scientifique de cet historien, qui a terminé sa carrière à l'ULB. Ce projet est le fruit d'une collaboration entre la BECS, les. Alan Macfarlane King's College Cambridge history anthropology. ORB: The Online Reference Book for Medieval Studies. Encyclopedia | Library | Reference | Teaching | General | Links | About ORB | HOME Copyright ©1999, . . . .

ORB: The Online Reference Book for Medieval Studies

This file may be copied on the condition that the entire contents,including the header and this copyright notice, remain intact.The contents of ORB are copyright © 1995-1999 Laura V. Blanchard and Carolyn Schriber except as otherwise indicated herein. Kloosterlijst. Inleiding Herziene versieUithoven, refugia en termijnhuizenToelichting op het gebruikThesaurus voor orde-aanduidingen Deze Kloosterlijst heeft een bescheiden pretentie.


Hij wil slechts antwoord geven op één vraag: welke kloosters zijn er in ons land tijdens de Middeleeuwen geweest, en welke dus niet? Welcome to — Accueil - Guide du lecteur du département des Manuscrits. Ce guide est destiné aux lecteurs et futurs lecteurs du département des Manuscrits.

Accueil - Guide du lecteur du département des Manuscrits

Il contient : des présentations des différentes collections ainsi que des catalogues imprimés et en ligne,des outils de travail utiles aux chercheurs travaillant sur des manuscrits,des informations pratiques sur le fonctionnement de la salle de lecture, la consultation et la reproduction des manuscrits. Destiné à des chercheurs de tous niveaux, ce guide concerne à la fois les collections de manuscrits médiévaux, contemporains et orientaux, tous consultables dans la salle de lecture du département des Manuscrits sur le site Richelieu de la BnF.

On trouve aussi des collections de manuscrits dans d'autres départements de la BnF, notamment à la Bibliothèque de l'Arsenal. Voir aussi les Collections par thèmes sur le site Monastic Archives. MeMO - MeMO, Medieval Memoria Online. Welcome to the database of Medieval Memoria Online (MeMO) Medieval Memoria Online provides a database that is accessible free of charge for researchers, students and anyone with a general interest in Dutch cultural heritage.

MeMO - MeMO, Medieval Memoria Online

It contains inventories and descriptions of objects and texts that had a function in the commemoration of the dead in the area that is currently the Netherlands, until 1580. These are: Tomb monuments and floor slabs Memorial pieces (Memorialbilder) Memorial registers (administrative and liturgical sources) Narrative sources that fulfilled functions in the commemoration of the dead The database also contains basic information on the institutions in which the sources functioned. Updated version augmented and corrected, February 2013: 37 new manuscripts and numerous fresh data have been added since the previous update (almost 250 new items since December 2010).

With warm thanks to Jean-Luc Deuffic, Eduard Frunzeanu, Renée Joosse, Max Schmitz, Livia Visser-Fuchs, Marc Gil, and Matthew Reeves for their precious suggestions. ORB: The Online Reference Book for Medieval Studies. Beeldbank Gent. The Parliament Rolls of Medieval England. Home  - Medieval Latin: Introductory Bibliography. Münchener Digitalisierungszentrum / Digitale Bibliothek. Manuscripta Mediaevalia. Manuscripta mediaevalia macht derzeit mehr als 90.000 Dokumente zu abendländischen Handschriften hauptsächlich in deutschen Bibliotheken verfügbar.

Manuscripta Mediaevalia

Für eine Recherche nutzen Sie die gezielte Suche in über zwanzig Suchfeldern, blättern durch die Bestände einzelner Bibliotheksorte oder kombinieren beide Rechercheeinstiege. Narrative Sources. Portail Telma. Medieval Badges. Iter - Resources. Erfgoedbibliotheken online. Institute for Medieval Studies. Select a link from the menu below to be taken to Web resources for that area.

Institute for Medieval Studies

Please direct suggestions for other links to be listed here to Axel Müller. Chronological Periods Late Antiquity Ammianus Marcellinus Online Project This site introduces Ammianus and his work by means of a biography, short essays on important persons as well as aspects of his work, and a bibliography of important and recent publications. Aphrodias in Late Antiquity This is the electronic, expanded and revised second edition, originating from the version published by the Society for the Promotion of Roman Studies in 1989. Medieval Memoria Online.