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Get result-oriented magento extension, sugarcrm & suitecrm plugins, dynamics crm & wordpress widgets, odoo apps & themes and mobile application to boost business revenue.

The Smart Way to Achieve Your Regional Sales Target

CRM Portal and Plugins. WordPress Plugins. Dynamics CRM. Magento Extensions. Attract your Customers with the Perfect Odoo Theme. 3 Reasons Why Your CRM App Should be Mobile Friendly. Having a CRM is no big deal now.

3 Reasons Why Your CRM App Should be Mobile Friendly

In fact, it can come across as a surprise if the sales processes of an organization are running smoothly in absence of a CRM software. And that being said, an application that works in PCs and Desktops does not suffice anymore. Having a CRM mobile App is must. According to a research by Forrester, “Nearly 50% of huge enterprises and 40% of small and medium sized enterprises make use of mobile applications for sales.” If you have a Suite or SugarCRM system, having a SuiteCRM/SugarCRM Mobile App alone doesn’t suffice. Opens Up Communication Channels The primary function of any CRM is to help the sales and support executives communicate with their customers. As an admin of the CRM, you can assign roles to different employees for planning sales meetings, schedules and more.

Enhanced Accessibility Every application you search for will claim to be the best CRM mobile app in the market. Reduces Administrative Tasks. How to Overcome the Language Barrier While Selling Online? How Magento Deals with Different Level of Your Inventory Management Tasks? SuiteCRM Survey Rocket Plugin, Best Online Customer Survey Software. I entered the correct license key but it still says "License validation failed... ". What to do? Our license key works on the site URL entered in the config.php file (this file is available in the root directory). So, if the URL provided to us and the site URL does not match, then the license key validation fails.

You can contact us on live chat or generate a ticket to change the URL if required.Can I create multiple surveys using the same survey template? Yes, you can create multiple surveys using the same template. SugarPort - SugarCRM Customer Portal for WordPress. 5 Reasons Why You Need An Efficient Dynamics CRM Management Software! 6 Benefits of CRM for Small Businesses. Looking for a better way to manage customers to grow your small business?

6 Benefits of CRM for Small Businesses

What you need is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. A CRM system is a business tool that assists you to do more with your customers by managing the customer data and provides a 360 degree view of your customers. CRM is not just for large enterprises. Today there are many CRM tools that fit every budget and are also highly robust and customizable. The Ramifications of Poorly Designed Surveys and How to Overcome Them?

Surveys drive business decisions. And we have been hearing this for long. But the question here is, how many of these surveys are genuine? Australia Post Shipping Magento 2. Explore the Organizational Intelligence with Salesforce Wordpress Portal. Best Odoo Apps That Can Help Taking Your Business to Another Level. Odoo is considered to be one of the most popular and well-accepted frameworks when it comes to having a successfully running website. And why not? Afterall, it is robust, provides with classy designs and runs without any glitches. But apart from the regular and basic functionalities provided by Odoo, business owners are always looking for modules that can be easily merged with their customer management systems and ERP.

These modules can be obtained by installing some Odoo apps. Several business owners from all over the world have been investing on these apps to streamline their business processes. 1. This is one of the must have and bestselling report creation app. 2. A well-thought Search Engine Optimization is everything for your business needs to succeed on the World Wide Web. 3.

Understanding the Significance of Surveys and How Do They Help? AppJetty - Magento Extensions, WordPress & Sugar/SuiteCRM Plugins, Odoo & Mobile Apps. A Complete SEO Solution for Magento. How Magento Deals with Different Level of Your Inventory Management Tasks? Just imagine, on a hectic day, you are processing a big order.

How Magento Deals with Different Level of Your Inventory Management Tasks?

All of a sudden you get a call from your customer who wishes to place an order to you. One of your employees picks up the call and respond to the customer. Due to a bit of load on the Magento based system, he fumbles and even make your customer wait for span while the system software works. Track Order. How Delivery Date Scheduler Helps eCommerce Stores? Process of delivering products through e-commerce has evolved since the start of ecommerce, as conclusions from a new Retail Survey show, clients want more & more flexibility in ordered product delivery options, and retailers have to present this to boost conversions.

How Delivery Date Scheduler Helps eCommerce Stores?

Insufficient Delivery Options = Dumped Purchases! Let's face it, all the customers don’t have the time to hang around for delivery of their purchase, so need of the hour is to use Delivery Date Scheduler. Regular delivery will go well with few clients but most of them would not prefer to wait longer and will be willing to pay for preferred delivery schedule. If your rival has next day delivery for the same item and you don't, your client may opt for that product. A Brief On Our Delivery Date Scheduler Plugin. All You Need to Know About Odoo V11. Odoo software has always been popular for providing users with best apps, features and user experience.

All You Need to Know About Odoo V11

With its constant endeavor to empower business owners with useful tools, it recently unveiled the 11th version of the software. Fabien Panckaers, the founder of Odoo, unveiled Odoo 11 at his keynote presentation at the Odoo experience on 4th October. During the presentation, Odoo team also shared its plan to invade the Ecommerce software market by providing all-inclusive business solutions. As we are Odoo’s certified partner and work on developing an array of Odoo themes and apps, we decided to share Odoo V 11’s most remarkable features with you. Given below are some highlights of Odoo V 11: What Features Does a Magento Mobile App Builder Equip You With? Odoo Ecommerce: 6 Ways to Enhance Your Odoo Store. StarTrack Shipping. TapCRM - Mobile CRM App for SugarCRM. Major Driving Forces of The Next Generation Product Delivery Experience. The market reputations and revenue streams depend more on satisfying customer needs.

Major Driving Forces of The Next Generation Product Delivery Experience

A stand-out delivery proposition is proving pivotal for both winning and keeping customers. Today, trends revolve around demanding faster and more efficient shipping options with effortless interactions. SugarCRM Survey Rocket. Utilize Your CRM Data to Automate Surveys and Emails Campaigns Automation is the key to your marketing practices.

SugarCRM Survey Rocket

Whether it is for day-to-day email marketing campaigns or something more specific; such as surveys. In order to measure and upgrade your service standards or for product enhancements, there is no better mechanism than surveys. However, automated surveys trigger the communication at the right point, and when your customer is in the right frame of mind. Survey Rocket is a powerful sugarcrm survey plugin to trigger such marketing campaigns using automation. TapCRM - Mobile CRM App for SuiteCRM. FedEx Smart Shipping. Magento 2 Australia Post eParcel Extension, AusPost Official Partner. Australia Post eParcel Extension Manage Australia Post eParcel Shipping right from within your Magento 2 e-store without having to go to Australia Post eParcel Portal.

Magento 2 Australia Post eParcel Extension, AusPost Official Partner

Magento 2 Australia Post eParcel extension allows Australian e-store owners to fetch contracts rates, manage consignments, print consignment labels and track shipments. You can finally get rid of the manual data import export and keep the data entry errors at bay using eParcel Portal. Also, save on all the expenses spent on label printing! Presenting Furnito - The Next Generation Odoo Ecommerce Theme for Furniture Industry. Odoo Ecommerce, with its native integration of Odoo apps, has changed the way how e-commerce businesses showcase their stores online.

Presenting Furnito - The Next Generation Odoo Ecommerce Theme for Furniture Industry

And a large part of the attraction of Odoo Ecommerce is the theme itself. In an Odoo theme, you can experiment with the snippets instead of defining the entire layout of the page. This definitely impacts the user experience to a great extent. Biztech has been leading from the forefront by launching one bestselling theme after another. After the success of Crafito, another recent addition to our portfolio of awesome Odoo themes is Furnito.

About Furnito. Magento Shop By Brand Extension, Manufacturer Logos Slider Module. An Australian E-Retailer’s Guide to Finding the Right Shipping Integration! What does an ideal order fulfillment process look like for an Australian e-retailer?

An Australian E-Retailer’s Guide to Finding the Right Shipping Integration!

To me, this is what it looks like: The e-retailer receives an order on call, email or in personOrder gets registered into the ERP or other software (if any)Customer gets notification about the orderRetailer sends the Order to the warehouse manually or through a sales order management appWorker visits the warehouse, finds the ordered item, and picks it upPacking takes placeOrder shipping process beginsNotifying customers about the order preparation and shippingDelivering the order. Odoo Kingfisher Theme, Offering Responsive Features. Odoo ERP is best known for their scalability, reliability and cost-effectiveness. The themes help websites perform well with advanced features. Here we have Odoo Kingfisher theme that not only boosts websites up but also proffers user friendly feature set to its users. Packed with hi-end features, an Odoo Kingfisher theme allows websites perform flawlessly.

The extraordinary elements involved in this theme are, CSS3 animation hover effects, custom made product list, dynamic mega menu, contact form, sponsor logos and newsletter! Since this theme offers better functionalities, it serves all sized enterprises with great process planning and management efficiencies. One of the key features is its dynamic mega menu that offers multiple benefits to the users; Megamenu solves options visibility problem, which means it offers a broader span of options to view/display! How Timely Product Delivery Improves Customer Satisfaction. In the current E-Commerce world customer is the king. To build successful eCommerce stores, you have to meet all the requirements of the customers. In this competitive world, fast & reliable services fetch more customers/buyers than quality of products. So, to be on top of the charts, you have to be one step ahead of the consumer requirements.

Magento Admin Actions Audit Log Extension, Track Store Activities. Remove the Language Barrier this Festive Season! Types Of Website Translation. 5 Reasons to Go for Mobile App for Your Business. 10 Best CRM Mobile Apps For Your Business! 4 Best WooCommerce Plugins for Ecommerce Business Owners. AppJetty Announces Discount Offers Will Give 10% Off on All Its Products! Tips to Convert Your Magento Online Store into a Mobile App!

Can Multilingual Store Increase Sales? 5 Reasons Why You Need An Efficient Dynamics CRM Management Software! 5 Best CRM Mobile Apps That Work for Any Business! – Amit Shah. “The first rule of any technology used in a business is that automation applied to an efficient operation will magnify the efficiency. The second is that automation applied to an inefficient operation will magnify the inefficiency.”- Bill gates These days, doing business isn’t just limited to providing good products. Understanding the Need For Magento and SuiteCRM Integration. Theme Furnito. Falcon Backend Theme. Perks of Implementing a Quotation Manager. Peafowl Theme. Kingfisher Pro Bicycle. Salesforce Customer Portal For WordPress To Manage User Data.

Deliver Products At Your Customer's Convenience - Know How. 5 Ingredients that Make a Perfect SuiteCRM Mobile App! Magento StarTrack Shipping Extension, Shipping Rates within Australia. Kingfisher Pro Fashion. Kingfisher Theme. Importance of WooCommerce Customer Reviews & How to Get Them? Theme Mobicraft.

Falcon Material Backend Theme. Odoo Ecommerce: 6 Ways to Enhance Your Odoo Store. AppJetty - Everything You Need To Know About Customer Portal Before Buying One! “There is only one boss. The customer. And he can fire everybody in the company from the Chairman on down, simply by spending his money somewhere else.” Without customers, there is no company. And hence, excellent customer Service is the fundamental duty of any company. It is the personality of the company and the reason customers come back.

Today, people are fond of “instant things”. A SuiteCRM Customer Portal helps you accomplish exactly that. Some significant statistics Say, 80% of emails are a waste of time. Not yet convinced? Well, I haven’t finished yet. Top 10 shipping extensions for magento. Magento Mobile App Builder - AppJetty. Why Australia Post Shipping is the Preferred Option for Australian E-tailers. How WordPress Client Portal Can Help Your Business Thrive Exponentially? Receiving Low Response Rates while Surveying Customers - Know Why! Magento Language Translation Extension: The Best Way to Translate Store Content.

Integrating Surveys with CRM: How Does It Help Your Business? Why Do You Need A Mobile CRM App For Your Organization? 5 Reasons Why You Should Integrate Surveys in Your CRM. How to Make Timely Product Deliveries Each Time? How Can a Magento Mobile Assistant help You Grow Your Business? Crafito Lite Ecommerce Theme. Odoo Recently Viewed Products Slider App. Tips to Build Your Own Magento Mobile App without Coding! “It’s high time! I must have an app!” You think. But then, comes the horror of spending thousands of bucks. And then, you ward of the idea! Let me tell you, you’re killing your dream. Effective Way to Provide Secure Access to Your Partners for Your SugarCRM.

Crafito Lite Ecommerce Theme. Magento FedEx Smart Shipping Extension, Live Freight Shipping Rates. Australia Post is Crushing the Market - and You Should, Too! Odoo Crafito Lite eCommerce Theme, Crafito Lite Multipurpose Theme. Magento Quotation Extension, Order Proposal Quote Module For Magento. Odoo SEO Suite App, OpenERP Meta Data Template Manager Plugins. Enjoy 5 Benefits of Integrating Language Switcher to Your Magento Store. Increase Your Magento Store Sales with the Help of Daily Deals & Featured Extensions. How SugarCRM Survey Plugin can Help You Take Your Business to the Next Level?

Salesforce Customer Portal For WordPress To Manage User Data - AppJetty. Exploring New Website Possibilities with Odoo themes. SuiteCRM Self Service Customer Support Portal To Manage User Data. WordPress Client Portal. SugarCRM Customer Portal. Fantastic Ways to Spice Up Your E-store with an Odoo Theme! Odoo Sales Order & Quotation Templates, Quote Report Template App. 10 Mobile CRM Stats You Don't Want To Miss.