A Song Of Ice And Fire

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Tower of the Hand After Dark, Good Riddance. Tower of the Hand "After Dark" invites you to mingle with other members and chat about all things off topic. What are your least favorite things about 2013-- fads, news headlines, TV shows, songs, etc.-- that you'll be happy to leave behind as we enter a new year? Here are the top comments since the last AD: kingbreaker hates historically inaccurate documentaries; wisdomcow and theDudeAbides are all about the musicals, so long as they feature a bright young star or stile as the director; anabasis888 is a fan of feel good stories; and themountainthatgolfs and Kohl like comedies, either raunchy or puntastic. Below are the top comments of 2013. They are excerpted in their entirety, and should be easy to guess the context.

Tower of the Hand