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ANTHANASSA is the official distinctive trademark title of my activities as a freelance professional registered in Greek Revenue Office (IRS) and Athens Chamber of Tradesmen. Started offering Private Landscaping Services in Greece. Gradually expanding and diversifying activities at the present time in the fields of Political-Military Research Science and Web Development. Pearltrees interactions do not constitute an endorsement of the accounts, ideas, organizations we engage.

Web Development

Political and Military Science. ΕΛΛΗΝΙΚΑ: Κήπος. ENGLISH: Garden. Αρχιτεκτονική κήπων, συντήρηση κήπων, κατασκευή κήπων, αυτόματο πότισμα, διαχείριση, διαμόρφωση κήπου, σχέδια, κηποτεχνία, γκαζόν, κηπουρικές εργασίες.