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GPU Cryptography

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OpenSSL-GPU | Labs @ sasslantis. Simulation-opencl - code container for simulations VU c++ with opencl.


Products > NITROX Security Processors > Silicon > NITROX® III. The Cavium Networks NITROX III Security Processor family is fully compatible with the market leading NITROX Security Processor product line. These new NITROX III processors combine: The industry's highest performance cryptographic acceleration with the latest security algorithms Industry leading GZIP & LZS compression Virtualization support To provide an ideal platform for the next-generation of security applications. NITROX III products are software compatible with the Cavium NITROX PX and NITROX Lite family of security processors. NITROX III processors are highly scaleable and deliver performance ranging from 5 Gbps to 40 Gbps for full IPsec protocol or SSL offload, 1024bit exponent RSA from 35K to 200K RSA operations per second, and 2048bit exponent RSA up to 35K RSA operations per second enabling an optimal solution for applications such as: For applications requiring 2.5 Gbps or below see our software compatible NITROX PX family.

GPU Gems 3 - Chapter 36. AES Encryption and Decryption on the GPU. GPU Gems 3 is now available for free online! Please visit our Recent Documents page to see all the latest whitepapers and conference presentations that can help you with your projects. You can also subscribe to our Developer News Feed to get notifications of new material on the site. Chapter 36. AES Encryption and Decryption on the GPU Takeshi Yamanouchi SEGA Corporation In this chapter, we take up integer stream processing on the GPU, which has been at best a difficult task to do on the GPU up to now.

Traditionally the GPU has been used almost exclusively for floating-point operations, because integer operations could only be done using the mantissa of floats; thus, processes that required bitwise logical operations were impossible. However, with the advent of the new GeForce 8 Series GPU, several new extensions and functions have been introduced to GPU programming. 36.1 New Functions for Integer Stream Processing 36.1.1 Transform Feedback Mode 36.1.2 GPU Program Extensions Example 36-1. !!

!! Acceleration of AES encryption on CUDA GPU | Iwai | International Journal of Networking and Computing.