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Music For Kids Who Can't Read Good An Album and a Song is a series where I pick a favorite album and song from a year (working up from 1960) for your listening pleasure. One rule: The year’s album and song can not both come from the same artist. Strangely enough, the Abbey Road got mixed reviews on it’s initial release, but retrospectively it’s rightfully considered The Beatles' last and perhaps greatest masterpiece. The album contains some of the finest songwriting of the band's careers whether it was Lennon's “Come Together”, Harrison’s “Something" (his greatest Beatles contribution), or McCartney’s masterful Side 2 medley, which sees the most legendary band of all time going out in the most grand fashion possible. Music For Kids Who Can't Read Good
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BrooklynVegan Loop / FKA twigs You can browse our full NYC show calendar for all of tonight's shows, but here are some highlights... Loop, Purling Hiss, Donovan Blanc @ Le Poisson Rouge Existing for a barely five years, UK psych band Loop were one of the most perfectly-named bands ever. Rarely bothering with verse-chorus-verse song structure, the South London group took a riff and added layer upon layer till it had its own gravitational field. BrooklynVegan
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This is a timeline documenting the events of heavy metal in the year 2010. Bands disbanded[edit] Bands reformed[edit] Bands formed[edit] 2010 in heavy metal music 2010 in heavy metal music
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