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The map of the future (Wired Italia) on the Behance Network. Rock The Boat Marketing. “And, the audience sprang to its feet and cheered…” If you’re in the online content business, such physical signs of positive reinforcement are hard to come by.

Rock The Boat Marketing

But, know that what you do is appreciated and often celebrated. The following list contains 22 pieces of content. I cheered these gems when I learned about them at one point or another in 2013 and they've stood the test of as much as 12 months' time. As in previous Rock The Boat Marketing annual content highlights (last year’s), this is an idiosyncratic compilation across multiple digital marketing subject domains. Want to play along next year? 1. The results that Google presents to you the searcher are based on how it “understands” the words you type into the search engine. This excellent Vertical Measures graphic from April details what Google has in place to read your mind, and how that's evolving. 2. Part of being social is taking part in the broader community. 3. 4. 5. Marketers need to be more analytical. A visual exploration on mapping complex networks.

Data Visualization Is Reinventing Online Storytelling. Tentative de cartographie des forums francophones les plus actifs. Je vous présente ma première tentative de cartographie des forums francophones les plus actifs, conçue pour aider les internautes à (re)découvrir ce petit monde.

Tentative de cartographie des forums francophones les plus actifs

Cliquez sur les images pour télécharger les PDF en haute définition. PDF sur lesquels vous pourrez zoomer et vous promener comme bon vous semble. Le PDF de la carte est imprimable à n'importe quel format mais la typo n'est lisible qu'à partir du format A3. Pour constituer cette carte, des milliers de forums francophones visités sur une période de 7 mois et près de 2000 mesurés avec au minimum 7 relevés pour chacun. Pour résumer, c’est avant tout le nombre de messages par jour qui est pris en compte pour construire cette carte (la taille des « territoires » leur est proportionnelle). Je pense avoir pris toutes les précautions possibles et imaginables pour obtenir des chiffres qui soient le plus fiables possibles. Map Artists. Love this.

Map Artists

Sent from Hi-d this afternoonMap Artists. Information Esthetics. Towards a Model of Information Aesthetics in Information Visualization - Reference List. Museum data dashboard - data visualization & visual design. 12 Cool Visualizations to Explore Books. There's reading a book, and then there's looking at, exploring, and experiencing a book.

12 Cool Visualizations to Explore Books

That's what these 12 book visualizations are for. Cover Pop Thousands of books are displayed as one giant pile, arranged horizontally by time, and vertically by color of the cover. Amaztype Put in a search query, and get the results arranged in a way that spells out your query. Four Stories Ben Rubin's work at the Minneapolis Public Library. oSkope Actually five different views for books on Amazon - grid, stack, pile, list, and graph. Text Similarities Taking a look at the similarities between works of text. Touch Graph Amazon Browser Books arranged in network graph format. TextArc An oldie, but a goodie. Amaznode Amaznode is similar to the previously mentioned Touch Graph, putting search results and related book in network graph form.

Literature Map This one focuses on the authors and uses some kind of multidimensional scaling to place similar authors closer to each other.