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Events Calendar. We couldn't find that plugin.

Events Calendar

Maybe you were looking for one of these? Showing 1-8 of 254 plugins 12…32Next » Events Calendar ... WordPress calendar adding many useful functions to keep track of your events. WordPress Event Calendar ... CP Multi View Event Calendar ... Ajax Event Calendar ... of version 1.0) ajax-event-calendar screenshot 6 Administrative Calendar View - Manage Events ajax-event-calendar screenshot 7 Categories ... events by category ajax-event-calendar screenshot 9 Event Detail - event detail form modal window ajax-event-calendar ... PHP Event Calendar for WordPress ... Event Calendar & Ticketing ... your eventscalendar system event-calendar-ticketing screenshot 6 Event listing page example, with complete event details event-calendar-ticketing screenshot 7 Event ...

Sugar Events Calendar Lite ... , event categories, widgets for displaying calendars and event filters, and more. Simple Events Calendar 12…32Next » You may also try your search at Google. Share, Tag and Organize events for promotion via Twitter - Calen. Event Calendar. Calendar for WordPress. Written by Jim Reyes in Kieran O’Shea has released a Calendar for WordPress plugin.

Calendar for WordPress

 It looks like the regular Google Calendar webpage embed except that any calendar edits are made within the WordPress dashboard instead.  This plugin displays a full-month calendar (no option for daily and weekly spreads, yet) with all your events displayed per date.  The user hovers the mouse pointer over an event and a full description of the event is displayed. You can download the calendar right here. Features Calendar is feature rich and will continue to become better as development continues. This post was written by jim.

Easy WordPress and Google Calendar Integration. Google Calendar was meant not only to make your life easier with a free, easily-accessible online calendar.

Easy WordPress and Google Calendar Integration

You can also use Google Calendar to collaborate and share your events and online activities with other people. But for some, it’s a bit complicated to have to ask others to view your Google Calendar from their own accounts. If you’re a WordPress blogger or a webmaster running a site that uses WordPress as content mangement system, you can easily add your Google Calendar entries on your blog or website. There are actually several ways of including Google Calendar content on websites, such as direct embedding (more on this later). But I recently discovered a useful WordPress plugin that lets you display your Google Calendar entries on a WordPress blog without much effort. The plugin is called wpng-calendar and is accessible via Google Code. Then download the plugin, extract the plugin files, and then upload these to your /wp-content/plugins folder. Web Calendars from

WP SMASHING WordPress Theme at Bust A Theme. In creating WP SMASHING I updated the functionality of the just-released WP CALENDAR by adding a theme options page in the admin menu.

WP SMASHING WordPress Theme at Bust A Theme

The plugin allows you to choose how the calendar functionality is displayed – if you choose to display it all. WP SMASHING is completely widget-ready with 4 widget zones (3 column footer and a single column sidebar). You can choose to use the calendar on the index page or not, it’s up to you. Each day displays the titles of posts for that day. If there is more text than can fit in a calendar day you’ll see a custom scroll bar.

Also included in this theme is a simple contact form in the footer. There are a LOT of possibilities with this theme and it was great creating it for Smashing Magazine. Welcome to Tungle. SCHED*: The ultimate social scheduling app for your conference,