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3 Step Guide to Analyze Open-ended Survey Responses. What’s the great thing about open-ended questions?

3 Step Guide to Analyze Open-ended Survey Responses

You get genuine opinions from people as they are not bound to select from the available answer choices. However, the real challenge begins when you have hundreds of responses to review. This type of analysis is called qualitative data analysis. And for most researchers, the least favorite thing. How to Monitor and Enhance Customer Experience amid COVID-19.

Over 6 million Corona cases worldwide and still counting!

How to Monitor and Enhance Customer Experience amid COVID-19

Yes, this is the harsh reality of Corona. The economic slump has hit hardly a number of countries and businesses across the globe like never before. With several stores still closed and production and supply chains impacted, monitoring customer experience is the ‘silver lining’ that can save a business from huge losses amidst these unprecedented times. As keeping your customer experience intact will help retain your customer base and mitigate impacts on your sales. Let's Partner up through our Sugar and Suite Program. Who can join our partnership?

Let's Partner up through our Sugar and Suite Program

Whether you are a SugarCRM or SuiteCRM elite partner, reseller, advocate, a tech enthusiast, a solopreneur, a professional salesman, a marketer or literally any CRM user, our Sugar & Suite partnership program is open for all --- if you are looking add an extra income source and expand it further. TapCRM: How These 6 Industries Can Use It.

Any business, and that means anywhere there is an exchange of goods and services for money or other goods and services, needs to have a database and a ledger.

TapCRM: How These 6 Industries Can Use It

Years ago, it was in books, written in ink, then it moved to computers on spreadsheets, and then finally to Customer Relationship Management tools. Now the CRM has become much more sophisticated than it used to be and it is available in your pocket. Our product TapCRM, a SuiteCRM mobile app, puts your SuiteCRM on your phone and gives you some special mobile specific features. There are 6 major industries that we are talking about today that can leverage the benefits of having a mobile CRM. Here are the six industries: It is Time You Revamped Your Sales Funnel. A conventional sales funnel has basically four stages: - In the awareness stage, customers visit your site as leads where they learn about your product(s)/service(s). - In the consideration stage, leads research other options that might be more cost-effective or more efficient before they decide on one brand.

It is Time You Revamped Your Sales Funnel

You convince them to consider your product(s)/service(s) over your competitors’ and provide them with the information about what they need to know for resolution of their issues. They thus become prospects and then turn into qualified prospects when they eventually see value in your offering(s) and budget-friendliness. - In the decision stage, customers decide to go with the best-fitting solution after having researched all the options available. . - In the action stage, customers actually buy your product(s)/service(s) after they get fully convinced of your brand and its offerings. How to Use Surveys to Enhance Your Buyer's Journey. Online and offline marketing are the two pillars of the marketing department of any company.

How to Use Surveys to Enhance Your Buyer's Journey

While companies still practice offline marketing, they have shifted their focus on the online marketing of late. The reason? The rise of the digital age. In online marketing, content forms a crucial part. How to Select the Right CRM Survey Module. SuiteCRM Live Tracking: Keep an Eagle Eye on Sales Activities. CRM Mobile Apps: What Freedom Feels Like. Customer relationship management is a cyclic process.

CRM Mobile Apps: What Freedom Feels Like

Customer Portal for WordPress. Dynamics CRM Customer Portal for WordPress helps businesses create a self-service customer portal with Dynamics CRM as the backend data repository & WordPress as the front end user interface.

Customer Portal for WordPress

It combines the user friendliness of WordPress with the robustness of Dynamics CRM to create a portal that can be set-up fast, with minimal investment. Product FeaturesDecide which modules of Dynamics CRM to be made accessible to portal users.Create portal accounts for all CRM contacts in bulk.Configure layout (list,edit and detail view) of each accessible module in Dynamics CRM.Customize your portal - give it a name, add logo, display options, theme & module color, etcSecure sign-in for portal users.Attractive dashboard with shortcut icons for all enabled modules.Any edit, update or deletion of records from portal will get reflected in CRM.Directly view activities (appointments, calls) in calendar. Appexchange.salesforce. Sugar CRM and IoT: The Synergy That Will Drive the Next Level Customer Experience. According to Gartner, there will be more than 25 billion connected things by 2020.

Sugar CRM and IoT: The Synergy That Will Drive the Next Level Customer Experience

It means the Internet of Things is going to be a huge connected network between people-to-people, people-to-things, and things-to-things. It is not only connecting with us more, it is also changing the way we live. Whether we prefer to notice it or not, yet IoT is transforming our surroundings and will keep on doing it. Now, let’s talk about CRMs. In earlier days, the focus of CRMs was to reduce the cost around customer acquisition, retention, and servicing them. Blending Automation with Convenience So, IoT is changing the way people live and Sugar CRM is changing the way enterprise work. Is it possible? SensorsWireless Internet ConnectivityComputational Capability at the Device i.e. Gartner researched recently about the drivers of a CRM applications.

Reason Why You Should Choose Mobile CRM and What is the Future of It? How Can Customer Portals Add Value to Your Business? Certain qualities make one business discrete from another.

How Can Customer Portals Add Value to Your Business?

The willingness to improve, expand, and the potential to build sustainable relationships are some of them. In today’s era of high customer expectations, you must fulfill Omni channel demands if you want to succeed. And this becomes possible only through tools like customer portals. A superior quality portal provides with a holistic and a personalized perspective of what your customers are looking for. Talking about portals, having just a portal in place doesn’t work. Through this blog, we will check out some of the ways in which customer portals can add value to your business. Offering Insights to Your Customers.