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Classroom Management in 1:1

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Ditching the Desk. I decided to focus on learning spaces this year in the classroom and around my school.

Ditching the Desk

It led me to create a makerspace in my school's library, but it also led me to take a hard look at the classroom. Last summer, I visited my classroom and decided to change it around. The entire process started with one simple question: "Is this room designed for me or for my students? " It was on this question that I based every decision I made when it came to designing the room. The Benefits of Desk-Free Teaching The major change that I made in the classroom was deciding to get rid of my teacher desk. 1. By getting rid of the teacher desk, there was more space in the room for the student desks to spread out. 2. The teacher desk has always created a barrier between student and teacher. 3. I have always considered myself an active teacher in the classroom. 4.

By the end of the year, I no longer felt comfortable calling it "my room. " 1 Classroom Management Strategies. 1:1 Classroom Management in the High School. Gear Up Presentation 2010. 1 to 1 Classroom Ideas/Management Strategies - School2Home. 5 Strategies For 1 to 1 Classroom Management. The fol­low­ing post was writ­ten by Rich Kiker who I was for­tu­nate to meet while in Philadel­phia for EduCon.

5 Strategies For 1 to 1 Classroom Management

You may have heard already that dig­i­tal lit­er­acy and increased tech­ni­cal capac­ity are crit­i­cal com­po­nents of the K-12 edu­ca­tion. I hap­pen to agree. The prob­lem is that pub­lic edu­ca­tion hasn’t had suf­fi­cient means to put enough com­put­ing devices in the hands of stu­dents. Com­put­ers have been expen­sive and if you have had a com­puter lab that you could visit with your class once a week then you had more than most.

Now with the evo­lu­tion of mobile plat­forms, net­books, tablets, and “Bring Your Own Tech­nol­ogy” pro­grams (like this one explained my @micwalker) there is a warm feel­ing in the edu­ca­tion com­mu­nity that mean­ing­ful 1 to 1 access in the class­room is pos­si­ble every­where. But before we start the parade let’s take a step back. Classroom Management in a 1:1 Environment. 1:1 Classroom Management. One-to-One Computing and Classroom Management. 8/1/2007 By: Mike Hasley from Educators' eZine If you spend some time observing the best, most-respected, teachers you will discover that one of their essential skills is good classroom management.

One-to-One Computing and Classroom Management

Classroom management is essential if you want the students to learn. There is much literature and many theories on the topic. Gone are the days of "Do it because I say so! " Many teachers would ordinarily feel challenged by the demands of managing a classroom of 25-30+ students. Luckily, managing a classroom of student's with laptops is mostly about managing the students. The following examples emphasize management strategies that work for any classroom, but are especially important with laptops: Lesson development: First and foremost to any classroom management technique is your lesson plan. Down time: If students finished the work for the day, or some are done and others are not, let them do their own thing. First use: Often, the laptops are deployed a few weeks into the school year.

Reflecting on two years of 1:1 [guest post] Beginning in the 2010-2011 school year, our school went through a number of transformations and changes, all aimed at enhancing the quality of the learning and teaching within our building.

Reflecting on two years of 1:1 [guest post]

We adapted a 5 x 3 trimester schedule providing longer class periods and a lower student-to-teacher ratio. We added a house system separating the student body into six different houses mixed by age. Through a partnership with Apple, we implemented a 1:1 laptop program with our students receiving MacBooks. Below are five lessons we learned and the two biggest struggles we continue to face. Lessons learned It’s the pedagogy not the technology. Biggest Struggles Classroom management. In conclusion, our journey is an ongoing one. Charlie Roy is the principal of Peoria Notre Dame High School, an 800-student coeducational Diocesian Catholic school in Peoria, Illinois. Five Platforms for a Classroom Back-channel Chat. Over the last month since I shared my positive experiences (here and here) of using a back-channel chat in my classroom, I've received quite a few questions about services that can be used for hosting back-channel discussions.

Five Platforms for a Classroom Back-channel Chat

The following are five free platforms that can be used hosting a back-channel chat. You'll notice that a couple of times I refer to a service called Tiny Chat. While you could use Tiny Chat, I don't endorse it for classroom use because the Tiny Chat homepage at times displays content that would be inappropriate for a classroom. Chatzy is a neat little website that I learned about from Wes Fryer. Chatzy provides a free platform for hosting your private chat area. TodaysMeet is completely free to use.