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Raspberry Pi. Robotics. Quadrocopter. ArduCopter - arducopter - Arduino-based autopilot for mulitrotor craft, from quadcopters to traditional helis. DIY Drones. Android. Arduino - HomePage. Sleep Tracking using an Arduino -Arduino for Projects. Background and motivation This project was motivated by two things: my almost complete inability to get out of bed in the morning, and my fondness for recording data from routine activities and making graphs with that data.

Sleep Tracking using an Arduino -Arduino for Projects

My main problem with waking up in the morning is that feeling of grogginess along with an intense desire to sleep more. However, I’ve noticed that sleeping without an alarm clock, and just waking up whenever I wake up, helps. And I’ve also noticed that sometimes when I wake up I am dramatically more refreshed than usual. Reading about sleep on the web led me to learn more about sleep cycles. “Studies show that the length of sleep is not what causes us to be refreshed upon waking. Here’s another paper of which I have since learned, that describes a “wearable interface for controlling the awakening time” based on this hypothesis:Biorhythm-Based Awakening Timing Modulation Goal The length of the sleep cycle varies for each person, and averages about 90 minutes. Procedure. How to make your own Arduino board. If your are like me which I am guessing you are, then ever since you got into doing stuff with arduino you have wanted to make your own arduino board.

How to make your own Arduino board

You may be surprised to find out that making the prototyping board is actually very easy, and can have several advantages over using the commercially sold board. For one thing, All the components together cost a little over 15 US dollars as opposed to the $30 that the Uno board sells for. second, you may not actually want a board, but may simply want the atmega chip as the heart of the project, like if you are making a synthesizer or even a robot. In that case, you can just attach the hardware necessary to use the chip, and solder to the pins you need to use without needing the board. Another advantage is making shields. You have probably noticed that digital pins 7 and 8 are not the standard distance apart, which makes it difficult to make your own custom shields without paying the $15 dollars for a protoshield every time you make one. Build Your Own Arduino. Setting up an Arduino on a breadboard has become a process I have grown to love.

Build Your Own Arduino

Within a few minutes you can have a fully working Arduino platform to work with as you will see in this tutorial. There have been several occasions when I was at school and quickly put together one of these for testing some ideas for a project. Plus it is just looks so neat with all the components laid out over the breadboard. Arduino for Projects - World Biggest Site for Arduino Projects - Tutorials - Ebooks - Project IdeasArduino for Projects. Arduino power consumption. Powerconsumption: How long will i run this on a 9V battery? Operating an Arduino for a Year from Batteries. The Arduino platform is a great product for producing a custom data collection system or controller.

Operating an Arduino for a Year from Batteries

Programming is easy via a high-level language and a simple USB connection to the Arduino board. Incredible popularity has brought plenty of publicly available code and many add-on boards for interfacing sensors, storage, and wireless communications. However, most of my projects involve collecting data for multiple months, and access to mains power is often problematic. Arduino on Pearltrees. Teensy USB Development Board. The Teensy is a complete USB-based microcontroller development system, in a very small footprint, capable of implementing many types of projects.

Teensy USB Development Board

All programming is done via the USB port. No special programmer is needed, only a standard "Mini-B" USB cable and a PC or Macintosh with a USB port. Update: Discussion / Support Forum Teensy 3.1 changes from Teensy 3.0 Teensy Loader Application Software Development Tools WinAVR C compiler. Teensyduino, add-on for Arduino IDE. Simplified USB Examples or Dean Camera's LUFA library. Breadboard Usage. How-To: Shrinkify Your Arduino Projects. How-To: Shrinkify Your Arduino Projects. Ever since I started making projects with the Arduino, I’ve had a desire to shrink them down to a single, small circuit board.

How-To: Shrinkify Your Arduino Projects

One of my first projects, a customizable SLR intervalometer, was packed in a phonebook-sized cardboard box and used the Arduino Deumilanove connected to a breadboard with jumper wires. I brought the box out to Central Park at 5am to make a timelapse of the sunrise, but when I got to the park, I spent 20 minutes fixing the connections between the Arduino, the breadboard, and the components. Since then, I’ve explored a few different ways of shrinking projects down and making them more robust. Tandy - PIR Motion Sensor Module. WIRELESS PIR MOTION SENSOR ALARM + 2 REMOTE CONTROLS SHED HOME GARAGE CARAVAN. This Motion Sensor Alarm is ideal for protecting your property against unwelcome intruders.


It can be situated to cover the front door, back door, garage, shed, outbuildings etc. It is also suitable for use on caravans and motor homes. It features a built in PIR motion sensor that will activate the alarm if any movement is detected. It is simple to fit, there are no wires to connect, just put the required batteries in, fix to a suitable surface and turn it on using one of the supplied remote controls. Features: Editing "Unnamed Circuit". HG_DS1. How to test transistors with ANY multimeter!