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LiPhone 4G révélé: scandale et scoop - Transnets

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L’iPhone 4G révélé: scandale et scoop - Transnets - Blog LeMonde. Gizmodo, un des principaux sites de gadgets, publie des infos sur l'iPhone 4G, prochaine version - encore ultra secrète - des joujoux en or de Steve Jobs.

L’iPhone 4G révélé: scandale et scoop - Transnets - Blog LeMonde

Une histoire à dormir debout avec une touche de rocambolesque, assez d'infos pour exciter les geeks et cette petite dose de scandale possible qui fait les meilleures "unes". L'appareil, apparemment un prototype, semble avoir été trouvé dans un bar de Silicon Valley à 30 kilomètres du siège d'Apple. Gray Powell, ingénieur de 27 ans, l'aurait oublié sur son tabouret après avoir posté un message sur Facebook célébrant les vertus éthyliques des bières allemandes. Les gens de Gizmodo ont démonté l'appareil et en exposent les principales caractéristiques sur leur site. Il semble qu'ils ont acheté le téléphone en question à la personne qui l'a trouvé. Apple a envoyé une lettre exigeant sa restitution . Jaloux sans doute de ce scoop qui leur a échappé certains blogueurs s'acharnent. Et vous? This Is Apple's Next iPhone - Iphone 4 - Gizmodo. A Letter: Apple Wants Its Secret iPhone Back - Iphone 4 - Gizmod. So, Which Apple Employee Is Getting Fired For Losing The New iPh.

How Apple Lost the Next iPhone - Leak - Gizmodo. Screen_shot_2010-04-19_at_22.08.34-460.png (Image PNG, 460x212 p. Gizmodo paid for iPhone 4G: so are they receivers of stolen good. Did Gizmodo buy that iPhone 4G it's been showing off?

Gizmodo paid for iPhone 4G: so are they receivers of stolen good

Ken Sweet asked whether Gizmodo had bought the "found" iPhone 4G, and Nick Denton replied: yup. (EdibleApple is saying that Gizmodo paid $10,000, but offers no evidence to back it up.) This might however put Gizmodo - or whoever handed over the money - in a difficult position. And it certainly puts the "finder" (for John Gruber - who seems on the basis of other posts to have good contacts in Apple who trust him - says it was stolen) into hot water. The reason is the California civil code, which is referred to in my earlier story: "§ 2080. So basically, if you come into possession of something, you're meant to tell the owner and give it back.

Which also makes Gizmodo's buyer both an accessory to theft (possibly even having performed incitement to theft) and a receiver of stolen goods. Well, let's see if that would stick. So the test there is whether the person who "found" the phone intended to not give it back to Apple. How Much Gizmodo Paid for the Next iPhone: $5K Plus Bonus - The. Engadget said that the "finder" (who some are referring to as a "stealer") was charging to see the "lost" new iPhone-pictures of which were published on Gizmodo this morning.

How Much Gizmodo Paid for the Next iPhone: $5K Plus Bonus - The

Tech blogger John Gruber said the phone was a "total hoax," but seems to have backed down on that; now he says "That this belongs to and was made by Apple is almost beyond question at this point. " He also says that Apple considers the phone "stolen. " Gawker honcho Nick Denton promises that the story of the iPhone's acquisition is coming, and it's a "corker. " ("Slang: A remarkable or astounding person or thing. ") It's going to be a big double-dare to Apple's legal department, we think-and also intended to be a big middle finger to Gizmodo's chief competitor, Engadget.